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This is a group for fictions based off of video games. For example I'm working on a story based off of Portal. So Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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I was wondering if there is any TerraTech stories here

Comment posted by SCIENTIFIC NUTJOB deleted July 22nd

Can we get one based off of good ol' LEGACY OF KAIN: SOUL REAVER?

Does a video game based on an anime count?

Since my last question I have found 1 more supreme commander story making that 5 with I have seen.

Why was my question deleted?

What's with there being no supreme commander story's on this group? or am I the only person who knows about the game.

Comment posted by nameless_person deleted June 17th

if everyone have a games called Sea of Thieves, who like to try to crossover this games Sea of Thieves?

What about the game jumanji

424345i wunder as well love far cry 5 BTW hella fun

Heyo! Wondering if anyone is doing a crossover fic with the newest Far Cry?

Do it.

Worst case scenario, you fail and try again a few weeks later. Right?

Dunno if this is considered a good idea, but I've been playing a bit of Shenmue lately, and the premise would probably work good in an Equestria Girls story. I could give it a shot, but I'm VERY novice at making stories.

Now that the new Super Smash Bros. is released, I'd like to name my own potential newcomer.

Viridi has a blast!

Can someone tell me where in the hell the dark souls folder went?!???!?

  • Viewing 453 - 472 of 472
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