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This story is a sequel to Seven Girls, Nine Hundred Forty Three Miles, and One Minivan.

In a former life, Vice-Principal Luna took the world by storm as the heavy metal queen known as Nightmare Moon!

But what will happen when Rainbow Dash discovers her long-held secret?

(More hijinks in the Equestria Girls sandbox, if you haven't noticed).

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You have my attention. Now, let's ROCK! *favs*

“It's too much nonsense.” Applejack said, “hollerin' 'bout dragons n' hobbits n' whatever.”

“Oh come on!” Rainbow Dash said. “Sometimes we grow pony ears and do glowy magic stuff! How can you call that nonsense?”

“'cause we don't turn into dragons or hobbits, that's what.”


"Nightmare Moon and the Children of Darkness" could totally be the name of a real metal band. A bad one, but still.



I hope you're doing what I think you're doing.

Let's see where this goes shall we?
Long live metal! \m/

In the name of the dragon god Ormagoden, this premise is too awesome to pass up.

The Gods of Metal are pleased with you. Rock the f**k on.

the fact the rainbooms are a ROCK band means i doubt the others would have such a negative reaction to heavy metal

also remember they are not there pony counter parts they have differences (pony RD is the least musical of the mane 6 but human rainbow started a rock band and seems to care more about music than athletics) so dont be afraid to change things up abit (as a example have fluttery she enjoy heavy metal)


Probably the greatest premise for an EqG fanfic I've ever seen. If you can do it justice, I will fall to my knees, praise the dark gods, and suck your dick while I'm down there. Also, I applaud your taste in guitars except for the gold hardware, c'mon bro.

“Hey!” Applejack said, “I listen to country and western, thankyouverymuch.”

Ah yes, both kinds of music!

Now I'm also morbidly curious about Sci-Twi's browser history.

And finally, Rainbow Dash making plans is a recipe for hijinks. Perhaps even shenanigans!


Got me wondering author, what kind of music does the rest of Humane 7 listen to? At least in your opinion.. Help me fill the blanks with at least two genre

Rainbow: Metal and Rock
Twilight: ??? And ???
Fluttershy: ??? And ???
Pinkie: Polka and ???
Rarity: ??? And ???
Applejack: Country and western
Sunset: ??? And ???

“Polka?” Rainbow Dash sputtered, “But … but … you can't mosh to polka!”
Pinkie Pie cracked a knowing grin. “You'd be surprised.”


Rainbow Dash began to plan.

Then Rainbow got a plan! An awful plan!
Rainbow Dash got a wonderful, awful plan!

From the amount of up-votes this story has, I have a hunch that I'm gonna enjoy this.:twilightsmile:
That guitar in the cover art looks awesome...but...
It has seven strings!

Which can only mean one thing...Nightmare Moon was also...
A Djentlemen.:rainbowderp:

There are few ending sentences more worrisome than "Rainbow Dash began to plan." This is going to be awesome and awkward; I'm just not sure about the ratio.

Rainbow dash began to PLAN.

This does not bode well. :twilightoops:

This reminds me of a quote from a time travel show.

Get in the Suzi Quattro. :pinkiecrazy:

Ok this idea fits, that Human Luna was in her rebellious teen years the lead of a Gwar-esque Metal Band. Nightmare Moon really does fit more a mixture of Glam Metal and Death Metal that Punk, or Goth/Emo.

This was obligatory.


1) Hey now, oral sex is unnecessary. Just read and enjoy!

2) Eh, it was the first picture of a black Flying V I stumbled across on google.



If you were to see my all you'd find is this website.

I haven't logged off in like... A year?

This is an awesome beginning. Casting Nightmare Moon as an 80s-style metal queen is brilliant. Headcanon accepted!

Keep this sucker rolling!

Rainbow just can't leave it alone.

Kinda curious as to the stuff in Sci-Twi's browser history and Dash's plan is so going to cause chaos and havoc. I look forward to it.

I was wondering how long it would take someone to do a EQG Nightmare Moon fic (far longer then I feel it should:twilightangry2:) so great job.:pinkiehappy:

I'll have to read it later though because work.:fluttercry:

This has much potential to be AWESOME.

You had my curiosity... now you have my attention

Attention caught, attention reeled in... Attention now in a Awesome Bucket.

As soon as I saw this, I knew it was time to break out the metal playlist.

Metal Star, Nightmare Moon……

You have piqued my interest, good sir.

just a quetion, crossover with Brütal Legend or completely different ?

'The Chosen Ones' by Dream Evil happened to be playing in the background while I was reading, very fitting, will be watching for updates. (I don't normally read equestria girls fics but if it's good then it's good).:twilightsheepish:

Heh heh heh. Luna was a metal singer at some point in her past... in a world where magic can be triggered by music. Now if that doesn't scream 'idea', I don't know what does!
- Headwind

Oh dear, this is going to end in tears. Or detention, maybe both. Rainbow is about to awaken something she probably shouldn't have. Wonder if Sunset will explain more about how music works in Equestria (not the songs, the musicians).

SOMBRA. Not good.

“Ugh.” Luna said, and rubbed at the bridge of her nose. “Fans.”

And that's how we know it has to be a different universe, 'cause if there's a line we'd never hear out of the other Luna, it's this one.

In a panic, Rainbow Dash flipped switches, pushed buttons, and even went so far as to yank the power cord out of the wall, but nothing could stop the eardrum-punishing scream. Oily black smoke billowed up from the record, briefly coalescing into a semi-humanoid form with glowing green eyes. The smoke creature kept its form only long enough to stare contemptuously down at the four girls before it billowed upwards and smashed through one of the practice room's windows to streak screaming out into the sky.

If this doesn't end with Nightmare Moon and Sombra having a metal-off to decide who will rule Humanland, I will be so. fucking. disappointed.

*Ba-link* Maybe Sombra. Maybe. Could be the coalesced regrets and self-loathing of a once promising young performer that will fuel the rise of NIGHTMARE MOON AND THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS!

Although... Okay, who besides me wants to see Tirek on drums, Discord on keyboard/synth, Sombra on bass, and along with Nightmare Moon on guitar/vocals having to face off against their rival band the Changelings?

“Sneaking mission! I stayed up all night playing Metal Gear Solid to get ready for this!”

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan at least ponify the title or something threw me completely out of the story for two full minutes


You know, I didn't hate this?

No, really--I know that sounds flippant, but I'm used to premises like these being complete box-bait/brony-bait and the author can only get in a few paragraphs before completely running out of steam but still making the box and getting 500 likes anyway because everyone likes the description and/or Luna. I've seen it repeatedly happen for years.

I went into this totally cynical, and yet, I found this downright enjoyable for what it is so far. Honest-to-goodness effort. You seem to want to actually flesh out Luna and the world here a good bit.

...cool. :heart:

Oh dear. Dash just had to play Charlemange by Christopher Lee. :pinkiecrazy:

Actually, Where would we class Sombra, compared to DEATH himself?:twilightoops:


Woo! Not hated! Effort!

To be honest, I agree with you completely on the arbitrariness of the featured box. It's long been a puzzling mystery to me on how it works.

This said, I basically started this story based on a random idea I had, and extrapolated from there; I never intended it to be feature-bait or whatever.

(As for the MGS thing, you're probably right. Still, one of the things I'm trying to fiddle around with when writing for Equestria Girls is when to use a pony name and when not to. It was a cheap gag, but hey, I'm a bit shameless sometimes).

Pinkie Pie cracked a knowing grin. “You'd be surprised.”

“To be honest, Rainbow, I've never really listened to much heavy metal music before.” She laid a hand on Rainbow's shoulder. “But, well, I can appreciate the technical aspects to it. Not to mention the inherent references to the fantasy literary canon.”

It sounds like Twilight is speaking in the second paragraph by the dialogue, but you don't specify it, so the way it reads is Pinkie is saying all those things.

Also when you ponify the names of video games like Bookish said, make sure you ponify the names of things like cardboard, Toyota, swear words, and plastic bag brands. If you're going to ponify, I want to know you'll go the extra mile. *dies a little for having typed that*

And I'm thinking Dash might have just found what happens when you play the new Wu Tang album. Either that, or the secret final project of Dio himself. How full of metal and hate do you have to be for that to happen?

And since it's seemingly become a trend since last chapter...


To be honest, I agree with you completely on the arbitrariness of the featured box. It's long been a puzzling mystery to me on how it works.

A mixture of views and votes, divided over time. Get the right mixture of catchy title and cover picture and it's pretty much guaranteed, even if it doesn't stay up there for long. Having about 800+ followers also does the same thing; that seems to be the general threshold.

Kind of feel like playing Brutal Legends now....


Oop. Thanks for catching that. Fixed!

The record player didn't violently explode.

Metal rating 5/10


If you don't want to use a ponified version of something, but still want to separate it from slightly from something found IRL, I recommend pulling from other fun 80's cartoon bits.

'Steel Gear Solid, starring Solid Cobra!' for example.

Having typed that, I am now chuckling at the notion of two rival 80's metal bands being the Autobots & the Decepticons. Anywho, ROCK OUT!

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