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This group is for fans of Rainbow Dash's foil from the Wonderbolt Academy episode, Lightning Dust! All stories featuring her go here.

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Well, just resubmitted a story that I did I full do-over with and then realized that it is placed back where I originally submitted it, back in 2017. That means it doesn't show up on the home page because it's so far back. :fluttershyouch:

I know my avatar is not the best here, but still. LD & RD should be best fliers of Equestria together, whether in the Wonderbolts or in a team of their own. :)

While Lightning Dust did go too far in that stunt she pulled with the tornado in Wonderbolt Academy in Season 3 Episode 7, and her ego really needed to be taken down a big notch, as well as her attitude, I feel like she should be given another chance. Before I became a member of Fimfiction, I felt that she didn't deserve one because of the amount of damage that she did to the Academy, along nearly killing Rainbow Dash's friends in the process. Still, after a long span of passing time, reading a few stories about her looking back and learning form her mistakes, and reading one particular story about her being given a chance at redemption, especially after a certain indecent at the Wonderbolt Academy that ended very badly...:twilightoops:....I feel that she should be given another chance. I mean, with the amount of time that's passed form Season 3, all the way to Season 8, I feel that is a lot of time to think about you're actions and learn from them so it won't happen again. Even as I'm typing this, I'm thinking back to that episode and all of the Seasons that have come in MLP since then, and after all of that, I still do feel that she should have another shot:twilightsmile:. Just, not with the, definitely not with the Wonderbolts:ajsleepy:.

I agree, she has been gone for ever and I feel that she was judged too harshly for what happened when most of it wasn't her fault. Sure she needed an attitude adjustment but so did Dash, several times both before and after becoming a Bolt.

Oh, if you only knew the plans I have for her in my sequel.

I feel like most "rivals" or antagonists in MLP are quick to develop a totally dedicated following and I'm so confused as to why Lightning Dust is such a forgotten character. She seems to have a terribly small cult following. 5 years later I am still so in love with this pony (though I admit I am probably more in love with my idea of her) and am still fishing around for all the Dusty content I can get.

I do prefer Rainbow Dash but yeah Lightning Dust is pretty cool.

you should be a wonder blot and kick spitfire out

Hey, Lightning Dust here. Yeah I shouldn't have been kicked out. Err Spitfire made ME the lead pony and Rainbow Dash should have been taken down a peg or two. That is why I wanted to be a better flyer than her. Which I AM. Don't you ponies agree? Anyway, Rainbow blamed the whole tornado thing on me. It was SO UNFAIR! She was partly to blame as she agreed to do the tornado during the cloud busting challenge. And how was I meant to know that her friends were coming, huh? Not my fault that Ii was a better flyer than everyone, is it?

Plz like or something if you are fans of me (Lightning Dust) or any of the other Elements of Disharmony,

Yeh. Im gonna write a fanfic. But I'm only going to tell you that I am definately included. One will be what happened after the Academy, and the other, my headcanon ackstory!!! I'll post when I am finished. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::coolphoto::heart:

I have a question: Lightning Dust is one of the main characters in a story I'm writing, but she is not the protagonist (though she is on the good team). Could I still post the story here?

I just want it on record that I also support the "Sadist Dust" headcanon, after reading Cold Lightning.

Both are misunderstood and both are awesome ponies! :trixieshiftleft:

She is an interesting character to me because she pushed her self so hard that it ended up being the reason why she failed. Having balance is important and here was a mare that just focused on winning at any cost. In the end it ended up costing her the one thing she wanted most.

Tough life lesson. Still, she knows how to push her self and I bet she could overcome being kicked out of the academy and still make a WonderBolt one day.


She totally deserved to get kicked out, though. But does she deserve a second chance (and an attitude adjustment)? Most certainly.

She put ponies in danger of dying in a horrible tornado. I don't think that deserves a seconds chance, even if she is my 2nd favorite *pony*. A real military institute would ban her and most likely call the police of she put anyone in danger.

When her badge got ripped off it gave me that hidden lesson of "no second chances, biatch", and that's what I liked about that part.

We're given quantitative evidence that Lightning Dust is by far the superior flier!
As well as quantitative.
And is best overall pony.

I originally though she did, but "Cold Lightning" made me think otherwise

Best pony? Not quite. But I am a HUGE fan of the Wonderbolts Academy episode, and I really liked Lightning Dust's character.

She totally deserved to get kicked out, though. But does she deserve a second chance (and an attitude adjustment)? Most certainly.

I feel your pain Lightning Dust. You made a mistake but Spitfire shouldn't have kicked you out for it. She should've explained what you did wrong. I just hope your dream will come true some day when you learn to be nicer to others. :pinkiesad2:

Lightning Dust and Trixie are my favorites! :pinkiehappy:

Lightning Dust is my 2nd favorite PONY (Chryssie best everything, best pone for me is Fancy Pants), though I wish authors would write more about she is messed up in the head rather than brood over a depressing past.

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