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Sunset x Twilight truther, Rarijack enjoyer. All arts drawn here are made by me! Follow me on tumblr or whatever!


Sunset Shimmer is happy and fullfilled. Her life is perfectly normal and okay. She is a human, dating another human, Twilight Sparkle, with plenty of human friends.

But sometimes she wonders of Equestria, a world that spat her out.

But sometimes she wonders of Equestria, a world that didn't need her.

But what if it did?

What if Equestria needed her, permanently? What if her wildest abandoned dreams could come true? What if she had to choose between abandoning the human world, or abandoning Equestria for good?

What if she had to choose between two Twilights?

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sunset catharsis for dinner AGAIN bonnie? (i am eating so fucking good thank you for this delicious meal as always)

A tasty mix of catharsys and PAIN just like we like it o7

Oh lordy. the exquisite pain. Have a like and a follow.

screaming and kicking and biting at this fic!!!


I was actually expecting Sunset not to make it to college.

I am...concerned.


Sooo...yeah, super dick move Twilight and Celestia. What the fuck?

Oh my gosh this fanfic has me on the edge of my seat. I love it

I was hoping having so many alicorns would help them make some time for vacation but no Celestia and Luna just disappear on Twilight and everything crumbles.

Truly, this is a fucked situation for Sunset. Very interesting premise, can’t wait to see it explored! Twi is tweaking tho, what did she think was going to happen?

P.s. Who invited my mare blud 😂😂😂
Blud:twilightsheepish: thinks she's on the team 💀💀💀

She turns into a quadraped as well... HOLY CINEMATIC PARALLELS

Maybe some badass Unicorn chick with a six pack or something. That enjoys blowing stuff up and being protective of her girl. Maybe? Eh I’d have to think this kinda thing over.

Me, a shameless TwiTempest shipper: "There is another"

But in all seriousness, This is such a great premise, and it definitely looks to be satisfactory for my unhealthy drama-and-high-consequence-breakup addiction.

Also if that author's note is implying what i think it's implying, then I hope there is some future comeuppance for a certain fire alicorn up ahead.

I’m not even covering Pinkie here– Whatever she becomes, it’ll be mighty.

It's a big question mark, what that girl could be.

Can’t complain much though– If there’s one thing I learned after everything is that violence shouldn’t be my default solution to everything. Call it a plan B. Try the power of friendship first, and if that doesn’t work, break their kneecaps.

Why not go further than that?

Important to note, me and Twilight aren’t the only ones in the group that hit it off. For starters, Applejack and Rarity couldn’t keep their hands off each other since way before highschool ended, but they’ve at least admitted it publicly and gone steady! Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy mostly keep it on the down low, but they’re very happy together– I think that we are the only ones that they told, too. Meanwhile, Pinkie is going through what I could only describe as her “Raging Polyamorous Bisexual” era, of which I cannot keep track of her partners, so I will not even attempt to here, but goddamn, I am happy for her.

Oh! I uhh.. wow, Pinkie..

And I patted myself on the back again, seeing her text back. “LOL. My autism powers are unmatched. All shall fear the wrath of Twilight Sparkle, huge brained!!!”

I'm so glad she took the joke well (unlike how I would've) :twilightsheepish:.

That sounds wonderful! Yeah, not to brag, but I totally managed to win her another awesome stuffed toy. We will never suffer ‘The Great Parakeet Loss of Equestria Land’ ever again. If there is one benefit to working out? Boom. Easily obtaining plushies for my girl in carnival games. What animal was it? I honestly still can’t tell. If you squint, it looks like a Manticore? Well that’s certainly bizarre! But nonetheless, it’s really nice to know you’re treating the other me very well. Of course! I’m treating her like a Princess ;3 Ohhhh I get it, hihihi. Smooth! Let it be known that Sunset Shimmer’s got game– And that Twilight Sparkle is a cutie. Thank you <3

Will DEFINETLY start calling the incident "The Great Parakeet Loss of Equestria Land" :rainbowlaugh:.

Comically, she dismissed the hug, instead leaping forward and kissing me– I was prepared though, another benefit to being buff, my girl is weightless to me. It does help that she’s short, It was a half hug half kiss, but I couldn’t care less.

Called me lonely in so many ways.

We both talked in unison, but I talked first. “PIZZA!” “SEX!”


Sunset Shimmer really can’t stop winning!

Until she does.

“Y-yes, I have, and she agreed, but Sunset–”

Let the girl speak, Sunset :rainbowhuh:.

“Hey, girls! Long time no see–” Was all I could mutter, before Twilight leapt forward, brandishing her wings as if waving wildly. “HI GIRLS! So here’s the thing, we talked, but only for a bit, haha! We’ll talk more at the party! You know???” Her voice continued to be quite nervous, which made me a bit sad. I wished I could have calmed her nerves more...

Uh, Twi? Do your friends ship you with Sunny or something?

“Well I for one think you look awesome!” Rainbow Dash affirmed, fiddling with her admittedly beautiful dress as she accompanied us in flight. “Like c’mon, why am I even wearing this thing when I could have a sick leather jacket!!”

I think don't Rainbow knows where leather comes from..

Because it did start feeling like they were buttering me up, for some reason.

Oop! I can see it now~ :ajsmug:

I guess she must have agreed with me, because she shook her head avidly, flustering. “Nope! None here! Not my type, and, uh, stuff!” The words failed her, which amused me.

I can't tell if Sunset's being a tad too dense or I'm just used to being delusional in these types of situations if it were me.

Rainbow Dash seemed to be having a good time with her Wonderbolt buddies, as she flexed and did loopty-loops demonstrating some sort of flight she had taken earlier, and Fluttershy seemed to be observing her from a distance, while also surrounded by birds, no doubt preparing for a choir. My guess? Fluttershy was working up the nerve to ask Rainbow for a dance– A task I imagine would be torture to her, specially considering how oblivious Dash was in my universe– If this was any similar, Flutters was in for a struggle. That kind of obliviousness was endlessly entertaining to observe, though. But sometimes kinda frustrating.

Gee, I could only imagine how infuriating that would be. (ofc I'm being sarcastic)

She was distracted looking at me, so with one hoof, I moved her head in the opposite direction, and I felt her emotions spike with my touch and the view.

So she can read emotions and yet, she still can't see what's in plain sight? Oh boy..

But hey, the Princess next to me had a bit more decorum than that.

I wouldn't be so sure about that, Sun.

“Nope haha! Please help” She stated, and now I was the confused one, as I tried deciphering whatever they meant.

Classic adorkable Twi :rainbowkiss:

Holy hell, even though I knew it was coming it pulled at my heartstrings no less. I don't even know who's side I'm on.. but I do know I'd really, REALLY, like SciSet to live on.

well have YOU tried using friendship lazers on global warming? cant make it worse sunset


I dunno, It might create chem trails that turn all the frogs gay.

Ah, the pull between worlds. It's not an easy decision by any stretch of the imagination... even if there are more persuasive arguments for one option than the other. Still, not considering the ties that may bind Sunset to her current world was a massive faux pas. Looking forward to seeing how external perspectives help shape the decision.

Thank you!! And you're in luck, newest chapter is out now! =v=

sunset is gonna have grey hairs at this rate also FUCK PINKIE WHYYY

Honestly, Rarity and Fluttershy seem far more worried about SciTwi than Sunset here. I get it, but that is a bad look.

Pinky, AJ and shockingly Rainbow get it.

The problem here is Sunset wants it all, and.I cannot blame her. But that is impossible.

Twi, is going to be the big one
But if she really loves Susnet she will.let her go. Hell logically she should. Because if she is what keeps Susnet here sooner or later Susnet is going to come to recent her. Best to let her go, see that what she wants might not be what she needs... or not.

Best possible option is to get Susnet her wings, then send her back. Twi only had 60-80 years or so left, Twi and Celestia have forever, they can wait a bit, right?

You are a monster!!!!!!

Pleas keep doing what you are doing it’s great.

This is going to hurt terribly, but the longer Sunset puts it off, the worse it will be. I can only hope their other friends will be there for human Twilight, because she’s going to need one heck of a support structure for this.

You have me dreading and anticipating the next chapter in equal measure.

“It was something.” Quietly, I walked in, and studied my surroundings. There were Two sticks that made up a makeshift goal, and before them, stood Toby, Fluttershy’s bear friend. Rainbow often practiced with him, (always with Fluttershy’s supervision!) because he was a pretty effective goalie, and if she could score with him on defense, it was fantastic practice for human goalkeepers. Meanwhile, Fluttershy sat, surrounded by critters, and even butterflies, who all watched her girlfriend play peacefully. Including but not exclusive to a bunny, a turtle, a handful of birds, squirrels, and other furry beasts I couldn’t decipher, maybe even a hedgehog?

Sonic heroes:yay:


The exquisite pain! Oh how it hurts so good. Just like sticking your bits in the pain induction machine the Bene Gesserit use when administering the Gom Jabbar Test.

What? Don't Judge Me.

I knew you were a monster!!!
It was beautiful,
A lot of times while reading I had to pause and I remember how I felt when someone broke my heart how I can understand part of the pain you where describing cause I felt it before. It was kind of cathartic
Thanks a lot for this.

Dang, this chapter really hammered the feels home.

“I’m a nerdy loser that had no friends before all this– before you! And y-you’re a magical punk hot girl from another dimension with a six-pack!! I’m never doing better than you!!” She nearly yelled that in a panic, she wasn’t trying to guilt me, just state her thoughts– Though it didn’t matter much. I had plenty of guilt to go around.

This whole thing was sad, but I laughed a little with this description of Sunset

Brilliant presentation of just how much this decision is shredding both Sunset and Twilight's hearts. (Also good to know that Twilight wanted to go to CCC even without Sunset; at least that's one less bit of selfishness for Sunset to beat herself up over.)

And yeah, this shouldn't have ended without the Twilights having a heart-to-heart. Arguably Celestia should get dragged in for this talk, but she's far better equipped for the rhetorical confrontation than either instance of Purplesmart. Definitely looking forward to seeing how the two of them resolve this. Brilliant as they are, they may well create a mutually satisfactory solution that no one else could have seen.

Or human Twilight may just punch her counterpart in the face. Forgiveness through catharsis is always an option. :derpytongue2: Looking forward to finding out.

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