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Bet no one saw this question coming, how do you view stories you've read but never favorited/added to bookshelves?

How long does a story take to get approved?

I see :) well me too

Don't worry we we're all new at one point, I had to ask a similar question before.

i see sorry im still new here

As far as what I can see you can't make them private, the only "private" way is to not publish them that way no-one but you can read them.

Guys do you know how to make stories private?

As my previous question wasn't anwsered I'll repeat it with adding a new one.
1) Will there be any moderation for abandoned accounts and stories from said accounts?
2) A story was deleted but I still see it in my tracked folder. I have very few stories there, so I'm able to track things. Also, I got word from author that it was indeed deleted. Is there any way to remove it from my shelf(s) automatically or manually?

Thank you.

I was trying to protect my story. What you’re doing is wrong to treat others like this.

You very obviously did.

I didn’t mean this! And you don’t have to antagonize someone!

You are actually insane. What does this red dot next to my story chapter mean?

:raritydespair:Oh please! Please forgive me! I didn’t mean to do it because I thought incompleted stories make the audience to hate my story! The high dislikes are killing me, and I can’t stand it! Everybody hates my story because of my writing, and I’m very decestated of everyone criticizing me in a negative way! Please forgive me! :raritycry:Please forgive me!

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You have to go into settings and there's a switch

When trying to add the series tags to a new story, the series I need isn't there. Is there a way to add it?

Is there a way that I can write a story with characters from the older MLPs? Like Generation 1?

Can you please add a history menu to view all the fictions I've read/finished/rated? Quite surprising that this doesn't exist when this site has so many other useful features.

While I know of an archive ( I was also wondering if there is any way to get a list of all of my favourited stories, including the ones that have been deleted.

I hope Fimfiction will never be erased from the internet.

Everything suddenly turned dark on Fimfiction. It seems I might have switched to nightview by mistake. What can I do to return things to normal?

I am also getting this issue.

Will there ever be a filter system? I would very much like to filter out specific tags.

Hello. I wanted to know how a story can get featured on the front page of and how are stories chosen to get featured on the front page ?

So I just discovered that you can download any fic at will.
Out of the .txt, .html, and .epub, what would be the best for a permanent download? I could still access it even if the site went down? Unless they all don't require anything anyway?

(And how do I make the epub show up in Chrome?)

What exactly is this "interactive pony" in the settings and what does it do? I turned the setting on, and a pixelated Rainbow Dash shows up on the screen and says random quotes and does somewhat random things, and moves wherever I tap on the screen (I am on mobile, I don't click stuff). Does she do anything? Just curious, since I like having the setting on now.

Is there a blacklist feature? I'm tired of seeing stories revolving around categories I dislike.

How do I see what stories I've already read? What is night mode?

How do you invite users to a group?

Can I ask that a story be moved from one account to another?
For instance, if I decide I wanted all my clean stories on one account, my erotic stories on a second account, but one of the erotic stories is already on the clean account. Can I request to have it moved to the other? Since I assume deleting and re-posting is right out.

I need help finding a story. It's about Dash and she's sick and goes to Spitfire's office and Spit tells her if her temp gets over 100 she can't preform, she does anyway and something happens (I think her appendix ruptures, I forget) and Soarin is there for her. I can't find it and I really want to read it again. If anyone one know the name that'd be awesome

Are there any archived snapshots of the site to be able to see deleted stories/check how many stories may have been deleted that were favourited? Looking for a story that i favourited years back that clearly isn't there (or on the site at all as far as i can tell) & would like to reread, & also check if there are other stories that may have been deleted but don't remember off the top of my head.

Am I allowed to host my own writing competition? If so, what prizes am I allowed to give out?

When two people write a story how can we mark that its two of us, not just me?

Hi all, quick question regarding the view count on stories.

So my story The Lost Ponies: Jurassic Park currently displays having 798 views in the 'general statistics' section, but on the overall views on the 'stats' page it says it's got over 4000. (See attached image). So I guess my question is this: Why does the viewcount display as a lot less than it apparently actually is? I'm not sure if I'm missing something but I've been trying to fathom it out to no avail. If anyone out there knows what's occurring please do let me know, I'd be interested in finding out!

Thanks all. Happy writing and happy reading.

How do I put an image in a chapter?

My notifications bar says that someone is watching me. What does that mean?

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Yeah, that's what it was.

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check your settings to see if mature filters are turned on. new chapter alerts will still trigger from favorited stories that won't otherwise show up in broad search results.

Will there be any moderation for authors/their stories, that have been absent for long periods of time?
As in, if an author is absent for more than several years, their accound is blocked by Fimfiction staff, and all stories that are not finished marked as cancelled?

My favorites library is claiming that there's a unread chapter, but I have none. How do I get rid of the alert?

I tried that, but every time I click "save settings" it says there's an error with my settings. What am I doing wrong?
Edit: I just tried saving a new bio with a shorter character count, and that worked, but for some reason it wouldn't let me use one with just under <250 characters, which is the stated limit. Is the actual limit something like 200 or 150?

Thank you. I've decided to reimagine Assassinverse - The Dark Knight, even showing Hux choosing to save his own skin, my OC character Commander Starbreaker fighting Captain Phasma just to get to Re, giving four Storm troopers a message to give personally to Snoke of Hux and Phasma's betrayal, even Starbreaker almost sacrificing himself to save Ren. He's very loyal to him that way.

Why did you use deleted comments section? I got cyber-bullied because of that!

If I'm remembering correctly, you can't see the groups from the mobile page. However, you should be able to toggle "show desktop site" on your phone if it's safari or Chrome, not sure about others. Then you'll be able to see the groups to the right of the story.

This page is more for questions about the site itself, but here's a quick guide. Also, Fimfiction has its own writing guide, which is an excellent resource and covers many points like that.

To create the story, go under your name and click on the new story button, like so:
From there, fill out all of the required information in the boxes, create a new chapter, and start writing!

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