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Welcome to the Fleetfoot Group!

Here you'll find all the ships, adventures and life of our Wonderbolt. Stories will be added to the according folders and are free to look at when you wish.

Rules: General rules. 1, Please put stories in the correct folders
2, Please be nice to everyone - if there are any problems contact me or an admin.
3, Enjoy the stories we have to offer.

Admins - BikerPon3
Have fun! ~ Neon Lights

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Guess I'll put my story here if it includes one of those two

For a Fleetfoot group, I was hoping there'd be more variety in story submissions

Fleetfoot's eyes aren't green

Fleetfoot is one of my favorite wonderbolts, including Soarin and Spitfire.

Oh, just saw who the admin is :rainbowlaugh: What's up Alex :pinkiehappy:

Fleetfoot plays a major role in all of my Soarindash stories, and has become one of my most popular characters due to her laid back and comical personality. (I wrote the first before season 3 so i made up personalities for them all)

I would love to share the stories here, but there seems to be only ship folders :rainbowhuh:

I have a story not about Fleetfoot shipping. In which folder do I need to place it?

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