Ever wondered what it would be like to live in Equestria?

Eleanor May Carter was once a lonely girl, from our universe, that has been a Pegasister since she was five years old. And her favorite show as reached its end and Ellie is heartbroken.

One night, after rewatching the last episode of Friendship is Magic, Eleanor makes a wish upon a star and wakes up in the world of peaceful, talking, pastel-colored ponies.

Let's join Eleanor's adventures in the anthro world of Equestria, as she discovers the true meaning of the Magic of Friendship, and gains something she had been missing in her life.


Cover Art belongs to LimeDazzle.
Character Designs belong to Hioshiru.
Chronological Order belongs to Auren-Dawnstar.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, Hasbro and DHX Studios.

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Today is my 17th birthday.....Sometimes I read my diaries like that. I wonder how I could become the pony what I am today.
Back of the diary of Nightstar

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This story is a sequel to The Hidden Prince

After being reunited with his family, Dusk finds himself as happy as he can be, wanting nothing more than recovering the lost time with his brother and sister. But when an unexpected event sends him in a big adventure on another realm, he will have to do what he can to return home, all while facing terrible threats. But he won’t be alone in this quest, as friends will help him to return back home.

Note: this story is based on the series Zak Storm.

First story: The Life of a Young Colt
Second story: Twilight and Blue Sword
Third story: The Light Kingdom
Fourth story: The Taking of Tartarus
Fifth story: Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox
Sixth story: The Island of Tambelon
Seventh story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/427651/light-and-darkness-the-shadow-of-midnight]Light and Darkness - The Shadow of Midnight
Eighth story: The Hidden Prince

Chapters (2)

Adam is superhero from earth; he came to Canterlot High to find the girl of his dreams, Fluttershy.

Unfortunately, a hero's work is never done. Villains are beginning to appear in this land, can Spiderman stop them before evil takes over.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Bits of Ash

Journey once again to the magical land of Everglow, the setting for the TTRPG Ponyfinder.
At the end of the day, what really matters is that a pony has frienship, right? Iam Selrahc Noone is not a good pony. His friends are worse.

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Everything seems to be okay. A whole year has past since The End of the End, and Equestria has finally found peace.

In fact, the whole multiverse has entered a period of prosperity. Nothing could bring it down.

Unless of course, some cosmic being decides to take pieces of each reality and place them all together.

With the opportunity to save or destroy the universe, two sides are selected to battle it out. Who will come out on top? Will alliances stick? Can friendship keep these rascals together, or are we just doomed?

Slightly based on the marvel comic of the same name
Shows included
Steven Universe
Adventure Time
Gravity Falls
Star Vs the Forces of Evil
OK KO Lets Be Heroes
Teen Titans
Miraculous Ladybug
And more down the line

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This story is a sequel to The Milk Pony

Why is he made of Ice cream? Why does he have sprinkles for a mane and tail? And why is he eating his hoof?
Okay, now things are gettin' interesting.

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NCR Ranger Veteran,
BoS Knight,
Lucky Bastard,
Courier Six,

Six, (Anti)Hero of the Mojave Wastes, has been called by many names. But no name rung truer at that moment than idiot. A random quest out to the West, and what does he have to show for it? A new body, and a new world.

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King Sombra is brought back by what seems to be the imposing father of monsters - Grogar. He is offered an alliance with the 'biggest bads' of Equastria. This time though, the King of Monsters would play his cards just like a true dark lord would...With vicious tactics and spineless caution.

AU: Sombra plays a much bigger role in the finale then what was shown. Slightly OOC, potential mild gore.

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Lobo Solaris is the biological son of Celestia and Balmut Solaris, When he was young he met the Sparkles who were family friends of his family. He befriended the Sparkle children and their friends to the point they call him brother. the Mane Six girls call him" spike" cause like his father he has spikey hair. Lobo made a promise to his "older brothers" that he would help them protect their sisters.

When He was 13 he and his father got into a traffic accident and both die but as he died he shouted to the heavens that he will not break his promise. Hearing this Devil God of death who's name is Lex brought him back as an Undead and made a deal with him.

So to get his dad back and to learn to use his new powers to protect his loved ones Lobo has to work for the Devil-God of death as a bounty hunter. easy right?

But what's not easy is that after coming back His older sisters start seeing him more than a brother.

Chapters (6)
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