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hey there, there going be new game come out it called arms it soo cool it gonna be out. if you have idea of crossover arms/mlp that be the best

Greetings everybody

I'm making an EU4 crossover with an Equestrian DLC, any ideas?

Hey guys! I haven't submitted any stories on my page yet but I'm working on two stories, one is Discord's Origin Story and the other is Lost in OZ with my pony OC Dorathy based after the girl Dorathy Gale from the story The Wizard of OZ. I might have to let my mom edit the stories for me when I'm done with them.

What is the right side of the picture here? The one where spike is toting a minigun?

Hello, I'm a new member of the group. I hope you get to see the stories I'm coming up with.

Hey guys, chapter four of my cringe crossover fic of The Room is finally out.

Something tells me that five nights at Freddy's is going to be convention one day be cuse it's so popular than slenderman is I saw mini Ladd played the first one of his stream so I think

I've been watching this new show I like called yoi kai watch and I think someone should do a yoikai watch mlp crossover

Is someone doing a hi hi puffy yumi crossover or mucha luncha crossover you are u r one of my favorite people because those shows were from my childhood

Can anybody write a GoT fanfic?! I've searched all over the Internet for one and came out with NOTHING!

If anybody does write one, I would like one with Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon Snow, Sansa, Arya, or Jorah in it.


Anyways, PLEASE!!!:fluttershysad:

409128 i believe it's utter ***T. They changed the art style- one that I really enjoy mind you, and changed them into squishy humans unlike the original show, Twerking, Outdated memes, lots of animation errors, twerking, since when are they 5th graders? in the original show their Pre-schoolers

Hey, guys! I just started a group for MLP fanfiction that parody Shakespeare, which I suppose is technically a crossover. So if you have any Shakespeare-like stories or parodies of one of his plays, feel free to add it to the group.

What do you guys think of the new powerpuff girls?

The list of groups is STILL with no updates, what's going on here? .-.

Hello. I just added my story, The Lost Hero, to the pile.

Hello there, my name is The Doctor. Well, not exactly. I'm just your average whovian. Between Doctor Perseus and me, I'm a brony.

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