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Very, very "unnice."

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I wanna put more stories up. I need to figure out how to format it. I'll get back to this, rest assured.

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The WHAT bookshelf is handy.

I don't usually thank people for adding my stories to bookshelves, but I appreciate you adding Sentry's Testament to one very well-suited to it. :twilightsmile:

Son, you came here. I didn't solicit your attention. G'way.

Go away, TwiPieCheese. You've already had a bunch of sockpuppets banned. I'm sure they'll keep doing it.

We've got a Discord now

Also ugh. There'll be no living with him now :P

TwiDash. Not for long, though. I went silent for a few years. I just remembered seeing you around the channel and taking a couple times.

And yeah. It's fun to write the ship. Two deadpan snarkers on a airships and pirates adventure.

Huh. I don’t recall. We’re you in TwiDash or ISD?

I was reminded of your stories when Ech (FormerlyCommitted) started crowing about having pitched his pet ship to someone and actually gotten a bite :P

I see you're just tearing through my stories. :twilightblush: Thought I'd drop by and say hello from the old Skype days. I remember knocking around one or another channel a few times, though details of conversations that old escape me.

Thanks for the follow!

You don’t have any stories, and if I replied to a comment of yours I don’t remember which comment or your name. If you’d replied on the thing you’re replying to, I wouldn’t need context. But you didn’t.

Now what are you yammering about?

  • Viewing 111 - 120 of 120
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