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I eat My Little Pony fanfiction for breakfast! I... literally eat the stuff printed on paper.... I'm homeless.

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heyo, sir. I need to talk to you about some things.
1: is the profile pic real?
2:how are you?
and 3: I am writing this fan story about wings of fire. remember the list of story's I was gonna do? there was one called the jade stone prophecy, but I changed it from the jade stone to the dusk corona prophecy. (yes, I know, it sounds like covid, but its really the light that reflects off a eclipse) but I just found out that you can only write mlp fan stories, so that's a bummer. maybe they'll let me do it if it has the mlp tags. also, I think I changed the one story that said something about strange magic. its now called wild animals. i cant wait for you to see the writing I did. see ya!!! :twilightsheepish:

ok. im sorry. just my parents are so overexaggerated about keeping me safe and not getting hacked or have my personal account stolen. but I trust you.

I do not lie! I am as homeless as... well... I couldn't think of something clever to say. Oh well. The eating paper part is a joke. Don't eat paper; it's bad for you.

wait a minute... are you saying you're homeless or are you joking?
because I wanna make sure that when I give you the password to the fanfic story you won't try to get into my profile. I may be 14 and delusional, but I'm not stupid. I've watched death note. I know how these things work. Kira pretends to be an average student around people, but when he strikes, it will be too late.

please don't hunt me down

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