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Look at the date, and never heard anything back from it. Thumbs up are not viewable some most stories and situations, but some times they are still hidden as well.

I may have a fix for that, try clearing cookies and caches. All of it. That seemed to work.

Uh Knightly, want to fill us in on that one? That's something you don't want your users to let their imagination run wild with.

Ever since the recent update I can't log out of my account. I have two accounts, one for writing Teen rated stuff and the other for NSFW content. No matter how many times I hit log out or refresh the page, it keeps bringing me back to the main page. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just my lap top being weird again?

Is there a way to hide stories by tag? I'm not interested in the Porn stories and actively want to not see them, but there's multiple stories highlighted as "Mature" that are interesting to read and are not porn - thus why I don't want to disable viewing mature stories.

Is there a way to get to a list of stories that you've already read?

Ever since the last site update I have been unable to do anything on my Galaxy S2, other than access a story. I can not like or dislike, mark a chapter as read, post a comment, or even logout. Every request is met with "Error: Request Failed (undefined)". I have seen several other users talk about this issue with no solution, although they might also be unable to post if there was one.

I cleared my Internet data and am now unable to even log in to the site. If I cannot access my account on my phone I do not think I will be using the site anymore.

Comment posted by 4show1993 deleted January 14th

If I see a different number of followers listed on my profile page than on my Followers page, what's the most likely cause for that? Do I count as my own follower? Can followers have some kind of setting or aspect where they don't appear on Followers pages? Do Followers pages list only a subset of followers in certain circumstances?

I can't remember if I got emails of comments made on stories back in the years, but is there an option to have this notification of story comments sent to email so we can reply immediately to some instead of waiting till we get to the site? It works when we get replies to our own comments.

Thanks for the reply. I may try that. I just started formatting my material differently, so it fits and I may not need to jump programs, but I will see how things work out.

Take care.

A lot of writers use google docs. As for having italicized stuff transfer over, I manually write in the tags to keep stuff simple so that I can just copy and paste what I have in google docs onto fimfiction.

New to the site. Is there a document format I can use to easily copy/paste a story onto the site, keeping sentence spacing, punctuation, and bold or italicized font? Or do and the like disappear upon uploading and publishing?


I'm assuming you're referring to this page?

Don't worry, you'll be able to upload your story. Enter your information, then hit "create story". It should bring you here, but obviously with your story's name, not mine (nobody can see your story at this stage):

Click on the new chapter button, and then copy and paste your story there. There used to be a way to import it from google docs and maybe elsewhere, but I'm not sure if that's still a feature.

After that you'll need to submit your story for moderation, which is when it will then be visible to other people on the site.

When I went to attempt to upload my first story, I noticed that the page I was brought to allowed me to enter all this information, such as genre, title, tags, etc. But I can't seem to find the part that allows me to actually add a word document that contains the actual work I put into my first story.
And I refused to hit the Finish button on that page, until I know at least one word document with my first chapter will be successfully uploaded and seen by potential readers. What do I do?

So, I always write and edit chapters in .pages for osx, then copy them into fimfiction.

For as long as I've done this the number of blank spaces between paragraphs would increase in the copy, and I had to fix them manually.

Well last night there was a new issue. The spaces between a period and the next sentence were removed. This is a much bigger fix.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions (And don't just say use microsoft word, I'm not doing that). I'll try exporting to .txt then transferring to fimfiction next time.:twilightsheepish:


It's in the story's URL.

It will notify you when a story you're tracking is updated or has a relevant blog posted about it (not 100% sure on the second thing, but definitely sure on the first thing).

How do I find my story ID?

What is with ads showing up in the middle of a story chapter? Is this a bug for phones or is it just cynically placed there? It's very distracting.

Comment posted by Nikiwitz deleted Dec 31st, 2017

Thanks that fixed it.

Ah, I'm fairly certain that's due to the "View" option under the search filter. Looks like your new phone is using the "List View" option, and your old phone is using the "Full View" option.

Hope that helps. :twilightsmile:

Alright since I can't find it in the FAQ.

With the mobile version of FIM Fiction it by default Hides the Chapters from view in the bookshelf until you click on the story title. On my Old Phone the chapters are visible in the bookshelf.
Where is the setting for this as I have no idea where to find it as the local settings for both phones is the same?

Can I upload a story that is also a commission? A friend of mine did write it bit I payed for it in the first place.

Anyone else finding at least a 1\3 of the page taken up by ads?

Is there a dark/night mode? How can I turn it on?

Comment posted by AvidSeason deleted Dec 20th, 2017

Is it ok to link are youtube channel on are profile page if we have a channel?

I have tried to find tempest shadow's tag when creating my story But i couldn't find it. Could you guys help?

You just need to put it in one of your bookshelves that has the "Track Unread" option checked on. Hope that helps. :twilightsmile:

How do I follow a story? I tried clicking on the little eyeball icon in the corner of the story, but it didn't work.

How do I get the prequel thing to work?

Oh so the thumbs up button is an ad that tracks us now? Well. I guess I'll just leave comments telling them I'd thumb them up if Knighty wasn't trying to steal my meme folder.

3476 Same thing, no thumbs up.

I went one step farther, and checked my adblocker and the only two things block on the page is:

Seems like a Java Injector, hidden inside the thumbs up buttons only. What's more, doing some research on the bottom one, it's a tracker of some kind that can track and find information from your computer.

I don't know what the hell Knighty is doing, but it's blocked in both of my Adblock extentions in Google Chrome, and even over on Firefox as well. This is NOT a good sign.

People need to really be looking into this, and what Knighty needs to be tracking us for, and what information he is stealing from us, and why.

Add one more person to this. There are a bunch of stories I'd love to thumb up, but can't.

How do I set up a multiperson email on FiMFiction???

Is it allowed to put an embedded video into your story if it's not an MLP song, and you state right before it that you do not own it at all, and all rights go to the proper owners?

Is there a way for me to hand a fic over to another user?

Try disabling your adblocker. Not a good solution, but it may work.

I never figured out what happened to the button that took you back to the top of the chapter

Can I give someone else permission to edit/add chapters to my story?

I got it too, have the admins said anything yet?

It's an automatic process based on the number of likes, views, comments, etc within a certain timeframe.

Yeah, it's on every story for me too. I just picked a random story in feature box to screencap as proof.

same here, altho for me, it is on EVERY story, i can dislike, but not like

For some reason, I am unable to like. The thumb no longer appears on any story.

Link to the image because it's not letting me upload the image itself for some reason

Any chance we could get a tag specific to LGBT drama? There are stories with heavy LGBT themes that have nothing to do with romance or sex and it would be nice to be able to tag them as such.

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