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I really love how when you read a story from the Mobile version of the site, if the story has a cover, the bar will approximate a color that best matches it.

What I want to know is how this is possible?

Well, the way I see it, there's pros and cons for both options.

Dropping it all at once means it's probably all complete when you post it, so everyone can read the entire thing. As a lot of people seem to look at stuff with more writing in it first of everything–and this is going off my experience as a reader as much as a writer–this gets you their attention immediately, and they can binge-read your work before putting in their comment or Upvote.
However, doing this leaves you with one major risk I see right off the bat: it's everything. You've put all the writing out at once, so everyone's gotta judge it as a whole in order to actually be fair. Plus, once it stops getting rapid views and comments, it'll lose any "hot" status and fall to the sidelines, so you may not be noticed for it again unless it's in a Group or directed to from someone/somewhere else.

Of course, if you put it out in chapter-by-chapter, there's also issues. Namely, motivation is the biggest problem. You may lose the motivation or drive to continue writing, editing and posting it, which will be a serious blow to you if you're like me. I hate leaving a story unfinished, reading or writing, especially after investing a good bit of time into it, and there's rarely ever an exception to this. So there is that risk, as well as the fact you're more likely to get very little attention if there isn't much submitted in writing for the chapters you put out first.
However, the major benefit is being able to schedule releases of chapters, and work around that schedule. Tatsurou, one of my favorite authors on this site, is a prime example. Up until recently, they were regularly updating at least three or four fics each week from what I'd seen, and that was just as far as I knew–they have so many fics and methods of sharing them online, I'm not exactly sure how much writing they actually do, although they have a blog about how much writing they do regularly somewhere on their page. Anyway, this makes it easier to fit writing the fic into your schedule, I think. Yes, you may lose motivation, but at the same time that's a risk of any form of writing. And with this method of submitting and adding chapters as they're written, you have the benefit of another source of fuel: readers. Readers you view, comment on and Upvote your work become a major source of encouragement to you to keep working on the fic, and may even give you ideas how to proceed. It's also easier to edit the fic and organize ideas so you keep things tied together and connected from beginning to end, in my experience.

Ultimately, though, the choice is all up to you. My recommendation is to mix the methods a bit. Some stories, you know exactly what you want to do and how to do it, so it's easy to just sit and crank it all out before posting anything. Other fics, it's smarter to post chapter-by-chapter, as this may make it easier to give yourself more time to figure out how you want to build on what's already out there, and you can see how readers are reacting to what you've made for it so far. But, again, it's all up to you. Weigh the pros and cons how you prefer to weigh them, and choose one a fic-by-fic basis, and you should do reasonably well. The number one thing to remember is to never truly stop writing, because the moment you completely stop is the moment you'll regret most when you decide to take up the pencil or keyboard again later. Believe me, this I know for a fact.

How do I change the font of my writing for a chapter in a story? Is there a button or BBC code to use?

Is there a way to write a story on mobile? Because I don’t have a computer and if I tried to do it on my smart tv it would take forever because I don’t have a usb keyboard I can plug into it.

Can someone show me how to add a Microsoft account to this website?

I know that but I'd like to know what others would do as I've no idea what would be better, dropping all the chapters at once so they can read it all or do it one by one to spread it out.

You can choose to do either one as far as I know.

Here's a question for some of you, if you make a story that you haven't published for a while do you publish it with all the chapter you did for it at once? or do you release the chapters separately?.

I can't find the how to create your story thing...

What do I do if someone is displacing my story into the bad groups?

how do i send messages to certain people.

I've been noticing some talk about an "Interactive Pony" here on FimFiction... I'm new to the site, can someone explain?

Is there any way to change the interactive pony? Like to Pinkie Pie or Rarity?

Np... when you become a brainly user for about a day, get the third rank... then get banned in all of a day. You learn how fun answering questions really is.

It means the story is private/unpublished, the author has to give you the code for the story.

Is there any way to view all the comments I've made on the site.

I have a question I keep running into these stories that say I need a password to view them idk what I need to do help

Under the group name, there's going to be a pencil, then click invites, I'm starting to feel like a brainly user all over again... that was a nightmare.

Swipe to the left, look under your account name, there should be a little drop down menu that's named accounts, scroll down to stories.

A whooping 6 hours to 2 days, depends of how fast they are.

What are ban able offenses? What happens if you block all the staff? If someone writes a story in a blog, will said person be ban? If someone writes a story and puts it into the custom box is that a ban able offense?

You have the answer of how to create a story for computers, but how do you do it on mobile? Please answer as soon as you're able. Please and thank you!

It means they've been banned.

Okay, just asking, but a while back you could modify the features of the site like changing the "Interactive Pony" to someone else aside from Rainbow Dash, is there still a way to do that?

Quick question is there an easy way to check if a picture is safe to use for the cover of the story?.

When their users’ profile name is crossed, what does that mean?

Can't update my profile:fluttercry: I press save but it just blanks out the field and the edit sign comes back with no text at all

Yeah, I knew that but I more meant those stories on the main page. ALso If I favorite any mature stories and then turn the mature stories off, guess what happens.

So I went to check that stats for my story and there are 50 bookshelves containing it but I don't know how to find these bookshelves or the users who made them does anyone know how to do so

when you type up the tag for example #Rarity, but you want to block some tags you simply right -#Fluttershy

hope that helps

Are there any plans to make tags blockable? I don't want to read porn but not all mature stories are porn.

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted August 9th

Some authors I've clicked on will have a number of stories show on their main page, but when you click the link to see the list of stories, they don't show up. Why is this?

Bet no one saw this question coming, how do you view stories you've read but never favorited/added to bookshelves?

How long does a story take to get approved?

I see :) well me too

Don't worry we we're all new at one point, I had to ask a similar question before.

i see sorry im still new here

As far as what I can see you can't make them private, the only "private" way is to not publish them that way no-one but you can read them.

Guys do you know how to make stories private?

As my previous question wasn't anwsered I'll repeat it with adding a new one.
1) Will there be any moderation for abandoned accounts and stories from said accounts?
2) A story was deleted but I still see it in my tracked folder. I have very few stories there, so I'm able to track things. Also, I got word from author that it was indeed deleted. Is there any way to remove it from my shelf(s) automatically or manually?

Thank you.

I was trying to protect my story. What you’re doing is wrong to treat others like this.

I didn’t mean this! And you don’t have to antagonize someone! What does this red dot next to my story chapter mean?

:raritydespair:Oh please! Please forgive me! I didn’t mean to do it because I thought incompleted stories make the audience to hate my story! The high dislikes are killing me, and I can’t stand it! Everybody hates my story because of my writing, and I’m very decestated of everyone criticizing me in a negative way! Please forgive me! :raritycry:Please forgive me!

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