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  • T Suncered

    While babysitting Twilight's niece, Princess Flurry heart, Sunset Shimmer lets a colorful word slip by accident.  · Summer Dancer
    4,185 words · 8,647 views  ·  649  ·  8  · 

    In a former life, Vice-Principal Luna took the world by storm as the heavy metal queen known as Nightmare Moon! But what will happen when Rainbow Dash discovers her long-held secret?  · Tumbleweed
    12,220 words · 4,210 views  ·  610  ·  9  · 
  • T A Heartfelt Goal

    The big game. All Sunset has to do is be the ringer and help Rainbow Dash win it. Easy. But for all her athletic prowess, whatever seems to be bugging Rainbow Dash won't be solved just by kicking a ball around.  · Oroboro
    6,850 words · 3,211 views  ·  352  ·  6  · 
  • E You Gotta Fight

    Between demons, sirens, and the past which led her to them, Vice Principal Luna wonders what hopes or dreams she could possibly hold on to in the face of so much disaster. Her answer, however, is found in the unlikeliest of places.  · Bookish Delight
    5,029 words · 4,060 views  ·  422  ·  9  · 
  • T Wait... Horses Can't Vomit?

    Sunset discovers that Earth horses can't vomit. This makes no sense to her.  · PoisonClaw
    3,770 words · 10,507 views  ·  986  ·  34  · 
  • E Sunset Shimmer Discovers Bubble Wrap

    Equestria is full of all kind of strange and magical things, from mystic evil amulets to flying cities, even cannons that shoot cake batter. But there's one thing that Sunset never expected to find in the human world: bubble wrap.  · Sidral Mundet
    2,213 words · 3,277 views  ·  391  ·  13  ·