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I follow those who help me, and help those who ask. Admin of Evil Dead/MLP group, Retired artist, aspiring VA and narrator, and over all nice guy.

What It Is I Create

Self bio... And other stuff.

Well, I guess that you want to know a bit about me, eh? Alright. To be honest, I actually didn't understand the show MLP:FiM at first, due to my little cousins watching it when I was visiting my grandparents one year. Then, I decided to actually watch a few episodes, starting with A Royal Canterlot Wedding Pt 1&2 (which both are still my favorite episodes to date) and a few others. I guess that the old saying, 'you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover' is a true statement. That's how I became a Brony, but about me in general, I'm an honest, kind, friendly guy, who also has a really bad sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoy rock and metal music, as well as dubstep, but it has to be specific! It can't be crappy. I also enjoy hanging out and playing video games, such as the God of War series, FNAF, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the Devil May Cry series (yes, even DmC: Devil May Cry, the one with the douchey Dante), the inFAMOUS series, Soul Sacrifice, and (Soon to be) the Fallout series.

Link to my DeviantArt page: Clickity click!

If anyone/pony wants to join me on PlayStation Network for some game time, here's my PsN ID: chaodaddy34

Games I usually play: Soul Sacrifice (PSVita)
Borderlands 2 (PSVita)
Freedom Wars (PSVita)
Minecraft (PS3-Vita)
Terraria (PSVita)
Transformers: War for Cybertron (PS3)

.....And to anyone asking about my username for PsN, I was 11 when I made my Account, ok? I liked Sonic the Hedgehog at that time... I said LIKED. Not anymore....

Also, send me friend request on Steam! I enjoy meeting new people.
Steam Profile: CloudGazer45

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HOLY SHIT!!!! · 1:11am Dec 29th, 2016

I love my grandparents right now! Why, you may ask?

Because I got this little bastard for Christmas: :pinkiehappy:

Now, I can make better videos, and play games that I thought were impossible for a freaking GeForce 7600 to do.... then again, the 7600 is super outdated as of a few years ago. :trixieshiftleft: Not much I can say, other than I am super stoked on it.

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Want to say thanks for at leat looking at my Evil Dead vs Equestria girls despite the downvotes. Im getting back into updating it. Ive got both Evil Dead movies and Army of Darkness on dvd. Also made this:

Merry Christmas! :twilightsmile:

And a happy new year! :pinkiehappy:

Admin of Evil Dead/MLP group,

Oh yeah, you're gonna enjoy Displaced Into Nothing...

2486592 Ah. Thanks for that. I'm glad you liked it

Oh hi there! I really like stories that show a different side to DT other than what is typically shown, for example like a more gentle, caring personality. The story also seemed to build more on the relationship that Diamond and Silver have as friends, and somewhat pseudo sisters. It was a nice heart warming, but also sad story to read and enjoy.

Thanks for adding A Rift Between Worlds to your favourites!

Thanks the fav on how I get you alone? I'm glad you like my paring of :moustache: x :trixieshiftleft:

Thank you for favoring my story(How could I forget...?). May I ask what you liked about it?

Hey there! Thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

2369440 Not a problem at all. Thank you for inviting me into your group. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 74 - 83 of 83
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