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I just have to say that Luigi and Luna have a lot in common. I need a story about these two.

Story Suggestion
Equestria girls that takes place after all of the movies, and the 2013 version of Max Steel. It would be really awesome, wouldn't it be?

I have an idea for a Ben 10 crossover. Just a random comment.

Story suggest

One human/pony without themselves notching become the only Royalty in Equestria and tries to get out of the situation and falls multiple times

Just a suggestion

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Please read Night of the Killer Clones. It is my first

"Games as a service" is fraud.

I am happy to have joined this group and am looking forward to seeing how everything goes. I hope everyone is having a great day!

Hello everyone! I just joined your group and thought it would be polite to say hi. I hope you are having a wonderful day full of inspiration. :pinkiehappy: Could some of you perhaps help me with a question? See, I used to be a bit of a loner when it comes to writing and only recently decided to find out what the groups on FIMFiction have to offer. So… what usually happens in a group like this? I understand you can add stories to folders that correspond with the kind of story you have made. Can I do that right now or must I ask for permission? Should I announce my stories as well? Do you have any tips and tricks on how to make the most out of this group? I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance! :twilightsmile:

Lots of love, :heart:


Can someone make one for persona 5 pls

Comment posted by Prorok_Recart deleted February 4th

I have a suggestion/challenge for you guys.

Somebody write an Indiana jones/Daring Do crossover.

it's on the story you want to submit in a arrow pointing down on the top right of your story

and then click add to groups

wheres the submit button for this ?

How do I add a story to the group?

Comment posted by Beholder deleted Nov 21st, 2018

Anyone wanna help with a story I want to write I got a idea but I need help writing not the best at making stories only coming up with ideas I wanna make a series ok message me if your interested we can make tons in more of a smut and pregnancy type still ray person

This is kind of a question I guess. I have a story that I want to put up for public review. I've already edited the chapters to their finest points and before publishing, I noticed a rule saying that I had to contact a moderator if I unpublished a story and want to republish it later. I just want to know if it's still implemented in the system or if that rule has be thrown out. I only planned on having it out for a week for review and then I would take it off to continue working on it.

  • Viewing 523 - 542 of 542
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