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Greetings and salutations everyone! I am a recent addition to fimfiction and am four chapters in to my very first story, Homer in Equestria: A Less then Epic Saga (in case anyone notices a similarity in title with 'A Homeric Epic' this is intentional as that story inspired my own. I would love to see what more people think about it so if anyone would like to check it out and leave some feedback I would be thrilled, thank you :twilightsmile:

Honestly I sympathize with your frustration with the bizarre decisions Ubisoft made in regards to the ending of Far Cry 5. There is a plot twist done right, and then there is...that. Finding out about those endings honestly diminished any interest I had in playing it. Oh well, I still need to beat Horizon Zero Dawn and get started on Monster Hunter World, I think I'll survive :twilightsheepish:

Has anyone ever considered that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's mother might in fact be The Unicorn from Roger Zelazny's "Chronicles of Amber" series, which would make Discord a high Prince of the Courts of Chaos and Equestria a critical Shadow shared between Faust and Discord as a safe haven from the wars between Amber and Chaos? Imagine if the Chaos War spilled over and Royal Amberites found themselves locked into the shadow.

Hello all, I have done a crossover story which I like to hear some reviews on but I'm also doing a poll for it as well.

Here the link for the story.
The vote for the poll is on my user name. which is the link here.

Hey everyone. I'm new and id like to show you my crossover story, Lightning's Bizarre Adventure. It's a story about a new student to Canterlot High who gains a power that changes his life. It's a cross between JoJo's Bizarre adventure with Equestria Girls. I'd really appreciate it of you give it a read leave a comment to tell me what you think. I'm always looking for feedback

Hello people just want to know if any writers here have thought about doing a Patapon story since all of the ones I’ve seen so far have not been updated in at least 2 years?

hey, if everyone play A Hat in Time, I like A Hat in Time/my little pony friendship is magic is made to read for hat kid meet mare6 and go on adventures to restore her timepiece

It kinda was I guess? I just play shooters to relieve stress. In my opinion, I do believe it wanted to be more of a political game than religious. Some missions and side missions had you work with someone who either works for the government or someone who wants to. Again, just my opinion.

I heard people are mad because the story TRIED to be anti-gun but was accidentally pro-gun, is that true?

Far Cry 5 Endings Guys, I need to fucking rant about the ending of Far Cry 5. I just finished playing both endings and they both pissed me off. I was hoping to put a bullet in Joseph's head so badly but was totally disappointed. The resist ending was, in my opinion, the worst of the three possible endings. Nukes? Fucking really?! This isn't Fallout Ubisoft! The leave ending confused me the most. What on earth did Joseph do to you that made you go berserk and kill your friends? Why don't you betray Joseph and park outsidethe compound and snipe him? This ending seemed the most realistic, I like realism in games, but yet too confusing to make me like it. The secret ending is just like any othet Far Cry secret ending. Wait for a long time and boom you win. So my question is, if all Far Cry games are connected (yes, Primal is connected to the rest of the series too) what ending will Ubisoft deem canon and how will the next game be affected? I want to hear your opinions on this matter.


Are meme stories allowed here?

do everyone watch the magic school bus ride again? what if any of you can write a the magic school bus ride again crossover equestira girls and my little pony friendship is magic? do any of you aceepe it?

Lol I AM the one who wrote that story. Thanks man

I think you had read that story on It's a good story. I say write it here, forget the dislike 6 you got a good story idea.

Hello I'm new here and I need help starting a story.

have everyone or everypony see Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle? I did and if everyone watch it, can some of you make a crossover mlp: fim/movie/equestrian girls series?

Hey hey hey, I'm new to the community here and I put my crossover of XCOM and My Little Pony, called XCOM: Pony Unknown, but was discouraged to the fact that it got 6 dislikes in three hours. I just want to know how to make me stories better without stopping my rhythm or story. Any help will be useful

  • Viewing 508 - 527 of 527
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