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This is a group for fictions based off of video games. For example I'm working on a story based off of Portal. So Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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Why the fuck aren't there mods?
Am done with this groups till it gets some moderation

I need crosover with LotR and AC!

who here can write my little pony/shantae and make the best story ever?

holy moly that pic is awesome:pinkiehappy:

I laughed when I saw the elder scrolls folder, don't know why just struck me as amusing.

Is it just me, or does anyone else watch TheRussianBadger for his Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield 1, and various other titled videos? His comedy is something to get used to but my favorite video from him (and the first one I watched) was called Doki Doki Dokkaebi (not to get confused with DDLC). It was near the end of the second year of Operators for the game, and that video i will always love to bits.

What kind of game should DBXV2 count as?

What game genre do you wish there were more crossover stories about?

I was wondering if there is any TerraTech stories here

Comment posted by SCIENTIFIC NUTJOB deleted July 22nd

Can we get one based off of good ol' LEGACY OF KAIN: SOUL REAVER?

Does a video game based on an anime count?

Since my last question I have found 1 more supreme commander story making that 5 with I have seen.

Why was my question deleted?

What's with there being no supreme commander story's on this group? or am I the only person who knows about the game.

Comment posted by nameless_person deleted June 17th

if everyone have a games called Sea of Thieves, who like to try to crossover this games Sea of Thieves?

What about the game jumanji

  • Viewing 462 - 481 of 481
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