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I third this question. I've tried the 'indent paragraph' option in the story, but it doesn't seem to want to work. The 'codes' don't work quite right either.

Also, are we no longer allowed to import from Google docs?

What happened to the character themes? The Luna theme was actually perfect, and my eyes kinda hurt using anything else.

Is it just broken or are they gone?


I like posting picture blogs for my friends to enjoy. I see with the new update that it automatically downsizes comics unless you right click it and click view image. Is there a way to change it back?

Is "Create Your Own Story" an acceptable genre? I'm talking about stories similar to the Goosebumps stories where at the end of the page, they give you two options and tell you to turn to a certain page based on which option you pick

I added some stories onto my tracking bookshelf but even after I read some of them the number of unread chapters stayed the same and I can't figure out why.

What happened to the recommended stories tab when you were on a story?

Hey FimFiction,

I'd Like to know what happened to the Pony colored Formats for reading. I miss those greatly, especially the Rainbow Dash one. It made keeping track of where I was at reading so much easier.
Please please bring that back.


In the drop-down menu that's headed with your username, click on settings, and you should be able to add a bio from that page.

How do i put a bio on my profile page do we write stories??????:fluttercry:

Just go to your settings.

Why is the chapters highlighted yellow with a red bar that can't go away?

There is a way to see in what groups the story I'm reading is in?

In the old layout there was a bar on the side with the groups, but I can't find anything similar to that in the new layout.

Comment posted by Scorpion1313 deleted June 16th

This is what I was about to ask. Can't seem to figure this one out. Related, similar and author stories are still at the bottom, so that kind of balances out the lack of the bar on the side (I'm on mobile), but now I can't figure out how to see what groups a story is in.

It's the embed button now, or (ctrl+e). I've circled it in the following image (might be in a different location, probably between the image button and quote button, depending on if you're using a computer or a mobile device):

Other than YouTube videos, we can also embed Fimfiction stories, Soundcloud stuff, and a couple other things (supported sources will be shown when you click the button) with the [embed] code tag. Example:

T Run for the Roses
The landlord of Ponyville’s public house, the Run for the Roses, recounts events in the village in the week following Applejack’s disappearance.
8686 · 25k words  ·  121  1 · 667 views


Hope this helps. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by gamexpert1990 deleted June 13th

Where's the feature that lets you post Youtube videos?

I have this same problem. four unread chapters are listed in my favorites but there's nothing there.

Something's up. But I don't know what. I haven't been getting emails notifying me when I get a new PM or if someone comments on my blog. I checked my account settings and I still have it set to send me such notifications.

Comment posted by Lotus Moon deleted June 13th

No problem. Just wanted to help someone out since I had the same question yah know.

Aw, sad, thank you though!

You gotta link then the story in private message. They can't edit though which is disappointing

Comment posted by Karsap deleted Saturday

I'm probably just stupid, but my tracking bookshelf says I have 20 unread chapters, but if I click on the bookshelf, no stories are listed... And I looked through my normal listing of all followed/favorited stories, yet no unread chapters.

When I make a folder in a group, how long does it take for the "submit stories" button to show up? I have all the folders arranged so that users can post their stories.

 How do I invite my proofreader without publishing my story or chapter?

They are in a drop down menu

I don't even see the buttons to download stories anymore.

How can I view what groups a story is in on mobile?

Got a question. How do I invite my proofreader without publishing my story or chapter?

I'm having little a problem with the mobile site. Before this new update, the mobile site had a little three dot button on the right-hand side that when you pressed it , it showed lists of similar stories, stories by the same author of the story you're on, and what groups said story was in. Now I can't seem to figure out how to do that anymore. Was it removed completely or is there a new way to do it?

Bug report: I’m accumulating notifications that won’t go away. Most of my notifications go away when I view them, but some don’t, at random. Those that don’t, stay forever. So far I have 4 notifications that won’t go away. This started just after the site update.

New? bug with links to blogs and user pages:

You can link to a story like this:

or like this:

You can still link to a blog like this:

but you can’t link to it anymore like this:

This has broken a lot of links to blog posts.

Likewise, you can link to a user like this:

but not like this anymore:

This is especially important because Google saves links to blog posts without the extra directory--somehow its spider knew that it wasn’t “real”--so now you can’t click on fimfiction blog or user pages that you find with google. For instance, try this search.

There seems to be an issue downloading epubs since the update, only he chapter headings are being downloaded.

Comment posted by wolfscout deleted June 15th

Yes, the text to speech feature should work on mobile. Just tap on the first paragraph you want to start it at, and a small list of option buttons should appear, then tap the one labelled "Read."

Here's a screenshot from my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime:

Hope this helps! :twilightsmile:

Is the text to speech feature available on mobile? I'm on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and I can't figure out how to use the text to speech feature.

click on where you wanted to start reading and that will bring up a menu in that menu it will have the option to read click that

That related story tab was used by me all the time, it was how I found some of my favorite stories! :facehoof: What gives!?

more importingly, i really think that the admids n such should just roll back this update until they have it properly fixed, because too many things are broken. this whole site had become cracked, and many of the awesome features on here now seem to be changed or broken with no way to customize it.

walp the groups are goimg to die out real quick if they dont bring back that side bar. i cant even see what groups a story is in on mobile!

With the new update do i have to manually go to each and every group I want to submit to and submit individually?

If so, holy shit this is awful. The old system certainly wasn't perfect and it took a long time since going back in the group submit thing sent you all the way back to the top of the list but this would take an eternity to submit everything. Is there any way to get the old one back? This version might be better in some ways (though getting rid of the progress bar at the top just doesnt make sense as its still on mobile) but in the group submit option there was a huge step back taken.

Also, if it’s a crossover with a previous iteration of MLP, does it count as a crossover?

Hey, I followed all of the rules and requirements to submet my story, but I’m unable to. I just made my account. Please lend a hoof?

I have two questions if someone is PLEASE able to answer them

1) Most important. How do I align images on the left or right of text in a story now? I make my own drawings and insert them in the chapters, but the old bbcode no longer works (it was, if I remember correctly, [align_right] and [align_left] with the apropriate closing tags).

2) How do you change the text to voice... voice from female to male and vice versa? On my own pc it’s a female one yet I know that on a friend’s pc it’s male. Just wondering about this.

But really, a lot of chapters of mine are whacked now and I don’t want to have a lot of these drawing interrupt the text by having them in the middle. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Im with you friend. I have been trying to figure that out since the update. I'm on Android but they should be the same. Anyway, from what I can tell, I think the related stories tab/panel is gone.

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