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"Ponies have surprisingly low expectations of themselves and others. You'd be surprised how good your best really is." ~Pinkie Pie

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The Tale of the Glorious Angel Food Cake · 12:55am 7 hours ago

Hi, everybody! I'd like to share with everyone this story I picked up from... somewhere. I'm sure I stole it from somewhere, but the origin is lost to time, now. Anywho, I've tried to tell this story dozens of times, and it never fails to... completely baffle everyone who's heard it. I, personally, think it's hilarious, but I don't think most people get it. It's sort of a Shaggy Dog Story, but I'll tell you now, the punchline isn't a pun or anything like that. It requires some foresight and

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Welcome to my page!

Hey, I'm Alicorn Priest! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my page. What are you here for?

If you're here because you're new, you should check out my stories or my blog posts. I do a thing called "Writer's Workshop" on my blog where I talk about grammar, poetry, and other writing advice! You should also check out those favorites down there. I've been here for a really long time, so I've read a ton of stories. Believe me, I'd readily recommend just about any of them. And of course, you should leave all sorts of fun comments for me. Ask for updates, and maybe I'll stop procrastinating and actually write something! XD

If you're here because you want me to edit a story of yours, I'm sure I'd be glad to! 'Course, I can't work with nothing, so please give me some basic idea of what your story's about. I used to have a bunch of really complicated questions here, but it was too difficult for my clients, so here's something a little simpler. Give me your elevator pitch, and make sure to mention:

1. The premise (i.e. the unique selling point of your story)
2. The central inequity (i.e. the central conflict)
3. The thematic questions you're trying to answer (like "the value of truth" or "one's duty to society").
4. The final resolution (yes, I want you to spoil your story for me)

Also, the best way for me to help you is if I have a copy of your story on GDocs or Word or something where I can leave comments on specific segments of text. If you can give me something like that, I'd be much obliged. My email is alicornpriest@gmail.com. In any case, I look forward to working with you! :)

If you're here because you like my writing and want to know how to support me monetarily, or because you like one of my story concepts and want to ask my permission to use it, check the box below this one. vvv

If you're here for anything else, send me a PM, and I'll do whatever I can to help!

Information Should be Free (But Money is Nice Too)

TL;DR: Please give me spoilers, remix my stories, and run with my ideas. But if you appreciate me, throw some money my way at ko-fi.com/alicornpriest.

Over the past few months, I've begun to change my opinion on the nature of information. Now I'm what you might call an "information anarchist." I believe information is a net good, and it deserves to be free. We're fanfic authors around here, which means we're already playing fast and loose with IP law, but even so, I want the world of stories to be a free place where we can tinker and play with all the ideas available to us. So if you like one of my story ideas? Take it and run with it. If you can write it better than me, well, congratulations! You don't need my permission to use any of my ideas, like Theorization Manifestation or the Eight Founders of Canterlot. (Though if you were to credit me as the inventor of those ideas, I'd appreciate that, obviously.) And if I'm helping you edit your story, anything I share with you becomes yours. This is meant to replace my previous warning about plagiarism I had here. While I still want you to write using your own voice, if that means cribbing a little bit from my suggestions, I have made peace with that. Go for it.

On a related note, my spoiler policy is "tell me everything." Studies have shown that audiences actually enjoy media more if they are spoiled beforehand, not the opposite. If that's the case, "spoilers" almost seems like the wrong word! So whether I'm helping you edit a story, we're discussing an episode, or what have you, tell me everything! (Yes, this is also your advance warning that I play fast and loose with spoilers in my posts. :raritywink:)

Now, obviously there's a slight weakness to this policy, and that's that I don't get a whole lot of money out of it. But that's perfectly fine! I've never thought this writing gig would be my long-term financial base. That being said, I do think talented people should be rewarded; the question is how to do it ethically and freely. I thought about Patreon, but since, well, I suck, I don't think I'm up to that tier just yet. The other day, I stumbled upon the exact thing I wanted: a virtual tip jar where people can show their appreciation with a dollar or two. Or three, as the case is with Ko-Fi.

So... if you like my work, now there's a quick, easy way to tip me! Just go to https://www.ko-fi.com/alicornpriest, where you can quickly and painlessly give me multiples of $3 via Paypal. This could also be a convenient commission system if you're interested in something like that. Ask for a story idea, then once I've written it, buy me a coffee or two depending on the length and your satisfaction with the results! I'm still working out the kinks to it, but hopefully, you should be able to get to it with that link and check it out. Even if you don't give anything, if you share the word, I'd appreciate it greatly. :twilightsmile:

UPDATE: Due to a new change in my personal life, I have to stipulate that unless you are specifically paying me for a service rendered (such as editing or something commissioned), you must not give me more than 5 coffees at a time on Ko-Fi.

So, yeah. Just a quick update from me. Remix my content, share spoilers with me, and/or send me money. We good? Good. Hope you enjoy. :twilightsmile:

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Thanks! Appreciate it.

Well, if you're acespec and looking for ace stuff, here's a group for that too.

Lol, thanks. It's part of a rebranding on my part, I guess you could say. :derpytongue2:

Nice ace pone avatar!

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