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How long does it usually take to get approval for a story?

Comment posted by murphdog41 deleted Last Thursday

Normally, you'd go to your settings page and change the notification setting, but the site will only send you an email if somebody replies to one of your comments or if somebody PMs you

Are we able to post "Create Your Own Adventure" stories?

HI, I am using "Dark Background and Light Text " application on my Firefox browser because of sensitivity to "white" and other bright colours. You can enable and disable it as well if a site does not appear correctly.

I’m seeing chapters updated in several stories I follow, but I haven’t gotten an email notifying me they even updated. I reloaded my email, checked my spam/junk, made sure it was sending to the right email, but no chapter update email. I received them last week, what’s changed, and how do I fix it?

Is there a night mode to this site? the white hurts my eyes. Especially at night

I've managed to erase my Setting, "Download Chapter Format". Now when I try to download a chapter in HTML format, the filename is just ".html".

Where can I find documentation on how the Download Chapter Format works? Like which format codes are available?

Failing that, if someone could post the default Format, that'd also be useful.

How goes progress on creating tags for the Movie characters? When can we expect those to show up?( :

I just created an account on this site and I've read all the rules for posting a story. I wrote a story that's more than a thousand words and has a short and long description. Everything it says I need, I have and I still can't post it. Does anyone know why it's doing this?

Ok I'll try that after work if I remember, but I don't think it was removed, if the link I saved is correct it says I need a view key password or something like that

3399 You could mention it on the Staff page or if you have Discord in the Fimfic chat

3401 The author may have removed it for some reason

I just made a fimfiction account, but there's a storey I've been reading for a while but now I can't read it for some reason, can anyone explain why?

Not sure where to say this, so I guess I'll put it here. There's a potential glitch I've noticed. On the "Featured" panel for the main page, newer stories will put the character tags following the description, but older ones that appear (due to being updated) for some reason don't and only list the description. And this isn't a difference between new stories and updated ones, because some of the updated ones (if they were started relatively recently) will include the character tags, but the updated ones that were started earlier won't.

okay, I just got an account for fimfiction, and I began creating a story and clicked on "save changes" it took me to a page that said "500-internal service error. there was an error accessing this resource. please contact this email. I clicked on the email, and all it did was take me to my google homepage!
so I thought it had to do with my account not verifying my email. it went something like this: I received the verification email but when I clicked verify email, it said this: "There was an issue verifying your email or the code used was invalid" I tried resending it, but the same thing happened!! has this happened to anyone else?!?! please help me!! :applecry::fluttercry:

How do I link my Discord account in my "about" page?

When there is a story that contains Strong Language. And it's a story of an adventure and nothing about 'Sex' or 'Gore'. Would it be a 'Teen' rating or 'Mature'? I mean I would put 'Teen' because almost every single teenager would use profanity almost all the time. So really what should it be?

That's what I'm curious about: where is that line between a prequel and just another chapter of a story on Fimfiction.

3385 I don't think there's an exact formula. Just write something you think people will want to read

3389 Could it be considered a prequel?

So, say you have a story with sad tag. And then, a year later, you write a story that happens right before the other one with the same character but with a tonal shift to "action" with a dash of tragedy, will it get a pass or will it fall under this rule?

"Don't post:
Multiple chapters of a story as separate stories."

Just one question. How can someone write a "hot story"?

Thank you for letting me know.

Hello, I accidentally deleted the tracking list on my account. How do I get the function back?


The author will need to provide you a url to the specific chapter to proofread, but this is better done using Google Docs so edits/comments can be left in real time.
Are you spending much time on the chapter while reading, or have you tried just toggling the read/unread status of the specific chapter? Is the progress bar for that chapter updating if you stop reading part way through?
Different languages are fine for small sections of a story or if a specific character doesn't speak English while the rest of the story/dialogue is in English.
Ads are controlled by Google AdSense for the most part. Until they recognize it as a problem and remove it themselves, there isn't much that can be done.
No. Only how many people are tracking it in their bookshelf.

Someone i'm gonna proofread to gave me the story's password, but i don't know where to put it In at, help please!

Is this happening to anyone else? Whenever I read a chapter that said 'unread' in my library, I finish it but it still says unread. How do I fix this?

I see in the rules that it does not allow for stories in a language other than English. Does this apply to the entirety of the text, or just the majority? For example, if I wanted there to be a group of characters that speak a language that the main characters don't understand (and the resulting communication difficulties to be a plot point), may I represent some dialogue in a different language provided that neither the readers nor the main characters are meant to understand?

I keep getting yanked to the bottom of the page by ads and can't scroll back up or down away from them when reading the site on my phone.
I don't want to turn on ad block and hurt the site, is there a fix for this?

Is there a way to see what groups a story has been added to, on mobile?

Comment posted by Cyber_Pony deleted September 20th

Can range from minutes to weeks.

Mine have historically been approved in ~24 hours but I haven't regularly posted in years.

Best to chill and not worry about it too much. It'll happen when it happens.

Does anypony know how long (estimated) it takes for the peeps overlooking your story to finish so it can be readable?

Kingdom Hearts of Harmony. Although at this point I've decided just to roll with the new account. This is going to be my company name one day after all, so it fits me better.

What is the title of the fanfic?

Whenever I write a long chapter, I save after each paragraph. But when I log back in the next day, I tap on the "my stories" button and then the title of my current project, and NOTHING SHOWS UP! It vanished and I worked so hard to write it! What do I do to get all of my progress back?! Help!

At the time of this question being answered, if I were to have downloaded every story -plain text- from this site, how big of a usb/hardrive would I have needed? And how big would it be if every comment were included?

I have quick question, how do I find the stories I bookmarked,favorited and added to read later?
Since it won't show me any of them, but it still says that I have some in there.

Hello everypony. I'm making a game based off of a fanfiction here on this site. The fic isn't anywhere near completion yet, though there's still enough sustenance to start making the game from. Still, to plan ahead, this means that I need to stay in touch with the original author via messaging to garner details such as what characters will be introduced later on, or what game mechanics I might need to implement further down the line. Unfortunately... I forgot my password, and on top of that, this here's the kicker; the email associated with my account has long been dead n' buried. As in; poof, gone, inexisto. So, I swapped on over to the FAQ, thinking there'd be steps I could take detailed here for such a situation. Needless to say, there was not. It was then that I remembered how an admin contacted me shortly after I first decided to stop being such a big baby an' started my first-and up until just moments ago, only-account. I figured if I could message him on a new account he could help me out. Thus, I made the account, this account to be precise, and checked out his page. Much to my surprise, said admin has been gone for over a year. (Side note:I really should've tried to stay in touch with him, he seemed like a cool guy.) Anywho, this long string of events has led me right here to y'all. If somepony knows what it is that I should do in this situation, PLEASE, help me out. I would appreciate it so much, and you'd be just about the coolest individual on this site in my eyes if you did. Either way, thank you for your time, and have an amazing day.

I want to re-publish a story (I'm almost done with major re-edits to make the story actually readable) and I want to make a new story page for it. It already had a previous story page but it's already deleted and I want it to start off fresh with a new story page.

I want to know if there are any guidelines I need to follow since I can't seem to find a re-publish part in the F.A.Q.

Please and Thank you.

I still hate that I can't view what groups a story is in on moble. Or even look at releated groups in a group page! Why did they remove this feature?

Why on some stories, I can't select either thumb's up or down?

How are Top-All Time stories selected? The 1st place story has neither the most views, most likes, or most like-dislike ratio. So, what makes it 1st?

Is there a feed or calendar somewhere that lists what competitions/contests are open at any time?

Want to add images inside your story between text but the add images thing is confusing or you made the image yourself and it doesn't have a url? Well just copy your image to a google doc (where you usally type words put the image). Then copy the image again from the google document ( just copy the image you just placed). Then edit your story. Choose the place you want the image and paste! This works easiest on a desk top but it could probs work on a phone too. This works for me so I thought I should let people know.

Comment posted by Hoof Prints deleted August 29th

Is there a follow amount per day limit??? Or is it a bug because for some reason I can't follow anypony at the moment. I don't know what to do.

how long does it takes to wait until my stories approved ?

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