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This is a group for fictions based off of video games. For example I'm working on a story based off of Portal. So Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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Can someone remove my fic from here? accidentally posted it here

Where would I put a crossover for Netflix's Castlevania?

Most likely platformers.

Where might you find Hollow Knight in here?

can we get one based on outer wilds please

Does anyone know which folder(s) a Kirby crossover would go in?

Just added what is to my knowledge the first Sekiro crossover.

How come no one has made a crossover story with a game like broforce I bet that one would be awesome.

I can already see some of the main six and royal sisters become the bro characters of the game.

1. Celestia as the brode/ the bride from kill bill

2. Rarity as the bro in black/ the men in black

3: applejack as the brodel Walker / Walker Texas ranger

4. Twilight as snake broskin/ escape from new York

If anyone reads this please make this and instead of having them fight for America make it for Equestria

How is there zero just cause stories?! HOW!

I'm a little surprised Anthem hasn't been added into the game folders. Then again I'm not sure how that would be crossed over. I have ideas but I'm trying to not overload myself with stories to write.

No idea I honestly forget but it was probably about supreme commander stories

I don't know! What was the question?

hello Question what are the qunari race

Why the fuck aren't there mods?
Am done with this groups till it gets some moderation

who here can write my little pony/shantae and make the best story ever?

holy moly that pic is awesome:pinkiehappy:

I laughed when I saw the elder scrolls folder, don't know why just struck me as amusing.

Is it just me, or does anyone else watch TheRussianBadger for his Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield 1, and various other titled videos? His comedy is something to get used to but my favorite video from him (and the first one I watched) was called Doki Doki Dokkaebi (not to get confused with DDLC). It was near the end of the second year of Operators for the game, and that video i will always love to bits.

  • Viewing 471 - 490 of 490
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