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“ My Content “ ---> “ Stories “ ---> go to your story and click on the small triangle shape just besides the number of views for your story
and then click on “ Add to Groups “
( this won't show up if your story hasn't been approved yet )

Prologue mlp x o.k. ko letss be friends Editor's note i don't know how to begin the story so anyone can haveit

I'm trying to find mlp and beast wars fanfics. How many are there?

Sure, you can join the group and add a story of yours on any folder it fits; however, if it is another one's story, then you should go to the story, check what is it about, and you can add it where it fits correctly.

I need help


The search engine could use some work, but it's helpfull.

By example;


It's not uncommon on that website....

Anime traps???

Is there any MLPEG crossovers? Like any?

I want to write a crossover fic, but as I'm new, I have no idea what I should do. Sorry y'all have to deal with a newb... Can anyone tell me any specific tabs or other settings I should utilize before I even start writing? Should I leave a disclaimer that I do not own both MLP on the other theme I am writing about?

farscape anyone?

Does anyone remember the name of a zelda crossover story where the main character was the spider boss that has they eye on the top as the weak point and is placed in equis.

Has anypony read a good Firefly fic they could recommend me?

Can someone make crossover about a guy go to comicon as Davy Jones from Pirate's Of The Caribbean and ends in Equestria please?

Don't write crossovers much or well, but thats beside the point. After submitting myself to the hell that is somehow combining two worlds, I found a sense of pride—as bad as most of my attempts are. Pride in that I did it.

Anyway, point is, yeah, I'm now a crossoverer officially.

Might as well join the group.

Hello, fellow nerds.

First story idea from me

The base of the story is that people have words on them like my little pony’s cutie mark but is there personality people change but the word doesn’t change people with negative words get treated badly the main character is one of them but he is a good person he will do bad things with good and wholesome intentions for example sunset shimmer my little pony Equestria girls and R.E.O speedwagon from jojo’s bizarre adventure

So my brain really been focused on make SCP X MLP fanfic. I know probably been done alot before and maybe even the idea.

The idea pretty simply. New Security for Foundation is put in charge of SCP-001 Alicorn.(Twilight or one of Princess I am not sure yet) They do alot of...harmful test on her. He starts questions if this right and decide to break her out....thoughts?

  • Viewing 551 - 570 of 570
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