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What does 'On Hiatus" mean?

I wonder if users will be able to add polls to comments, blog posts, PMs, stories, and/or chapters.

I have a question if there is a way to blacklist a story in group.

I don't want people post stories which are just trash in my group. So I want to blacklist the stories of my chose (or in case it can be automated stories with less than 60% rating) and stop people from re-posting them.

I want to allow a friend to contribute to my story with his account. Is this possible?

I have a question regarding You-tube Video links. If I wanted to use a song in my story by just putting a link to said song, would that be alright? I've read a lot about the whole copyright claims things, and I can't find where, if it's anywhere at all, if it is allowed or not.

Um, when i tried uploading a selfie as my avatar it keeps appearing upside down, even when i rotate the image 180 before hand hoping it would flip it upright it didn’t do anything, any have an idea as to how to fix this?

This is my first time here.

You have to submit a story for approval in order for it to be visible to the site.

in my library in favorites it says there are 4 stories but when i take a look there's only 3. Did the one story get deleted? Suggestions?

If I do publish a story, do I still need to submit? Sorry for thinking slow, but I'm working on a story of my own on here.

Since we only have a limit of 5 characters we can tag for any given story (or anthology in this case), it might be best to just tag the characters that are featured the most prominently throughout.

I'm not entirely sure about the genre tagging though... (I have an anthology story of my own, but so far every chapter can pretty much be labelled with Slice of Life, so I never really had to think about adding other tags just for certain chapters.)

Question: If my "story" is a collection of stories (one story- one chapter) and only one of them features certain character as a secondary character, should I include this character in the tags? Same goes for a genre. If one of the chapters fits, should I put the tag?

And I understand, that there are probably no strict rules about what I'm asking, but what do you think would be best?

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how do I bookmark?

Is there a some formal method to become a beta reader?

I couldn't find anything relevant under the FAQ tab.

Yeah, for some reason the "Add Story" button doesn't appear in group folders that are empty, but at least there's a simple enough fix:

Go directly to one of the stories you want to add, and look for the "Add to Groups" button. You can add your story that way, and once one story is added to the folder, the "Add Story" button will appear in said folder.

Hope this helps! :twilightsmile:

I created a group and for some reason neither me nor anyone else can ad a story to it. I can't figure out what to do.

Is there any way to block out all blog post from my Feed?

how to put someone as admin in my group?

How do i find the staff page?

Is there some step that I'm missing in terms of creating an image album on my profile?
I click edit profile, I open a photo album, I put in the link to the imgur album, click save, and...
Nothing happens.

I'm asking a question in regards to my story. If I want to use a song, say Skillets "Monster", in my story, am I allowed to do so if I put at the end of my story a note saying that I do not own the song? Or what do I do, or what am I supposed to do?

I'm trying to change my mini-bio in my settings but every time I go to hit save changes it keeps saying "There were errors in your settings" and I'm not sure why. Is there a way to fix this?

So, my tracking folder just became glitched. It says I have 72 unread chapters when I should only have one. Everything still works, it's just really annoying.

How long does it normally take for a newly-introduced canon character to get a tag you can apply to a story? Just curious how long it'll be before Fizzlepop Berrytwist becomes one.

i need help! my pm's are glitching

Can you please make an option to not auto-resize images? Any time I post a comic it becomes illegible unless you right click and hit 'view image.'

Even though there's a plus sign on images clicking on it just has it show up the same size except in the center of the page. It's an annoying new feature which would be fine if clicking on it actually made it show up full-sized.

How long does it usually take to get approval for a story?

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Normally, you'd go to your settings page and change the notification setting, but the site will only send you an email if somebody replies to one of your comments or if somebody PMs you

Are we able to post "Create Your Own Adventure" stories?

HI, I am using "Dark Background and Light Text " application on my Firefox browser because of sensitivity to "white" and other bright colours. You can enable and disable it as well if a site does not appear correctly.

I’m seeing chapters updated in several stories I follow, but I haven’t gotten an email notifying me they even updated. I reloaded my email, checked my spam/junk, made sure it was sending to the right email, but no chapter update email. I received them last week, what’s changed, and how do I fix it?

Is there a night mode to this site? the white hurts my eyes. Especially at night

I've managed to erase my Setting, "Download Chapter Format". Now when I try to download a chapter in HTML format, the filename is just ".html".

Where can I find documentation on how the Download Chapter Format works? Like which format codes are available?

Failing that, if someone could post the default Format, that'd also be useful.

How goes progress on creating tags for the Movie characters? When can we expect those to show up?( :

I just created an account on this site and I've read all the rules for posting a story. I wrote a story that's more than a thousand words and has a short and long description. Everything it says I need, I have and I still can't post it. Does anyone know why it's doing this?

Ok I'll try that after work if I remember, but I don't think it was removed, if the link I saved is correct it says I need a view key password or something like that

3399 You could mention it on the Staff page or if you have Discord in the Fimfic chat

3401 The author may have removed it for some reason

I just made a fimfiction account, but there's a storey I've been reading for a while but now I can't read it for some reason, can anyone explain why?

Not sure where to say this, so I guess I'll put it here. There's a potential glitch I've noticed. On the "Featured" panel for the main page, newer stories will put the character tags following the description, but older ones that appear (due to being updated) for some reason don't and only list the description. And this isn't a difference between new stories and updated ones, because some of the updated ones (if they were started relatively recently) will include the character tags, but the updated ones that were started earlier won't.

okay, I just got an account for fimfiction, and I began creating a story and clicked on "save changes" it took me to a page that said "500-internal service error. there was an error accessing this resource. please contact this email. I clicked on the email, and all it did was take me to my google homepage!
so I thought it had to do with my account not verifying my email. it went something like this: I received the verification email but when I clicked verify email, it said this: "There was an issue verifying your email or the code used was invalid" I tried resending it, but the same thing happened!! has this happened to anyone else?!?! please help me!! :applecry::fluttercry:

How do I link my Discord account in my "about" page?

When there is a story that contains Strong Language. And it's a story of an adventure and nothing about 'Sex' or 'Gore'. Would it be a 'Teen' rating or 'Mature'? I mean I would put 'Teen' because almost every single teenager would use profanity almost all the time. So really what should it be?

That's what I'm curious about: where is that line between a prequel and just another chapter of a story on Fimfiction.

3385 I don't think there's an exact formula. Just write something you think people will want to read

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