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This is a group for fictions based off of video games. For example I'm working on a story based off of Portal. So Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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Comment posted by rahul1602 deleted February 12th

I've found myself without a prereader for my Ar Tonelico crossover. Let me know if you'd be interested in helping out.

Can anybody do a prey 2017 displaced crossover story, something like a dude/girl gets turn in a typhon and tries to survive in a anthro all female world with a morally good chaotic good point of view. Please if u would and thank u.

Cry of Fear crossover

I have an idea. How about we make a Just Cause 3 crossover with Rico.

I have the script for a Portal 2 crossover, where a spell goes wrong, and The mane 6 and I get stuck in the game. And I'm the only one who can get them out. dun dun DUN!!!

What do you think :D

hey, everyone play THUMPER? if so can any of you make crossover THUMPER/mlp/eqg? please?

My Minigun is hungry for blood.

Who here thinks we should have based of our lord and savoir: TACHANKA


I've looked up this group dozens of time's but haven't found anyone write a crossover of this game I love the soundtrack it has and the story even though no one talks in it, it's still a great game anyone else heard or played this title?

A CHALLENGE TO ANYPONY WHO WILL ANSWER THE CALL!!!!! If u are a fan of Deus ex mankind's evolution or human divided, then I ask u all to write one up that is either a "light brony or pegasister go to a con as male/female adam Jensen (or brother and sister) and get sent to equestria, let the adventure, some romance and some comedy begin" or "adam get sent their himself". PLEASE ACCEPT!!!!!, Cause I've searched and only found 2.


Great, stranger person (or should I say pony?) on the Internet

Indeed, strange randomer on Fimnet

Lol, random stranger on FimFiction.

I'll help out anytime, random stranger on the interweb!

  • Viewing 434 - 453 of 453