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I like pastel little horses. And Sunset Shimmer. Especially the human one. And I hack ponies into Final Fantasy - https://www.fimfiction.net/group/209828/filly-fantasy-vi

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Compilation of my Pony Vids · 5:02pm Mar 25th, 2017

Because I like attention. :raritywink:

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I love your Yu-Gi-Oh/EQG stories. They're so cool :pinkiehappy:.

Hope you enjoy it, feel free to hit the forums if you have any questions :twilightsmile:

Wait, you worked on a remake of pony fantasy VI? That really brings me back. I remember that game making me like Trixie for once (though i later realized that the fact that she was portraying Celes was why i liked the character). It was also the second time a pony crossover introduced me to a series that i ended up loving greatly with VI still being my favorite. Funnily enough, I just picked up a GBA copy of VI at a convention and was planning on replaying it when i found out about filly fantasy VI.

I guess I'll be playing FF6 twice pretty soon, and I can't wait to get to the pony version; it looks great.

Go ahead and PM then

Well, one of my ideas is actually a sequel to your most recent story, or rather an alternate scenario for how it turns out...

The others involve Sunset and Twilight (and Flash in certain instances) in a more unique setting.

  • Viewing 80 - 84 of 84
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