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"If I was an oven creator, I would label the knobs 'FRONT' and 'BACK.' Not a tiny diagram of how to fuck yourself." ~Austin "Chef" Dickey

My Writing Process

Follower Ranks:

Follower ranks according to Master Regidar:

Less than 100: Unknown
100-200: Known
200-300: Big League
300-400: Awesome Sauce
400-500: Shining Beacon of Literature
500-600: One of the Greats
600-700: King
700-800: Demigod
800-900: Hero of the Site
900-1000: Legend
1000-2000: Godly
2000+: Ellimist (Good) Crayak (Bad)

Current title: Known
Current goal: Awesome Sauce

My Fimfiction Hopes and Dreams

[x] Get 50 views
[x] Get 100 views
[x] Get 500 views
[x] Get 1000 views
[x] Get 5000 views
[x] Get 10000 views

[x] Gain a follower
[x] Gain 5 followers
[x] Gain 10 followers
[x] Gain 50 followers
[x] Gain 100 followers
[] Gain 200 followers
[] Gain 500 followers
[x] Get someone who's popular/renowned on fimfic to watch me (White Rabbit/Vengeful Spirit and Pedro Hander. They count shut up.)

[] Get one of my stories put in one of the "Halls of Fame" (Feature box, Royal Canterlot Library, etc.) The "Popular Stories" box doesn't count
[x] Get one of my stories added into a group by someone else
[x] Have one of my stories get a YouTube reading