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So I've been getting a lot of updates in my feed from a user I don't follow. I don't have anything against this guy, I just don't know why I keep getting updates from him (he's not an admin or anything). Is there some kind of setting I turned on by accident? All I did was add one of his stores to my read later.

The reference is always a comment ID. Try refreshing the comments page you're looking at -- it should automatically replace the reference ID with the username once it loads. This is a limitation of client-side vs server-side processing (when you add/modify a comment, it doesn't have all the necessary information to display).

Why do some usernames have a line through it. that cross out thing? like this

I had the same problem myself. Try adjusting the dimensions of it.

I don't know what to do or where to go, but there's two jerks who keep downvoting every single comment I make or have on my fanfics, and it's driving me insane. They won't even give me a reason for why they're doing it and it feels like a massive case of relentless and unjustifiable cyberbullying. Is there any way to stop them or report them?

I’m really sad because I was working hard on cover art and it keeps saying error when I upload it. Even when I use a different cover, or a different story it fails all the time and I can’t find anything to fix it.
How do I stop this?

Whenever I reply to comments it references a number (which as far as I can tell is the comment number), but most comment replies by other people instead reference the username of the commenter being replied to. Is this normal? Do we just have to reference usernames manually?

I’m trying to find a story I’ve already read, but it’s not showing in search results. Is there a read history I can look through?(and maybe a way to know if a story has been removed?)

Something's been bugging me: in a couple of my Bookshelves it says I have a certain number of stories, only none of them show up. Turning on the 'View Mature' setting doesn't do anything either. Did those stories get deleted, or is it just a glitch that hasn't been fixed?

I’m new and trying to make a crossover story with Sonic and his friends with My Little Pony. It says that my info about the story hasn’t been saved. How do I save it so I can do my story?

Is it possible for two members to co-author the same story? As in both have access to it and can edit it?

its about a human who builds a exact replica of the mirror portal in twilights castle but his portal connects to another mirror portal but its in the basement of a bulding in canterlot. and he turns into a unicorn when he goes through. and and turns into a alicorn along the way. it allso mentions something about prophecy in the mix.
im sorry im not good with descriptions but this story popped up last year around before october by a month or on october 2020.

im trying to find a story ive read before but i cant find it. is there some way i can check my accounts reading history?

I keep getting an error when I'm changing the cover image for my unpublished story and providing a link.
Now I had one image, provided link, and then chose a new image with a new link, but now I did it a third time and it won't save the changes, am I only allowed to change my cover image once or twice?

For some reason my story still hasn't been approved, and it's been days. Is it supposed to take this long?

Can you reactivate an account after deleting it?

I tried to edit my user bio, and I clicked "save", but it did nothing except completely erasing the bio. Again, I clicked "save." Suddenly, I have no user bio. And when I try to go to the settings page to change it, it says "There were errors in your changes." What errors? What am I doing wrong? I just want my bio back!

How do I change my email address? I think I see how to do it, but my email address (fluxxx@ ) is being rejected, and I've confirmed that there isn't another account using it, so I'm guessing that a name like that isn't allowed, something I have seen before, but not in nearly a decade.

All of a sudden, im back in the MLP fandom and im reading fanfics again, its a shame that a lot of the books I come across sound really good but are marked as "In-progress" or "On Haitus" but the user hasn't logged in for years,
Why isnt there a system that can automatically mark stories as abandoned and add some kind of warning?
I mean, for example you could send a auto email to the users account to remind them

Hello everyone. I’ve been trying to upload an image to a chapter in my story. I’m on a mobile device and I’m having the hardest time trying to figure it out.
Thank you!

I created a Group (So I'm the Creator) and I can't upload my own stories to it.

I can't see the URL, so I can't set my story as a sequel/prequel. (I'm on mobile) is there any other way to see it?

hey reply to my question i have another and it needs to be answered how do i
" save " a story cuz im trying to make a story but theres no "save " button

Comment posted by Cadenza_13 deleted January 17th

I have a question the submit thing says I need a short and a long description how do I do those and when can my story be published I want it published if it doesn't at least I have time to work on it also
extra could you make a shrug pony emoji thing this site needs one i feel like in comments or stuffi just feels like there should be a shrug pony emoji think about making one if the person who made those see's this reply as soon as you can please

How do I link Gdocs when you post a new story?

Does anyone know what the Pin icon on the top right corner of the screen is for?

I will try, thanks!

Try using the FanFicFare plugin. It is a free to use add-on to calibre. Here's the hompage of calibre. Then just search through the plugins for it and use the "Get story URLs from webpage" feature on the library you want to download. I've done it on this site and others. Just be careful of how many are on the one page, you get get 500+ in one go on if you do it on someones profile.

I looked through the FAQ and tried searching for this, with no results. I've found that if an author you are following blocks you, it also automatically turns off following them but gives you no notice or indication this has happened unless you deliberately check if you're still following them. Is this intended behavior for the site? You're still able to follow them again even while blocked.

You go to a user's page and click the "mail" button on the right. It's next to the "about" tab.

How do you send private messages? I have no idea how to do it.

hi, everyone.
I was wondering: What are invitations and how do you send one?

Anyone knows how I can check the stories i marked with a like? I remember saving one in my Favorites but I can't find it, and i can't remember it's name either, so I thought k could find it this way.

Thanks for the help.

Yep. You're not the only one :fluttershyouch:

Hey! Fancy seeing you here. I actually came to see if anyone else was having trouble uploading their cover art and I suppose I found my answer. The image of Derpy telling me there's a 404 error is HAUNTING me. I made cover art and for what:fluttercry:

Is it safe to place a link on my profile to another site?, specifically another fic site.

How do you switch from mobile mode to desktop mode?

How do I block someone?

Yes. I just can't get the cover art to upload.

Is anybody else having trouble posting cover images to their stories? I've been trying to make a new story, but every time I try to ad the cover, I get an error message.

Is there any way to find out what happened to missing stories? Even if just by a 'entry deleted' notice similar to 'comment deleted' post. I know there is basic search but it's unreliable at the best of times. If anyone could tell me what happened to the guys with Rise of Darth Vulcan or Star Eater, offer a different search method, even just PMing me I'd appreciate it.

Is there a way to make a poll on site and if so how do I make a poll on site?

I've been using this site for years, and I think the next best thing for it would be to add a function that let's users block stories with certain tags from popping up in their feed. Personally, I want to block the porn tag because of how often they appear in the featured section. I really don't need to know that someone's porn story featuring Lil Cheese is popular, I just don't. This could also be helpful in the future for people who want to avoid Gen 5 spoilers when that starts. I really love this site, and I think adding this function would make it that much closer to being perfect. Anyone else think so?

I've met all the criteria to post my story. 1000 words at least, short description and long description are all present. however, after publishing my story, the pop up still says it can't be submitted. is there something I missed?

Just a quick Query. How long does the approval process for a story take?

i'm the admin/creator of my group, but I still can't figure out how to post my story. Please help!!!

On Fanfiction(which is what i use quite a bit for rough writing), we call them betareaders

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