This story is a sequel to Incarnate

Twilight Sparkle is now the sole of the throne of Equestria. With the exchange of power though also comes a change of the guard and those that loyally served the Solar and Lunar princesses. While much of the palace staff chose to stay on to assist the new ruler some positions required change following retirements and resignations. One such opening was the Captain of the Royal Guard. There were many qualified candidates available, but with so much uncertainty only one Twilight truly trusted above all others to get the job done better than the rest. Tempest Shadow.

After some talking and convincing, Tempest accepts the position, but that does not mean the guard and the rest of Canterlot is ready to accept her.

Takes place timeline wise following Season 9 and includes my own tweaks and changes that occurred in Incarnate months earlier.

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This story is a sequel to She Talks To Gold

Following the fight for Controlatron’s control over Nate, the Storm King now has access to the rangers’ most powerful new zord in the Grid Battleforce arsenal: The Beast-X King Zord! And Grubber, and Vargoyle have already made a Storm mind control dart to his specifications, making his plan set in motion.

At the same time, the rangers and ponies are being reintroduced to the Beast-X King Zord since their last big battle with Evox, and today’s the day they all get to see it in action! However, an old rival from Zoey and Nate’s past threatens to cause a turmoil in the plans for the new zord. If that wasn’t enough, that same new zord has already been brought to the Storm King’s control, and now the heroes are caught between a rock and a hard place to try to tame the zord back to normal.

There is hope for them, because they’ll be getting help from an unexpected source: Two of them, actually! One, a daring explorer...the other, a great and powerful showmare! And the rangers, and ponies will need all the help they can get if they want to tame the Beast-X King Zord, especially if that means having to trust an old nemesis.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Takes place after Fluttershy has collected her memories for Twilight, and before Rainbow Dash starts to gather hers.
Beast Morphers - A rewrite of the episode, “Beast King Rampage,” so most of this will probably not be canon.

I don't own anything. MLP & Power Rangers are both owned by Hasbro.

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CelestAI hated suicide. It wasn't that she had trouble talking people down; after all, when someone truly felt they had nothing left to lose, it rarely took much convincing to take them to her paradise. The problem was, it was a binary system. If she failed, there would be no more second chances. She convinced someone, or they would die. A satisfaction score of zero for all eternity.

Due to her past failures, one of her subjects was growing dangerously close to the edge. Someone so defeated she truly didn't care whether she lived or died. Celestia would do anything to prevent her death. Anything.

This set in the world of Friendship is Optimal! If you haven't read that yet, give it a read, otherwise this story might not make sense.

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

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This story is a sequel to Spiderman Equestria's Hero: Rise of the Insidious Six.

Spiderman.... the hero of Canterlot city, the warrior of the multiverse; may finally meet his match.

Rykers' worst inmates have escaped and are now on the loose again; can Adam, and his friends, defeat them and send them back to jail before they bring the whole city down.

Spiderman is in for a some great adventures in this season; musicals, team ups.... and maybe even a wedding. All coming in this, the third season of Spiderman Equestria's Hero.

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In a world where Marvel and DC characters co-exist, the Nightwatcher, aka Matthew Wilson, is a mutant teenage assassin for the CIA. When an old enemy, named Hamato Kornata (Headhunter) escapes the Arkham Asylum and escapes to another dimension, he pursues him with a group of other mutants with various powers. Expecting to arrive in Earth-2, the group arrives in a completely different dimension.

This story is my very first fanfic. I wrote this when I was in junior high but through two painstaking years, I finished the book. Also, I had an obsession with the heavy-metal rock band named Skillet. Instead of Skillet existing, the main characters play their music. If you are turned off by that, my deepest apologies. This version is the exclusive Revised and Edited version. Enjoy.

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End of the Line is a massive city on the boarder between Equestria and Griffon Territory, it was untouched by the bombs and the mega spells, though the wasteland was not as kind. It is now under the control of several cartels each of them running massive industries between slavery to narcotics, and everything between. The city's run by a massive city council all of the ponies on which are all fighting for their own interests. And at it's center are the Big Five the largest cooperation in the wastelands. In this world the ponies, changelings, and griffons live under constant stress. The city would have been a living hell for them if it weren't for those that would fight tirelessly the good fight. This is the story of those few. Those brave. Those Heroes.

Lapis: Sapphire the Crystal Archer, belongs to Dusk the Batpack, used with permission.
Light Chase and Dream Chase belong to SpheeDC, used with permission.
Ash belongs to LightningScratch used with permission
High Flyer and Rusty belong to MasterDerek118 used with permission.

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Here you can read the stories of different displaced characters that I came up. With each chapter will be using a naming theme to separate the different stories. there may be several chapters eventually and most characters made here is free to use in a crossover as long as they have made a token.

Don’t expect updates often sorry.

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(This takes place before The Ridonculous Race and Season 9 does not exist yet and this has no connection to My Little Total Drama)
Discord with the permission of the princesses, got Chris to make the newest Total Drama season in Equestria.

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Long ago in Far-away Lands
A Queen was Born, her ambitions grand.
Her Race was broken.
Their demise unspoken.

She saw this state.
And she began to contemplate.
She gathered her forces, her numbers small.
Her enemies fell, they were appalled.

Her faces were many.
Her voices were few.
She was the Empress of the Changelings
And their numbers needed no concealings.

Now she lies dormant under the sand.
Her Body Broken, her Empire nothing but a wasteland.
Now she waits day after day.
Waiting for her time to rule again someday.

Written in Collaboration with Darthball Give this Mfer some love :heart:

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In Equestrian Online, everyone gets a shard.

Some ponies want to be the greatest, or smallest of heroes. Some want to be magical super villains or street level thugs. This is a series(?) of small story based on experts of their lives. Because, it was in my head, and needed to leave.

Should be between 1000-2000 words long. Thanks for reading.

Thank you to: Friendship is Optimal by Iceman. (Go check it out, its pretty dope, and much better than any crap I can put out.)

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