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I need help, I want to delete my account immediately, so please do that for me

Is there a way to download an entire library instead of just single books?

I submitted my story a few days ago, but it's still waiting for approval. What should I do?

I would like to know that too. Does anybody know the answer?

Can anybody tell me why its hard to download a story here, for me to read on Google's Play Book app?

If I want to write a story, Is there like any lore I can't touch per say? Like could I give Celestia a son? Could I add another element of harmony? I'm just asking because if I decide to change some major stuff up like that I don't want to get in trouble for doing so without checking first.

Does anyone know how I can hide a story written by someone else from my feed?

I have loved over the rules list, and I haven't found it on the list, but is there a rule that states about posting troll fics or intentionally intentionally incendiary subjects, or the promotions of hate groups

A user who replied to one of my posts is banned.

don't think so. Why?

Is their any record of bans - their time, duration and possibly reason?


Sorry, I replied to the wrong person. But as for your question, does the insert image function not work for you?? it looks like a little picture with a tiny sun in the top left and 2 hills on the bottom. they'll need to be hosted elsewhere like gyfcat, imgur or whatever. you're able to insert vids as well if you click the "show more" option (3 thick horizontal lines) then "insert embeddable content"(looks like a dogeared page with a symbol of a camera on it). Once again, it'll need to be hosted elsewhere.

Um, that's the link for starting new groups. I don't want to do that. All I want to do is post pictures in blog posts and other groups.

What is the difference between "views" and "total views"?

Since I don't have time to scroll through the comments and see if anyone else has already answered this...

How do I post images in stories, blog posts and comments?

I'm reading while following the audio at the same time using text to speech, It helps alleviate time but it's currently at a standstill so, I was wondering if there is an option to make the text to speech faster?
That is my question of the day right here, can you make the text to speech faster?

How do I make a group?

I read a story a while ago that I liked, and want to put in a bookshelf. However, the author and stories have been removed from the site. Why? For specification, the author in question is GarytheGriffon.

A bit of an odd question, but it’s been bugging me since I came back to the site:

Why is it that stories that I’ve created but haven’t yet published display the date and time as December 31st, 1969 at 4:00 pm? I thought it was my system settings at first, but it looks like it’s just a site issue. Any way I can fix this at all?

my favorites is saying I have 81 unread chapters and I can't view any, why is that?

So how do you display the username that you're replying to instead of just the number id of the comment? I'm using Firefox 75.0 (64-bits), if that helps.

When I publish a story, how long does it usually take for it to be approved?

Can screenshots from episodes be used as cover art? If so, how do I get the URL?

And how do you create a group from a phone?

Is there a way to create a story from your phone, or do you have to use a computer to do it? Because I can’t find the ‘Create Story’ button anywhere...


How do you delete someone's reply to you?


I found out the answer a month ago:twilightblush:

I’ve been having trouble finding certain stories I’ve read before. Is there or can a feature be added that lets me look at all the stories I’ve read and one for all the stories I’ve liked?

There should be a little check mark box on the left hand side of the chapters. You click on the box and once the check mark shows up, it marks that chapter as read. Hopefully that helped.

Whooboy, this is one of those I'm going to be embarrassed to ask questions but I think I have to now.

What are acceptable file formats for submission?

The importer can't seem to recognize any of the formats I've tried so far and using a link gets
"please match the requested format".

Is there any way to mark all existing chapters of a story I’m tracking as read?

For unknown reasons, unchecking (off) the ''Social Site Posts'' button in our 'Feed', doesn't JUST remove the ''Social Site Posts'' from our view... But also a LOT of the stories we should be seeing in there.

The tracking tab is showing a number of chapters that need to be read and keeps increasing every time I stop tracking a story. Plus the story being displayed isn't one that I'm tracking.

i need some help with cover art for a background character Mane Six fic. My story has a human male in it. If there's anyone out there who could help me out, please let me know and we can work out the details.

What if I forgot which story I left bookmark in? It wound be there unless I find it by myself by scrolling through the pages?

The "Anthology" tag disappeared! And all my anthologies have been reverted to "Incomplete".

Is it possible to add a picture into a chapter? If so, how? I can't recall ever seeing it done in other fics on fimfiction, but I do hope it can be done.

how to change the profile?
this is my first time in Fimfiction


How long does the story wait for approval?
Will it be rejected?

is it at all possible to view every story I've ever read?

I got a question; when a story got posted from a year ago but got revoked after being accepted by the administrators even if it has little showings of friendship that is included but in the planet of Equestria. Does any story has to involve the main cast of MLP: FIM even though its an Original Character story?

Yet another dumb question: is there a way to search the forums?

If that "dip" was an intended pun, well done. But seriously, thank you.

Well, if you look at the ratings, stories like that are rated "Mature" & often have "porn" or "sex" tags
Now, AFAIK, these last 2 aren't absolutely required. So, if a story isn't overall porn, just a scene or 2, some writers warn their readers before they read it. That way, the author doesn't have to deal with the readers' complaints

In short, "No, it's not required. It's just a courtesy, like those "dip" signs that you sometimes see along highways"

Okay, another dumb question. In some people's stories they give a warning before chapters that have what is called CLOP for lack of a better description. Is this required or just something some authors do around here?

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