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Does bookshelves begin to bork after a certain limit? It seems like the closer it gets to 1000 entries the more searching through them starts giving random, usually repeating results. Also I feel like it might not be updating for new entries around 1100.

How do I put tags in the Long Description? I see them in everyone else's description, but I can't find out how they're doing it

Does a story far in the future count as an alternate universe?

Could someone please make a story about tekashi 6ix9ine in equestria? I would love to see how it work out with him being in a colorful land of talking ponies and especially see what RD would say to him because he dyed his hair rainbow.

I have a story I wanted to ‘remake’.
I had a different concept, and I had started it a while back before I had improved at writing. Technically the same story but rewritten.
I wanted to remake the fanfic as a ‘New Story’, and delete the older one.
Is this allowed?

What does it mean for a user to watch you?

When I go into a group sub folder with 207 stories, I only see one. Why can't I see the others?

How do I know if, after I add a new chapter, that it updates and its' visible? Not sure if this was answered or not.

Yeah. If you haven't already, ask a staff member. They can do it for you.


Is there a way to determine what groups an individual story belongs to with mobile?

Comment posted by Moonlit Storyteller deleted November 26th

I would like to submit a story but it is asking for a series tag. "Series

Maximum of 3. MUST contain at least 1 MLP tag


Right between warning and genre. Yet i can't find information on what to put into it; it doesn't happen in Equestria or Everlight (ponyfinder). Almost all the other tags are described and listed somewhere but "series tags" draws a blank.

Can a story still have MlP:FiM tag even if not in Equestria?

Is it possible to create stories on my phone..? (I'm using a LG Stylio 2) I can't find any way to create a story and that is the main reason I made this account. Btw My computer can't access internet and hasn't been able to for almost a year so I HAVE to use my phone.


Does adding video's count from mobile phone?

You’ll get a message that it has been approved and is visible. (But you probably already got the message.)

Is there any way to give others access to edit your stories like for co-writing?

If it doesn’t break a rule or isn’t ban-worthy, it’s probably ok

You can type on FimFic or type in the Notes app and copy and paste it. It worked for me :raritywink:

Yeah as long as you include the OC tab

Go into the search bar and type in the sex tab then select the option to view stories without it.

Go to the 3 bars icon and tap the video camera. It’ll ask you for a link.

I think it’s in the blue category. If you want to add another universe (ex MLP & Marvel) then type in the universe in the purple section and it should pop up

3DS’s don’t load the internet as well. I’m not sure about this site but I know it won’t let most people sign into YouTube.

When will I know when my published story has been approved?

You can only have 3 blue tags and 5 green tags at a time.

How do I change the voice reading to a slower pace and to something that doesn’t sound like Steven Hawkins reading fan fictions to me? Can it only be changed on pc?

I have no idea if they decreased the category tag limmate down to 4 recently because I tryed to create a new story with the tags that is required for the story but the thing keeps on saying that you have too many tags so if someone please help my if this is a factor it will be a big help thanks.


Does the unpublished password allow people to see unpublished chapters, or just a story that hasn't been submitted and approved? I want to know so I can communicate with my proofreaders

Anyone know why I can't log in on my 3ds? Green log in button is not lit up and doesn't react to clicking.

Can someone ask me why is importing a chapter takes too long, even if it takes an hour or more and doesn't import it?

Is there a way to look at older notifications?
The icon says I've got one, but it also says they're all too old for me to view.

How do I add new tags, I am trying to do a crossover but the tag I need isn't there.

How can you insert youtube video's in your stories?

Is there a way to have mature on for non sexual stories. I am fine with very violent stories but not very sexual ones, is there a way to block all stories with that has both a mature rating and sex tag?

Comment posted by Randomateverything deleted September 19th

Would you be willing to make a filter for searching stories that searches for number of words per chapter as well? If so thank you, but if there are more important problems to deal don't feel pressured to do this one until you finished the others.

So I have a crossover, am I able to link a song to the story rather than include the lyrics?

How do I get letter mode in my story?
meaning by it looks you are writing a letter to somepony:fluttercry::fluttercry:

Can we make our own pony names or things related like that?

I deleted my story, and although I am making a new one, can I use the same title, just re-writing the entire thing?

After submitting my story, I realized that the story descriptions were a bit lackluster. Is it possible to edit the descriptions without having to resubmit your story? Also, this story was for a competition, so would this be considered cheating (editing after being submitted)? Or should I wait till the contest is over to make the changes?

Not too sure where I can really ask this, but I had to clear my browser history and such. When I came back I discovered that a few of the stories that I have Favorited have disappeared and now I can't find them. Wouldn't be a problem, but there was one that I was reading and was being updated and now I can't for the life of me remember the name.

Left of the main page of the feature box.

In addition to seeing the time of a bookmark on mobile, is there also a way for me to see the time a chapter was marked as read?

Hey guys do you know where I can find "currently reading" on a laptop?

Well, looks like I solved that issue. When I clicked on my name and my stories, I went straight to "manage stories" instead of looking down and clicking the story itself. That was foolish of me, haha

Hello! I've very recently joined fimfiction, just to create a story, and it seemed that I was able to make a story on my ipad(but not on my phone, however). When I check the story on my ipad, since I can't view it on my phone, I am unable to create a new/first chapter for it. Does anyone have any advice?

I really love how when you read a story from the Mobile version of the site, if the story has a cover, the bar will approximate a color that best matches it.

What I want to know is how this is possible?

Well, the way I see it, there's pros and cons for both options.

Dropping it all at once means it's probably all complete when you post it, so everyone can read the entire thing. As a lot of people seem to look at stuff with more writing in it first of everything–and this is going off my experience as a reader as much as a writer–this gets you their attention immediately, and they can binge-read your work before putting in their comment or Upvote.
However, doing this leaves you with one major risk I see right off the bat: it's everything. You've put all the writing out at once, so everyone's gotta judge it as a whole in order to actually be fair. Plus, once it stops getting rapid views and comments, it'll lose any "hot" status and fall to the sidelines, so you may not be noticed for it again unless it's in a Group or directed to from someone/somewhere else.

Of course, if you put it out in chapter-by-chapter, there's also issues. Namely, motivation is the biggest problem. You may lose the motivation or drive to continue writing, editing and posting it, which will be a serious blow to you if you're like me. I hate leaving a story unfinished, reading or writing, especially after investing a good bit of time into it, and there's rarely ever an exception to this. So there is that risk, as well as the fact you're more likely to get very little attention if there isn't much submitted in writing for the chapters you put out first.
However, the major benefit is being able to schedule releases of chapters, and work around that schedule. Tatsurou, one of my favorite authors on this site, is a prime example. Up until recently, they were regularly updating at least three or four fics each week from what I'd seen, and that was just as far as I knew–they have so many fics and methods of sharing them online, I'm not exactly sure how much writing they actually do, although they have a blog about how much writing they do regularly somewhere on their page. Anyway, this makes it easier to fit writing the fic into your schedule, I think. Yes, you may lose motivation, but at the same time that's a risk of any form of writing. And with this method of submitting and adding chapters as they're written, you have the benefit of another source of fuel: readers. Readers you view, comment on and Upvote your work become a major source of encouragement to you to keep working on the fic, and may even give you ideas how to proceed. It's also easier to edit the fic and organize ideas so you keep things tied together and connected from beginning to end, in my experience.

Ultimately, though, the choice is all up to you. My recommendation is to mix the methods a bit. Some stories, you know exactly what you want to do and how to do it, so it's easy to just sit and crank it all out before posting anything. Other fics, it's smarter to post chapter-by-chapter, as this may make it easier to give yourself more time to figure out how you want to build on what's already out there, and you can see how readers are reacting to what you've made for it so far. But, again, it's all up to you. Weigh the pros and cons how you prefer to weigh them, and choose one a fic-by-fic basis, and you should do reasonably well. The number one thing to remember is to never truly stop writing, because the moment you completely stop is the moment you'll regret most when you decide to take up the pencil or keyboard again later. Believe me, this I know for a fact.

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