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Welcome to Write For Fun, Not Fame! This is a fun and happy group dedicated to the amusement, laughter, and overall joy one can get from writing, and we all like to share in this joy, so feel free to chat about good stories, stories you enjoy, or your favorite moments and such of writing!


1. Obey the rules of FimFic itself.

2. NSFW Policy:

Do not link images, stories, or any NSFW content directly, instead, verbally direct them there if you wish. We require that NSFW things, outside of FiMFic, not be directed to from our forums. NSFW discussions are allowed, but not encouraged.

3. If your thread or story are deleted, please don’t go on the forums to rant and rave about it. The sensible thing to do is contact an admin for what was deleted. As such, an admin will most likely make a post explaining why or send you a message about it.

4. Respect the admins and the moderators. They hold authority for a reason.

5. Shitposting warrants an instant ban.

6. Do not take quarrels with other members in other groups or threads, the issue can either remain in the thread it started in, or be moved to PMs.

7. Any content that is deemed: [Blog Content] is not allowed to be posted in the forums, which are meant to provoke and induce discussion. Following is Blog Content: Attacking Users indirectly, Personal Life Story, Life Updates, Threads that “respond” to something, "Calling out haters”, Asking for, and then denying, advice or criticism.

8. Have fun!

"One should never write for fame and fame alone. You're bound to be disappointed." -Rainbow FlutterDash

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Hello, everybody. I'm new here.

Hello, all!

I bring to you "Everybody Dupes", a story about Rarity and Sweetie Belle which pivots on the elimination of an important key from the former's bowels.

Make your checks payable to...

that image of luna and celestia is too damn adorable

hey, i don't know if anyone will see this but, are horror and dark fic's allowed here? i would like to ask just incase it not allow here.

Hi guys,

I haven't really been active before but, my contribution to this group is called A Rare Gift

This is my first fanfic, I hope you'll read it and give me feedback for future reference.


Group, where I can feel freely :yay:

Thank you for making this group. This is how I write. For fun. I don't care if others enjoy it or not, just that I enjoyed writing it. It's great if others like my stories, but as long as I had fun, that's all that matters! I'm glad to see a group dedicated to that!

414201 Hahaha, I'm glad you feel like that:twilightsmile:

>>Calcen I have no idea why that showed up as a number. It truly has been a while.

414193 It sure is. Luckily though, things have calmed down on my end so I thought I'd come and check back on here to see how things are doing. It really is awesome to see this club is still up and running. The nostalgic feeling I get when I think back to my friend and I deciding to make this gets me all giddy lol

414169 I know how it is. It's a real struggle.

Hello everyone! I deeply apologize for being inactive from the group and from fimfiction.net itself. I have been very busy with school and haven't had much time to check on a lot of stuff I used to be a part of. I am very excited to see that this club is still going on and would love to read up on some stories that have been posted! Again, I am very sorry for the hiatus. I hope you all have had a great time making all of the stories and poems you have! :twilightsheepish:

Does anypony know if it's alright for me to put my story here? :applejackunsure:

I just want to make sure... :twilightblush:

Okay, now this is the group for me!

It has been submitted so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post it here ^~^

So I am taking a stab at a new story, I'd like to see what you all think if you get the chance to read it. Criticism may it be good or bad would be greatly appreciated. I've been holding on to this story for a while so my skills may seem a little old. But, I have learned new things in my creative writing class so hopefully if this story is a success I will be able to improve upon it.

403914 slits throat with a hidden blade. " Nothing to see here folks."

386103 damn, that is cute.

Many, many things. Last I checked the tumblrpon is mostly on hiatus or gone completely. JanAnimations was giving updates on his "Ask the Crusaders" blog about Hasbro and his C&D. Hasbro company wise... I don't like 'em.

FiMFiction is the only safe pony thing I know.

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