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Romantic purist, lover of creativity, admirer of writers, and a second pair of eyes. Also a lunatic who randomly bites people to smell what their screams feel like. Happy reading!

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So Long, Bronycon... · 1:35am Jul 31st, 2018

Another year past, another Bronycon behind us. I wouldn't feel so melancholic if it all didn't have an expiry date on it now. It's only been four short years since I started attending and it's already going out on us. I've made so many friends and met so many people at these conventions that it makes me wonder how I'm going to hold on to those things.

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Thanks for the follow!

Oh the joyous day!
Ka-lu ka-la!
Oh joyful are we on this grand old day!!!

Thanks for favoriting "Can Ya Fix Her?"! :pinkiesmile:


Any updates soon?

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