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When you are browsing, there is a way to go to the first page, but not the last? For example if browsing under "approved", there seems to be no way to jump straight to the end of the list (i.e looking at the first approved story onward). And there seems to be no way to change the order of the stories shown to ascending or descending.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this, or is it just not something you can do? Thanks in advance.

How do you mark stories as read under the new layout? I've read the stories, scrolled to the bottom, clicked next chapter, etc. STILL marks the chapters I just read as unread. There's no 'Mark all as read' button under favorites anymore, and it's not doing it automatically.

I have tried with a number of stories that I know are in multiple groups. I also don't think Apple is fully to blame as I used to have the "featured in" part until one of the recent site changes when it vanished.

Edit: I also tried other browsers on my iPad but still no luck.

My general rule is that Apple devices are terrible and nothing works properly. It doesn't help that knighty doesn't have an Apple device to test the site on, either.

However, it could be that the story isn't actually featured in any groups. Try viewing the page of a well-known story to see if that's the case.

3302 Hmm I'm not sure then, sorry

That is where it used to be for me but after one of the updates it vanished. I am using my iPad when I am on if that could be a factor.

3299 Their should be a "Featured in" section to the right of the story

Is there a way to see what groups a story is in?

Weird lettering is appearing in place of apostrophes and quotation marks after I copy and paste my story.

I know the situation I'm about to state will probably never happen but I'm just asking out of curiosity. If two fimfiction writers wrote one story separately and that one story has the same words. The two writers never meet each other and they both wrote the same story out of creatively coincidentally. If the story is published in two accounts, would the staff do anything about it?

I have the same same issue as Frosting Orb.

I can't change my account setting. At first, it seems normal, but as soon as I add a new bio, it doesn't work, and all it has to say is "There was an error in your request", I reload after and the page shows a server error. I'd rather have an actual answer, as opposed to "ERROR", which explains nothing.

I can't change my bio, it says 'There were errors in your settings' it doesn't tell me anything, and I can't change my bio because of it. I am within the word limit of the bio, and did not touch anything else in my settings. I would like an answer, please.

Uh, I think there's a slight glitch with the date recording thing with the "My Stories" page, which lists all my published and unpublished stories...

For some reason, my most recent unpublished story, I looked at the 'date last modified' bar and it said something it shouldn't say on this site...

It said the date last modified was New Year's Eve, in 1969!!!

I know the story is new (made it in 2017), and my computer is up-to-date, so it might be a slight glitch, as I have been infrequently updating it (last update was in June or May)...

If you don't believe me, I took photographic proof and circled the date in question in red;

I figure I'd report this if there's any remaining bugs that need to be fixed...
This is no prank, I assure you...

I wasn't aware of that changing, but I think it has something to do with the feature too easily being abused somehow? Just repeated what I've heard.

I used to do it all the time before the redesign. In fact, they used to advertise it in the old FAQ, how you didn't have to submit a story, you could just share it with friends.

3286 As far as I know the password rule has always been like that, I've never been able to share a story without a password

So apparently I'm no longer allowed to share unpublished chapters and stories. As someone who doesn't use google docs, I often shared stories to proofreaders via the site itself before I published them. Now, the FAQ says that I have to give them a password, which is annoying by itself, and even then it doesn't work. People get a 404, making the feature pointless.

Is it really necessary to force a password? We're talking about fanfiction chapters, not our banking information.

5 stories in each library won't show up and it's not the same 5 just the first 5 that I put in there how do I fix that? Ps: I'm on a IPhone.

Edit: not all libraries just tracking and favorites

Everything in my LIBRARY is deleted so I no longer have a Favourites,Read It Later,or a Tracking so I had to make a Bookshelf for everything that I had in my Favourites but I'd like to know how do I get it all back?

I have written multiple chapters for a story, none are published yet.
Am I able to publish 1 chapter at a time without submitting it all at once? When I click publish on the first chapter, still nobody can see it. Is it just waiting for approval, or does that not work?

Some of the groups are showing an error when I try to join them. Is there a limit for joining groups or something??? Why won't groups let me join when they're clearly open??? Help!

How do the Numbered Lists work on Blog Posts? I'm trying to use them for my first time.

Thank you sir/mam

Upload your pictures to an image hosting site to get a URL for it.

I use this one.

How do you send pictures? And how do you put them in the photo album because I too am an artist

Go to their profile and click email Its going to link to your email but it's a PM (private message)

How do I upload my art in the photo album and in comments because it says do a URL I'm like what?? Please tell me how to upload images (Not the covers)

I feel like such an idiot.

How do I private message someone again?

Comment posted by GlitchyShadow deleted July 27th

Thank you! But how did you know? Oh wait, you probably looked at my profile.:twilightblush: Thank you, I think it's adorable.

Just felt like doing a lil' doodle for you. :twilightsmile:

Hey! That's my OC Sketchy Clouds! How did you do that?:pinkiegasp:

You'll get there one day. It just takes time!

Oh. I guess I'm too late.:ajsleepy:

It's an automated system based on your story's "heat". The equation is a little more complicated than this, but it's basically how popular your story is in a recent time period.

If your story is in the top 7 stories for the most heat, then it will end up in the featured box.

I realize this is a minor problem but it is annoying me, my story tracker states that I have 2 unread chapters out of all of my stories I am tracking, but when I attempt to go read the 2 chapters nothing appears.

How do I get my story featured on the home page? I've been wanting it, but is not sure how it happens. Can you tell me?

What happened to Google Docs, I can't import stories or at least find out how to do so, I haven't been on the site in awhile.

Hey, so I've been meaning to ask... What happened to the quote boxes?

It used to be that whenever you quoted something in a comment, it showed up in this boxed outline that made it abundantly clear what was and wasn't a part of the quote, you could even quote other quotes and it would go boxception. But now whenever I quote something all I'm seeing is an indent, no outlines separating it from the rest of the comment. Is this just something on my end, or is this happening for everyone?

My story isn't submitting. It says there is an error but my story has 1000 words, a short description, and a detailed long description. also I'm not sure what to rate it.

I can't change my account setting. At first, it seems normal, but as soon as I add a new bio, it doesn't work, and all it has to say is "There was an error in your request", I reload after and the page shows a server error. I'd rather have an actual answer, as opposed to "ERROR", which explains nothing.

Sorry for disturbing you,Fimfiction,

I'd like to know why can't I read the download the Epub file "the-manehatten-project" in my ipad. I can see it's icon but I can't read it in iBooks. I tried many ways to solve it but none of them worked. I have to read it online now but I prefer to read it in iBooks.

I'm looking forward to your early reply, please.:applecry:

3229 Same here. I can't find what groups a story belongs to anymore.

I figured it out. Just had to publish a chapter. Sorry for bugging you for nothing.

The dating system is messing up. My stories I'm creating are coming up published December 31, 1969. What is going on??? What bug in the system is doing this??? Help!

Getting a constant Error message when I try to change my settings,not sure why this is ?I'm fillinf everything out correctly as far as I'm concerned however it won't let me change anything

I've noticed people turning their links into words. Like, they turn an author's name into a link to that author's page. How is this done?

Comment posted by Frost Vortex deleted July 13th

Option does not exist.

Known caching issue where the counters are slow to catch up.

What are the valid Download Format options in Settings? I'd like to set it to " %Author% - %Story Name%" but so far nothing I've entered changed anything on download links. I've tried %author%, %author_name%, %user_name%, and %user% all with no change.

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