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Sunset x Twilight truther, Rarijack enjoyer. All arts drawn here are made by me! Follow me on tumblr or whatever!

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Can I have some more of this please · 9:11pm May 11th

Report DapperLilArts · 22 views · Story: Across the Shimmerverse ·
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yeah discord now has an expiry timer for every image that gets embed outside discord. you can use catbox.moe as an alternative, though!


After a while, the images i put on my fic just dissapear, and are replaced with this error. I usualy link imaged i have saved on discord, some are pngs, and others jpgs. And yet they just dissapear, weirdly!

Does anyone know what this "Upstream error 404 Not Found" mean, and how to fix it? So that the extreme hard work i put on the chapter covers for some of my fics doesnt get wasted xP

It'd be ideal if i placed images on my fic, and they just didn't dissapear for no reason!

Very enjoyable

Comment posted by brite88 deleted March 9th

Well then I wish you good luck with whatever you choose!
Have a nice time writing here!

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