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Calm Wind

We writers do not speak. We do not hear. We have no songs. We have no pictures. We only have scripture. From words we bring images. From words we bring emotion. From words we bring life.


Wonderbolt Age Chart · 8:46pm Jun 29th, 2014

Why not? I've been keeping their ages sort of out of the picture for a while... but it will be important going forward :)

So here you have how old i picture each of the Wonderbolts being.

(Note: i have mentioned in the past how the lead Squad was the youngest lead squadron ever chosen. I've also in the past mentioned that Misty Fly was a popular Wonderbolt when Dash was a filly.)

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Ciderfest 2017 blog part 1: PTH in IDW comic style?! · 1:38am 18 hours ago

SO! i better get this rolling, i thought i'd have time to do it all tonight, but that's not the case, so since there was one particular thing ive been dying to share, i'll show that in a short blog tonight and do the rest later when i have more time :eeyup:

So... one of the guests of honor at this past Ciderfest was none other than Jay Fosgitt. The IDW comic artist who is known for his bendy squishy pony look and drew this particularly hilarious comic:

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Pony Sizes · 5:10pm May 10th, 2014


I've made many references to how tall or big certain ponies are compared to others in my stories. While they are all practically the same height/size in the show, i've messed around with the concept a bit as i've written.

So i threw together a few vectors including all the characters i've used so far (minus twilight shining and cadance) to show generally how they all compare size wise.

Some of the vector perspectives made it hard to work with, but meh, it was low effort:

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50 Questions? Why not? ;)

Saw this elsewhere on the site and figured why not? I've made a lot of new friends here recently, this seemed like a safe and easy way to tell a bit about myself.

1. What's your name?

- Chris

2. How old are you?

- 26, Born on August 10th 1989

3. What country do you live in?


4. What do you look like?

-This is all you’re getting

5. Who do you wish you looked like?

-I prefer the way I look actually

6. How did you come across MLP?

-I initially scoffed at it like I did the older versions of the cartoon. Then I heard it was made by a lot of the same people who worked on some of my FAVORITE childhood cartoons like Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack. So I watched a few episodes. It’s a great well put together cartoon. It has great animation, 6 main characters who are all heavily conflicting female personality types (leading to lulz), well timed gags, and common well thought out morals. Hard to find that in a cartoon these days.)

7. Favorite ship and why?

- Soarindash. Soarin is my favorite male character and Rainbow Dash if my favorite female character so it works out perfectly. I also have a lot of athletic knowledge from being an athlete for 15 years of my life, so I can incorporate a lot of that kind of stuff when I write for them.

8. Least favorite ship?

- To each their own. I have no problem with any ships as long as it can be cute. (I tend to prefer straight shipping though.)

9. Have you admitted to everyone you love ponies?

-Never more than an explanation as to why it’s so popular. (See number 6)

10. Were they family?


11. Favorite episode?

- Power Ponies and Rainbow Falls

12. Favorite super hero?

- The Goddamn Batman

13. Favorite anti-hero?

- Deadpool

14. Favorite super villain?

- The Joker

15. Favorite anti-villain?

- hmmm, good question.

16. The last book you read?

- Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

17. Last movie you watched?

-Lego Movie

18. Favorite song at the moment?

- Propane Nightmares by Pendulum

19. Favorite song you keep coming back to?

- Disturbed’s cover of Land of Confusion (Originally by Genisis)

20. Current job?

- Legal and general finance research at a hedge fund

21. What is your ideal future job?

- Something in finance after I get an MBA

22. Dream Job?

- Fantasy Novelist

23. What is you greatest achievement so far in life?

- Being the first male track sprinter from my college to make it to Division 3 NCAA nationals in the 200 meter dash since 1964.

24. Greatest failure?

- That same year, prior to nationals I placed second in the 200 meter Dash at conference, losing to the runner in first by only .02 seconds. (This was the race that got me into nationals, but that was the only chance I ever had to get a gold medal in our conference and I just barely missed it.)

25. Do you have pets?

- No

26. What's your dream pet?


27. Any weapon you own?

-I own a Highland smithed 60 inch Scottish Claymore that weighs fifty pounds. (This is not a phallic joke I think swords are awesome.)

28. Any gun you want?

- Not really.

29. What religion are you?

- None

30. If you could hang out with one historical person for a day?

- Walt Disney

31. If you could bring back one dead person for a day?

- My old friend from Highschool who died in a skiing accident his junior year in college. I’d bring him back so he could see all the people who gather every year to honor him during the summer at my highschool.

32. Are you political?

- Politics make me want to hurl.

33. Are you married?

- No

34. Do you have a special sompony?

- No

35. Do you have a crush?

- No

36. Care to explain?

- No

37. Do you consider yourself attractive?

- Can anyone answer this question honestly? You either are too modest or too generous, there’s no balance. (but I guess an answer? I’ve been TOLD I’m attractive.)

38. If you could hang with any living person?

- Very obscure, but there is a 100 year old man that still comes to my gym. Every once in a while I see a few old guys gather (Mind you these men are like 65-70 but this guy is THIRTY YEARS OLDER THAN THEM.) And they ask him about stuff. I’ve heard this 100 year old man tell stories about how his grandpa fought in the CIVIL WAR. So when my brain was done exploding I sat nearby and listened to this guy talk about stories his grandfather used to tell him about stuff that happened in freaking 1861 to 1865. I would LOVE to sit down with this guy for a while and just listen to him talk about his life because he LIVED through a lot of things I learned about in history class.

39. Favorite pony?

- Soarin

40. Any embarrassing secrets?

- I still sleep with a stuffed dog I received for my first birthday.

41. If you have done any art or writing, what are you most proud of?

- I wrote a 300 page fantasy novel for my final project my senior year of college. I think I can write better now than I did then, but I have my own paperback copy of it so it feels kinda awesome.

42. Are you a virgin?

- Nope

43. Craziest thing you've done with no regrets?

(This was removed for personal reasons)

44. Craziest thing you've done that you do regret?

- Belly flopped off a diving board. I don’t care how much you were bet, NEVER DO IT.

45. Do you have a fetish?

- I like buff girls. When I say this I don’t mean like the steroid pumped monsters you see in female body building competitions. Think athlete. I like women who are femininly muscular.

46. Do you regret saying this fetish?

- No because I was an athlete. I like athlete girls. There's something very attractive to me about strong women. Nothing to be ashamed of.

47. Favorite FIM stories?

- honestly couldn’t say, but I will credit LOYALTY as my initial inspiration to write my own Soarindash fics.

48. Favorite quote?

- Success is not final, Failure is not fatal: It’s the courage to continue that counts. –Winston Churchill

49. Have you ever hurt someone just to hurt them?

- Never.

50. Did you answer these questions honestly?

- Yes.

Just figured i'd share :)

Want to know more? I was interviewed here: Click here :)

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Wonderbolts! Go! Go! Go!

The Wonderbolts are the core characters that i like to work with. As a former athlete with lots of experience in training and team camaraderie, i was drawn to them and have used them not only to create my own unique cast of character personalities, but also as a medium to share lessons, hardships, and memories that i've had within the stories i've cast them in. I feel that there are a lot of bronies who haven't experienced the life of an athlete, or know the more casual, bonding side of it. The Wonderbolts have given me a chance to share it with everyone.

This fantastic piece of art belongs to inuhoshi-to-darkpen

I would like to extend a thank you to those who worked on the Wind Project... i shall cherish it always :)

The Wind Project

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If you came up to me two years ago and told me people would draw art of my stories and ideas, i would've laughed and said, "Sure, that'll be the day..."

Well guess what, it started happening recently... and i honestly don't know what to say... except a quiet "yay"

(Not ALL of my fan art is posted here... a few pieces have been left out because they depict major story events and i wish to avoid spoilers. If you have drawn something for me and it is not here, it is on this blog:Spoiler Warning Fan Art

The art is organized by what point in my timeline they appear ^_^

Fan Art Archive 1

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Fanart of Calm Wind and Rivet part 1

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Art of Swift Justice, Shine Struck, and Playbitz

And some extra gifts of a different nature!

Archive for other gifts!

Wonderverse Timeline (Part 1)

  • Soft Spoken With a Big Heart You can be proud of your strength, but you should never let that pride overpower reason. by Calm Wind 12,221 words · 9,278 views · 407 likes · 12 dislikes
  • Head in the Clouds Fame and fortune have their values. But sometimes ponies just want to be normal. by Calm Wind 52,752 words · 17,086 views · 607 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Falling in Love Quietly Big Macintosh and Fluttershy are both very interested in each other after the incident in the mountains. But is it possible for a relationship, or even just friendship to begin if neither have the guts to say a single word to the other? by Calm Wind 43,686 words · 5,595 views · 318 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Hard Pressed to Impress Even when backed up against a wall, it's important to believe in yourself. You never know when an opportunity may arise. by Calm Wind 16,331 words · 2,895 views · 161 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Apple in the Corner Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we feel lost, but the important thing is to learn from your downfalls, and keep your eyes forward. by Calm Wind 9,697 words · 3,215 views · 149 likes · 6 dislikes

Wonderverse Timeline (Part 2)

  • Flying Sky-High Sequel to Head in the Clouds. Rainbow Dash and Soarin are unsatisfied with how they decided their friendship would work. An approaching event gives Rainbow Dash a chance fix that. Love is a powerful thing, and no barrier is strong enough to stop it. by Calm Wind 106,618 words · 9,900 views · 511 likes · 19 dislikes
  • The Weight of Responsibility Responsibility can be heavy, and accepting it can be tough. But even those used to it are not free of fault. by Calm Wind 58,120 words · 4,570 views · 261 likes · 10 dislikes
  • That's Not Quite How He Told It... Shining Armor and Princess Cadance tell hilariously conflicting versions of how their first date went. by Calm Wind 10,489 words · 4,036 views · 225 likes · 4 dislikes
  • The Flaws of Perfection Rarity is feeling the pressure of an upcoming fashion show. But she has the help of a perfect pony! Right? Our imperfections are what make us stronger. We will never be perfect, but we can try our hardest to be as close to perfect as we can. by Calm Wind 16,293 words · 1,269 views · 107 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Caught Between a Rock and a Pie Braeburn can't forget his past mistakes... but what happens when Pinkie and Maud take him on an adventure? It’s okay to have regrets. Just remember to learn from them and then move on. Enjoy life, find your happiness, and most of all… smile! by Calm Wind 9,383 words · 1,206 views · 119 likes · 5 dislikes

Wonderverse Timeline (Part 3)

  • Piercing the Heavens Sequel to Flying Sky-High. A lot has happened, but now Rainbow Dash finally has a chance to fulfill her dream and become a Wonderbolt. As the process begins, will her relationship with Soarin be a blessing? Or will it be a curse? by Calm Wind 1,741,013 words · 14,196 views · 762 likes · 53 dislikes
  • That's Not Quite How It Works... Shining Armor takes it upon himself to help his little sister find a stallion to date... and quickly proves not to be quite the expert on love that his wife is. by Calm Wind 12,050 words · 1,995 views · 140 likes · 7 dislikes

Fics written by the rest of the Posse

  • The Grimoire When Sweetie Belle and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders explore the Castle of the Two Sisters, she comes across a strange artifact that sets into motion events that could change her life. by Kestrel 15,815 words · 725 views · 57 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Occupational Hazards On a tour to the Wonderbolt Compound, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are led around by Rainbow Dash, getting an insider look at her new life. But when a call goes out to the Wonderbolts for an emergency sortie to protect Equestria, Rainbow has to leave alo by Kestrel 4,504 words · 916 views · 67 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Aptitude Ever since Blizzard Warning got his cutie mark, freak accidents and disasters have rocked his home of Hollow Shades. Now Blizzard is being sent to Starswirl Academy to learn how to properly control the power of his 'talent.' by Kestrel 36,971 words · 287 views · 37 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Secret Sisters "The Sisterhooves Social... A family event to show you have the best sibling in town. But Rumble, that's for fillies! I'm not helping you do that! Do you have any idea how bad I'd look in a dress!?" by Kestrel 6,111 words · 811 views · 54 likes · 4 dislikes
  • On Target In the last Equestria Games, the Ice Archery event almost ended in tragedy. Why did the archer’s shot go astray? by Kestrel 6,374 words · 828 views · 78 likes · 1 dislikes

More fics written by the Posse

  • The Pie of my Eye Will Swift Justice be able to overcome his shyness and get the girl of his dreams without making a fool of himself? Probably not! Enter the Pie of my Eye! by Azure_Shadow 100,715 words · 1,983 views · 116 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Tirek Sells his Soul for Lemonade It's hot as Hell in Tartarus, and Tirek sells his soul for lemonade. That's about it. by Azure_Shadow 4,207 words · 1,097 views · 92 likes · 0 dislikes
  • A Friend to All Fluttershy has always been afraid of Sunset Shimmer, ever since freshman year in high school. But when she sees the former bully alone on the soccer field, will she offer a helping hand? by Azure_Shadow 9,366 words · 4,680 views · 185 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Dazzling Shimmering Splendor First Sunset and Adagio were enemies, and then they became friends, and then they spent spring break at the beach. by Azure_Shadow 8,576 words · 4,549 views · 209 likes · 10 dislikes
  • The Struggle is for Realzies You know a girl likes a guy when she can't stop looking at him. But how does said girl approach him? by Azure_Shadow 5,607 words · 954 views · 66 likes · 5 dislikes


  • Getting to Know you While learning to understand what makes you special, its crutial to take time for yourself. You never know who you may run into that can change your life forever. by PlayBitz 15,385 words · 525 views · 41 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Rainbows Glows and Rainbows Falls When Rainbow Dash begins to develop feelings for a certain Wonderbolt things begins to go down hill. Sure, she have dealt with Stallions before, but this time it is a little different. by Scootafail 12,240 words · 2,067 views · 66 likes · 7 dislikes


The Writer: Calm Wind The Editor: Kestrel

All three pieces above done by: Scootafail/Chiweee

(NOTE: Kestrel has only edited TWO of my stories. Flying Sky High and Piercing the Heavens. The rest have not been touched by him, so it's not his fault they are full of errors, it's me and my lack of editing skill before he appeared and made a difference xD)

Post submission edits often caught and brought to attention by: Lucky424

He is also my backup editor when Kestrel is busy.

The motivation?: All of you. Thank you so much for reading. It takes a lot of time and effort to write and nothing is more motivating than having it acknowledged.

Groups I Run or Help Run


SoarinDash fans!

Looking to write a SoarinDash fic? Want some advice/want to bounce your ideas off of some more experienced writers?

The SoarinDash Library

I along with three other great SoarinDash writers: KrishnaKarnak, TorontoFCbrony, and Rumble are here to help, as well as offer a fun casual environment for you and those into SoarinDash.

Come join us! ^_^


Have you read my work and want to take a crack at writing some of my characters? Due to interest, i have opened up my world: The Wonderverse, for all my followers to take part in. Have an idea after reading my timeline? Want to share it with me? Come on in and join! Every piece submitted to the group will be featured in a blog on my front page just as i do with fan art for all my followers to see. ^_^

The Wonderverse

Come join the fun!

(the Wonderverse has also led to the creation of several fan groups!):

Wonderverse Theorum Lounge

The Expanded Wonderverse

Wonderverse Art Museum

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looks like we are :pinkiecrazy:

In which we are tied again.

Oh! Whew! Well I still wish I was the one dating soarin

rainbow dash is lucky as hell:twilightsheepish:


really because he was based on me at first! :moustache:

(lol im such a liar, just kidding xD)

I'm reading old chapters over again and if soarin was human he would be the dream guy that every single girl wants, like no joke:heart:♡♥:rainbowkiss:and super hot

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