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I know you aren’t to use song lyrics that are copyrighted but what about songs that use just instruments? Like Trumpets, Baritones, Trombones, etc.. are those fine to use? Or non-lyrical music that isn’t copyrighted?

Yeah back to the regular white mode now.

I mean, I assume it's nighttime mode......did it work?

This blackish background is night time mode? how'd it come on if I didn't tell it to?. It came on by itself for Halloween and stayed on.

quick question: How do you add folders to a group? I just created a group and I'm trying to figure out how to add folders.

In the menu at the top of the page, next to your user name, is a button marked "settings". If you click it it opens a drop down menu, and the last option is "night mode". You can turn that from on to off. Hope this helps!

New Tag suggestion: "Future" for all fanfics that take place after the end of the series finale.:twilightsmile:

Dunno about others but how do I make the page go back to the white background?, the dark colours are kinda wearing thin on me now.

Can anyone tell me how to upload pictures saved to your mobile device into a story? I ask because I want to use some of my own art for it but don't know how to do it. And I mean I know how to use pictures I find online but not ones that are saved on my molbile device

I been noticing that the night mode has been turning on by itself whenever I switch tabs to read different stories. It’s getting really annoying now, any suggestions?

I know you can restrict posting stories in a group to admins... but what about forum threads?

And is it possible to control the order of threads beyond "stickies go first?"

And while we're at it, is it possible to add pictures not found online as anything besides a group image?

You're right. It is indeed at the bottom. That's why I could not find it in settings page. Thank you sir.

Pony Age: Origins keeps popping up in my favorites screen, as one with unread favorites, but I don't even have it favorited anymore. I've tried favoriting and unfavoriting it several times, and it never works. It disappears and then comes back at random... is this a site bug?

On my phone, swipe right to open up the settings menu, then drag it up, night/day mode is at the bottom of the list.

The Fimfiction page on my smartphone (on PC is unaffected) somehow always show in dark mode, is there anyway to switch it back to default mode?

Hello, I'm curious about one thing. On, do the admins organise writing contests? If yes, then where can I find the descriptions about it? Thanks in advance.

How do I get a comment reply to correctly link to the source comment? Every time I try to do a reply, all I get is the numerical link, rather than the user name link. While it does show the comment being replied to, the source comment doesn't show the "replied to" link that way, which I would imagine also means they don't get notified of the reply.

I want to make a story for Gusty the Great but when I try to put Gusty in the main character tags, nothing shows up. I can't really find anything about making new tags and if there is something about it I must've missed it but I would like to know if it would be alright for there to be a Gusty The Great tag?

Why is :pinkiesad2: called "pinkiesad2"? Where's the first one?

The site is saying that I have 1 chapter unread, but I've caught up to all my favorites and trackings. What is the problem?

Fair enough.
It wouldn't be a necessary feature, but nice to have.
I wonder if it's something that could be implemented in future. Though seeing as the site has been established for some time, if it was easy to implement, it probably would have been by now.
Thanks for indulging me, fren. :twilightsmile:

I am, unfortunately, incompetent to speculate about this site's internals, but somewhere there must be a list of who's given each story a thumb. But it is questionable, if the list is accessible via user interface...

And, as far, as I know, all the stories don't even need a bookshelf, but it is a nice way to categorise them.

It is known for sure, that Youtube adds each video one likes to that user's playlist... but it doesn't seem to be so here...

Long story short, there are "Favourites" and thumbs; it is better to add to the bookshelf as not to lose the story. Unless we know of another way...


However, if we're speaking of upvoting... I don't think it's remembered anywhere... So-o-o...

But it is stored somewhere? If you view a story, whether you liked/disliked it is displayed. It seems odd that there's no way to list stories that you liked, but not necessarily favourited or added to any other bookshelf.
Or is it the case that stories are only stored in bookshelves? So if there isn't a 'liked' bookshelf by default, the only way to keep track of liked stories would be to create a custom bookshelf and add to it manually if you 'liked' a story?

I ran a quick test on a story of mine (so nobody would be confused). “Favorites” seem to work just like any other bookshelf. :twilightsmile:
I wouldn't mind if a staff member cleared it out for us, though. :twilightsheepish:

My reply has apparently gone to another user :twilightoops:. It may still be found here:

Not at all!

Concerning your second question: I think, if liking means adding to "Favourites"... then I don't know... If one creates a new bookshelf, isn't it a whole new bookshelf? It comes clear as a child's mind, no stories at all. I dare not risk my favourites to verify :twilightsheepish:...

However, if we're speaking of upvoting... I don't think it's remembered anywhere... So-o-o...

Thanks for the reply. I sure hope it'll be possible one day. :twilightsmile:

I think it'd be enough to just create a new bookshelf and name it "Favorites"... or am I wrong? :rainbowhuh:

Again, the aforementioned guide says about being able to embed images. One must type "[img]URL to image here[/img]". There's also the button with a picture of mountains and the sun on it (again, if not, click three horizontal lines to the right to see more buttons).

I do not mean emoticons

I mean actual things drawn by the poster

Maybe, the way is to contact the group's administrator via sending a personal message...

I know of it nothing yet. I don't think it's possible, though... There's the feature of "chapter %i%", but you seem to want to substitute the word "chapter" as well...

Maybe, words can't be substituted -- but functionality changes over time.

There's got to be a bookshelf named "Favourites" in your library. Unfortunately, I know of no trivial link to it, but it looks like "[user ID here]/[user name here]/library". If you know, how to get to your profile page, then go to the "Library" tab from there. Or the link may be right in the menu strip at the top of every page. The mobile version has to have some menu with the link as well.

However, if you've deleted the bookshelf for some reason... I don't know, how to help you...

It is all said in the guide. If you mean emoticons, upon typing a comment there's a smiley face button among the buttons (like "B" for "bold", "I" for "italics" etc.), and if it's not visible, there's a drop-down to the right (3 horizontal lines).

I hope for this to be of help.

I need help how do I add images to comments?

Is it possible to see a list of stories I liked? Or stories I've read? Being trying to find an old story I read long ago.

Reposting my question from August 22nd, cause I didn't get any answer.

Couldn't find it in the FAQ – is it possible to combine autonumeration and titling chapters? For example, is there a way to have chapters look like this:

Chapter 1 – The Story Begins
Chapter 2 – The Protagonist's First Adventure

...without being forced to type “Chapter #” every single time?

My best guess is that yes, they are. Not sure about the official policy, though.

There used to be a series of rotating banners at the top of the page. What happened to them?

They've been banned.

If someone posts your story in a group that you don't want it in, is there a way to get it out without having to join the group to get it out, then unjoin?

what exactly does it mean when someone's name has been crossed out

Is there a way to change the default order of forum threads?

I'll remember your offer and your kindness! Thanks! :twilightsmile:


Well, if you still end up having problems figuring it out, I don't mind if you'd like to PM me to see if I can help some more.

Are SFW groups prohibited from including NSFW stories/discussion?

So, I have a question. Under the General Rules of posting it says there's brief descriptions of each of the categories here on the FAQ somewhere. ...Where?

Thanks for the answer! I'm going to try it. :)

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