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"A good story displays a moral, the best ones attach you to the characters who display them." ~Yours Truly.

You can't be born a butterfly; you have to be a caterpillar first. The darkness of the cocoon seems lonely and hopeless; boring, lifeless, desolate. But when the right time comes, the cocoon will tear open and all the light from the world will shine through. You can't force fast growth; we just have to be patient enough for it to happen. And when it does happen, it's worth it.
~Vanilla Mocha.


Want to Commission an Affordable Artist? · 10:56pm Sep 22nd, 2017

Err... yes? Hello? Is this thing on?

*Pigeon, just get with the advertising.*

Right, well...
Hello, friends. My name is Pigeonsworth. I'll be handling the advertisements from now on, and a few of the important updates.

Right now, we know of very, very talented artist who's in need of some financing. Suffice to say, she does amazing work for great rates. Not convinced? Don't just take my word for it!

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A Few Links & Goals:

Gala, CT, Fire, Sums, Spec, Grey, Melly, VM, Snicka, Watercolor, and Saber.

My DevArt: Amethyst-Dawn-42. (I am currently locked out of it)
Donations accepted here: Buy me a Coffee
My Discord: Amethyst Dawn#2130 (I'm not on too often, but I always like to talk with my friends)

Also, if you notice anything of mine in the Feature Box, could you please let me know? Thanks.

Fimfiction Goals:
[X] 200 views on a single story.
[X] 300 views on a single story.
[X] 500 views on a single story.
[X] 800 views on a single story.
[X] 1,000 views on a single story.
[ ] 10,000 views on a single story.
[X] Acquire 1 follower.
[X] Acquire 10 followers.
[X] Acquire 20 followers.
[X] Acquire 50 followers.
[X] Acquire 100 followers.
[X] Acquire 150 followers.
[X] Acquire 200 followers.
[ ] Acquire 300 followers.
[ ] Acquire 400 followers.
[ ] Get 1 story featured.
[ ] Get 5 stories featured.
[X] Make a friend.
[X] Make a Best Friend.
[X] Acquire fans.
[ ] Acquire hardcore fans.
[ ] Meet my friends at a convention.
[ ] Meet my friends face-to-face.
[ ] Go to a Brony convention.
[ ] Be a Featured Guest at a convention.
[ ] Talk on a panel at a Brony convention.
[ ] Kkat likes one of my stories.
[ ] DisneyFanatic likes one of my stories.
[X] Summer Dancer likes one of my stories.
[X] Galaxina the Unicorn likes one of my stories.
[ ] Silverquill (senpai) likes one of my stories.
[ ] Figure out how to do a collaboration.
[ ] Do 3 collaborations.
[ ] Collaborate with a favourite author.
[ ] Figure out how Patreon works, and see if I want one.
[ ] Get a career on YouTube.

My Recent Works


Ugh... · 8:58am Sep 21st, 2017

When you find a fun pony-themed Online Multiplayer game, and start to enjoy meeting new friends on it, only to find out several of the people in power are active in the NSFW end of the community... :facehoof:

Same with those well-respected In-game... :facehoof:

Needless to say, I won't be playing PonyTown anymore. Nor do I recommended you support it. :ajbemused:

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Report Amethyst_Dawn · 103 views · #RevokeRule34

Writing Schedule:

Main Chapter Fics:

If you're enjoying any/all of these, this should help you know to keep an eye out for the next updates without fear of cancellation!

1st: [Hiatus] When Darkness Breaks. Chapter Eighteen-Epilogue.
2nd: Empire of the Crystal Skull. Chapter Three-???.
3rd: [Hiatus] Hearth's Warming Shenanigans: Chapter two-???
4th: [NEW! Coming Soon:] A Dragon's Hoard. Chapters One & Two.
5th: [NEW! Coming Soon:] Odyssey Initiative: Iron Horizon. Prologue.
6th: [NEW! Coming Soon:] Mountain Tall. Prologue. [Sequel to When Darkness Breaks]
7th: Dawn of the Doctor.

One-Shots/Shorts/Side Projects:

These will pop up every once in a while, but updates shown in this listing aren't entirely reliable. Sometimes an idea not listed below will be published before any listed, and sometimes writer's block and/or current mood (Happy while trying to write a sadfic, etc.) will cause delays on existing ideas.

There's a Stallion in my Life. [Sequel/Parallel](Working Title...)
Djinn. [Original]
In the Courtship of His Majesty. [Sequel]
The Owl and the Phoenix. [Original]
The Deathly Mirror. [Sequel]
Twilight Sparkle Walks Down the Street. [Original]
Rewriting the Rise of the Crystal Tyrant.

this schedule will be changed often, in order to catch up with my plans. Often, a new one-shot will move up the place of the next chapter of one of the larger fics. And, I also read a lot here, so that might cause a few delays as well.

About the Dawning Amethyst:

I'm an aspiring writer, and Grammar Nazi. I don't know how to state my abilities without it sounding like I'm boasting, so I have trouble admitting my skills. My works all hold messages and morals, unless they're purely for comic entertainment. Even then, I've been told they hold meaning.

I do occasionally do Episode reviews, but I'm saving most of those until I get a YouTube channel.

Favourite Movies/Movie Series:
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension.
Almost everything PIXAR
Star Wars
Manhattan Melodrama
(This list goes on for a while, this is just a small taste! And they are not in any specific order.)

Liked TV Shows:
Phineas and Ferb
Murder, She Wrote
Perry Mason
Avengers: Assemble
Veggietales (Classic, not the new anime-style)
Star Wars: Rebels
(Again: No specific order, and just a small taste.)

Liked YouTubers:
Black Gryphon
Nostalgia Critic
FOB Equestria
(You know the drill)

Best Ponies:

Best Villains:

Lunar Republic or Solar Empire? Neither, I'm for the Diarchy.

Blue and black, or white and gold? I answered that question in the last paragraph.

My accent is varied from Western, Scottish, Southern, sometimes even British. It depends on my mood. I can't consciously control it very often.

Both Brooding and Hyper: I'm a low-energy analyst who loves to create his own stories, fanfiction or original. In fact, even since I was smaller: each time I would get a toy, I'd make up a backstory for it unless it already had one. Same with every single one of my LEGO MOCs: intense backstory and character. Almost to a fault. I am also incredibly nostalgic for someone my age, and have a love for most old things and ways. However, I am never afraid of the new, if it's beneficial.

I'm told that I'm an interesting enigma, with a thousand stories to tell, and a thousand ways to tell them. I'm hoping to publish my own book series eventually. I was destined to be a storyteller, even though I didn't fully realize it until July 31, 2016: When the meaning to a riddle I was given by God as a kid finally clicked in my head.

Yes, I am a Die-Hard Christian: I will stand by my faith until death, and I refuse to hate others. I know what it's like to be in dark places in life, having been depressed from around age 6 to my birthday of age 16, and even possessed at one point. I've been used, abused, and berated, but I won't let that destroy me anymore.

Knowledgeable of all things emotional, and great at pointing out subtle details, I've emerged from my trials like a phoenix. I'm Amethyst Dawn: the one who can relate to all.

Thank you for taking an interest in my work, and for visiting my page! It means so much to me that people care about what I love to do, and I live for reaching others.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask them. You might be surprised by the answers you get.

I write all kinds of stories, but I lean towards Dark, Romance, and Slice-of-Life. Basically, the stories that make you stop, and think. But, I am not opposed to writing the most random stuff you've ever seen. If you wish to request/inspire a story, visit the rules on that Here, you never know what you'll help create.

I love all people, and I am incapable of hatred towards humans. I can hate animals, though. Or demons. I will respectfully disagree, and I do not approve of being politically correct: not even if it's towards me and my beliefs. I believe tactful yet brutal honesty and jabs- whether or not they do or don't offend the jabbed -are often mistaken for prejudice and hatred by thick-headed lawyers desperate for business. However, I aim always to be polite, though I can be blunt at times. Even when talking to myself. I do recognize where to draw the line, however.

I am proud to be an American, despite being disgusted with all politicians.(Minus Trump. He's a businessman, but he sucks as a politician. I admire him for that.)

I always aim to be chivalrous, kind, and courteous.

I like all types of music- (except most metal, gives me a headache) -as long as it has a good message: or can be passed as a feel-good song. Or, sometimes even if it's just music.

I do not approve of the LGBT lifestyle or teachings, but I don't hate those people, either. I've gotten along with quite a bit of them quite well.

... I'm a rather odd bundle aren't I?

My stories have made people cry, apparently: and I am humbled constantly by those who adore my work, and seek my advice. Thank you all! And I hope my work can continue to inspire.

Favourite Ships:
Quibblejack (Might Just be me, though.)
Doctor Whooves X Roseluck

Feel free to poke around my library, where I keep all the fics I love/like/will read!

I end all Author's Notes and Blogs with God Bless You, and I mean it every single time.

I'm Amethyst Dawn, and I love to ramble with meaning. Thank you all for your support, your praise, your friendly attitudes, and your helpful tips and pointers.

I love you all, and wish for all of you to be blessed.


Until Next Time, God Bless You!
~Amethyst Dawn.

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I hope you enjoy your stay. :twilightsmile:

I somehow stumbled onto your userpage. Just wanted to say I like your bio quote.


Alright, see ya around!

I have a policy of only telling the truth, so... no, I won't stop giving you a thumbs up for your creativity and effort.

And yeah, sure, I'll shoot you a message sometime, whenever I have an opportunity.

I see, thanks again!
Though to be honest, I'm not sure when I'll release it: since it's a challenge to write on this phone.

Dude, stop, you're making me blush! :twilightblush:

If you ever want to chat, don't hesitate to send me a message! :twilightsmile:

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I... I honestly never thought I'd be needing this section...
I am incredibly humbled that this day has come.

OC Art by the amazing Rainbow Spectrum.
(Yes, I know this is technically a request, but the artist said I could count it.)

Also, remind me to hug, and then strangle the person responsible for this:

And here's a gift from Watercolor the Pegasus:

My Assistant: Pinkie Pearl.

Another little gift from Watercolor the Pegasus.

Profile of my fabulous self, by Pencil Melody:

And a beautiful WhiteDawn portrait by Pencil Melody: