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Very, very "unnice."

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Relevant to Our Interests · 2:55am Nov 23rd, 2018

I just got done binging the new Netflix She-Ra show. It's awesome.

Everyone should watch it.

... SheTra? Is that the ship name? CatDora? One of them probably.

Get on it nerds.

Report JetstreamGW · 21 views · #She-Ra #cartoons

Really Weird Shit

I wanna put more stories up. I need to figure out how to format it. I'll get back to this, rest assured.

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Thanks for the follow!

You don’t have any stories, and if I replied to a comment of yours I don’t remember which comment or your name. If you’d replied on the thing you’re replying to, I wouldn’t need context. But you didn’t.

Now what are you yammering about?

You know me from only one story and you need context?

I’m gonna need some context.

One fanboy's opinion.

Thanks for adding Pastoral Vignette to the most appropriate shelf it could occupy. :derpytongue2:

Thank you very much for all of the faves!

Please. Mine are more exotic than any you have ever witnessed. If you can't handle the fabulosity of my straightjackets, you need only say as much. There is no shame in such a thing! :rainbowlaugh:

I use only designer strait jackets. Not your off the rack trash.

Plebian. :trixieshiftright:

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