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Everyone else has ponies, so I thought I'd bring you some fluffies!


Recent things people drew for me.


Muffin? · 3:38am Jun 17th, 2015

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Are you dead? Say something if you are.

Your manchildren miss you.

You can say that again.

Where you go, happy one?

The absence of life is unsettling...

Maybe someone else should continue where he or she left off with the story. I just don't think he's going to continue.

Is anybody else good at writing and watches evangelion ?

We miss your presence. :applecry:

You still alive? Haven't seen you active since 2013..... then again, i don't get around much :/

Fix your slurry of broken images or get rid of them.

We all miss your radiant presence, Smiles. :heart:

Please come back.

come back

Its a ghost town.

You are awesome Smiles Senpai

I kind of predicted that. They probably wont show up till the sequel. Well anyway I'm looking forward in the reading the next chapter of Evangelion Rebuild of Magic. I hope it comes very soon.

Eventually, though not for a good long while. Years even. :pinkiecrazy:

  • Viewing 752 - 771 of 771
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Story To-Do List.

This is more for me, since I'm an airhead. Dx

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