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A pony of mystery in the darkness. Or I forgot to take the lens cap off. (They/them is fine.)

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If You Know Little or Nothing About "My Little Pony" (Not All by Me)

Science Fiction

TFriendship is Optimal
Hasbro just released the official My Little Pony MMO, with an A.I. Princess Celestia to run it.
Iceman · 39k words  ·  3,893  131 · 79k views

Fluffy Comedy (Rated Teen for Sexual References)

TSonata Dusk's Ominous New Taco Special
Sonata whispered, "The love between Twilight and her favorite food is so beautiful. You shouldn't try to keep them apart."
Mockingbirb · 3.2k words  ·  23  3 · 526 views

Sunset Shimmer and Sunlight (It Just Happened)

Hands From a Shuffled Deck (A Random Selection of MockingBirb Stories Changes Every Time)