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Torg: Eternity · 5:33am June 17th

So apparently this is something I'm doing these days. Talking about Tabletop RPGs and their associated Kickstarters that I'm interested in. Today I'm bringing Torg: Eternity to your attention.

So here's the deal. Earth, our world, is suffused with "Possibility Energy," which seems to be shorthand for "we're potentially awesome, and that potential can be quantified as an energy that other people in the multiverse want to take from us."

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The Sappier Side of Sears

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Really Weird Shit

I wanna put more stories up. I need to figure out how to format it. I'll get back to this, rest assured.

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2449251 Because, per the rules of the Free Twilight Sparkle Group, all stories must be added to all folders that they're tagged for.

Given that I'm staff there, I often take it upon myself to fix it when people add stories to only one folder.

Why'd you move my stories, fam?

Thank you for the fave on Dense as Diamonds. Please enjoy your purple marshmallow fluff. :raritywink::twilightblush:

2301763 I am pretty goddamned clever :D

Favorited in self defense may be my favorite named bookshelf on the site.

Oh, hello again! Thanks for adding Time and Tide and ... Tomato Soup to your library. Once more, I appreciate you taking the time to read my work. :twilightsmile:

Hullo! Thanks a bunch for adding Revisions to your favourites. It's old, and a little rusty, but I'm glad you enjoyed it, and appreciate you taking the time to read my work. :twilightsmile:

Hiyah! Thanks a million for adding The Immortal's Burden to your bookshelf! I wouldn't worry though, it hasn't been dangerous since I took away all the knives. I think. Actually maybe I should check...

Excellent. All according to plan. :moustache:

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