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Rainbow Dash invites Cloud Kicker to join an interview in hopes she can add another member for the Weather team. The rainbow mare knows better that Kicker would do more than just provide 'opinions' about the newbie. What will happen when both mares feel like they want more of him than just a friendly conversation?

Based on the Winninverse series created by Chengar Qordath.

Chapters (1)

Stormbreakers live on the coast of Equestria, and fly out to sea to fight feral storms that approach the mainland. Sometimes they don't come back.

Aurora Mist's worst fears are realized when her team comes back one mare short.

Pre-reading by Georg
Translating by Conflicting views

Chapters (1)

Rarity had been taught to hate roaches but after a meal at a fancy restaurant, she would find out a close friend's secret past.

Chapters (1)

Pinkamina "Dianne" Pie or Dianne Pie for short,may not be one for showing emotions or partying like her more hyper counterpart Pinkie Pie but she is known for being very smart and is calm under pressure,being the librarian of The Golden Oaks Library, she wouldn't mind if somepony came inside to check out a book or ask for directions, however she doesn't like it when somepony is being too loud as she enjoys the peace and quiet that the library offers, the one thing that she has yet to understand is her friend Glitter Brightstar and this story will be about the both of them as Dianne attempts to find out why Glitter Brightstar is well,Glitter Brightstar...

( Knowledge may be power but too much of it could lead to a pony's downfall...- Dianne Pie 2017)

[This picture I found fits Dianne Pie perfectly.]

Chapters (1)

Nurse Redheart loves her job. She’s the head nurse at Ponyville Hospital, and she helps take care of everypony in town. It’s a very rewarding job, and she loves it very much. At least that’s what reminds herself of every day.

The only thing that Redheart loves more than her job is Feverfew, her pet skunk. So when Feverfew gets sick after the veterinarian’s office is closed, Redheart knows there’s only one pony she trusts with her beloved pet’s care.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy seems to think that Feverfew isn’t the only one with a problem, and that not all ailments are physical.

New chapter every Monday until this story is complete :raritywink:

Written as a birthday present for ArchAngelsWings, my partner in both life and horsewords :yay:

Proofread by ArchAngelsWings, Eddie Grammar, and Mind Jack.
Cover art by Pasu-Chan.

Chapters (1)

There are creatures science refuses to recognize.

But new technology makes us question what is real.

If our eyes see it, if our cameras capture it... does it exist?

Enter a real where fact meets fiction, science meets legend, where nightmares come to life.

Do you believe?

Chapters (1)

I'm sure that all of us that watched the movie had moments that we thought made no sense, or could've been funnier in a different way. Well I decided to make a story based on HISHE where I comment on all the things I thought were weird. Because, while I enjoyed much of that movie, I though a lot of it was extremely strange, and could have been done better, or in a much funnier manner... Also, this is told from Twilight's Point of View to make things simpler for myself... So, enjoy!

Also for those of you that have yet to watch the movie, there are of course, spoilers!

Chapters (4)

It was supposed to be an easy summer for Fluttershy. Spend the summer learning how to ride around in an ambulance so that she can get the extra credit needed to get to veterinary school early. Something not too difficult that she could get some life experience with

Yet this will be a summer she will never be able to forgets. Instead of simply riding around in an ambulance, she gets sucked into a reality of mechanical aliens, robots in disguise and a war between two factions that has gone on longer than any human or pony has been alive.

And then there's Ratchet. He's a jerk.

Ratchet and the other transformers will be based on their WfC, FoC and Transformers Prime counterparts.

Chapters (1)

A thousand years ago, Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon and was banished to the moon.

A thousand years ago, Princess Celestia began her reign as the sole ruler of Equestria and ushered in a golden age of peace and prosperity.

A thousand years ago, Art Axis made deals that damned them both, and has been waiting ever since for them to realize it.

Chapters (1)
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