This is a shipping group for Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle. Because I could.

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No, then things would not be gay enough.
But, I mean, you can write rule63 fics if you really want to?

Ta chingón :)

Anypony- I mean ... Anybody thinks it should be a great idea to have Dusk Shine taking Sunset Shimmer away from Sci-Twi and Sunset Glare taking Sci-Twi away from Sunset Shimmer or Sunset Glare and Dusk Shine taking Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer away from Flash? I really need help and I'm new here.

what about a human sunset/twilight where twilight share her soul with sunset, becase something took hers

359720 I came up with a idea i'm trying to get people to take up with a similar concept, except they weren't demons just normal teenage humans.

This group could use folders to distinguish human and pony stories from each other.

328536 why is that adorable?

Waaait.....Why have I only realized now, that I wasn't a member of this Awesome group already?:pinkiegasp::flutterrage::twilightoops:

Can some one please make a fan-fiction based on this :twilightsmile:
part of me just really want's to see a evil Twilight and Sunset team up.

This desire started after reading a story on this site called "(Not) Princess Twilight Sparkle", (P.S. i did not make this picture)

Just a heads up for anyone who reads this there is now a folder for Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer art, i hope you all enjoy.

Woo-hoo! 100th member! :pinkiehappy: :moustache:

I may attempt a SunLight story, just because of the surprising lack of them here. :twilightsmile:

328536 Sunset Shimmer is gonna have to feature in something, y'know, popular, before that can happen mate ;)

Part of me is sad this group has nothing similar to either of these two pictures.
And don't say I should write it, since my writing ability sucks.

No, no, no! Stories are good! And more stories are even better! :twilightsmile:


I'm sorry! I just didn't know. :fluttershbad:

326802 Of course you know... this. Means. War. :ajbemused:

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