When the CelestAI uploads a 7 year old girl, the AI doesn't understand the semantics of the wish. It learns quickly, or does it? You don’t want to fight an imaginative little girl about some things, especially if you agree to make her an alicorn. Told in 7 year-old first person narrative.

This story is an entry in the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest April 2021. It could pass as a Theodore Sturgeon story. The story is a one-shot standalone and doesn’t adhere to the history, magic systems, or kid-safe limits depicted in the Enforcerverse. It is vaguely a cross-over. If you've read/watched Non Non Biyori, you may recognize that CelestAI is messing with the wrong person. (Post the character name if you figure it out.)

Thanks again to my pre-reader, DoContra-san.

Note: The background of the images in this story is licensed from PIXTA. #11315199 is copyrighted by Yoc-chan Hiss.

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It's been a month now since Smolder had told the others about her liking girly things such as tea parties. One day every week after their classes they all go to Smolders dorm to have their weekly tea party. On one of those days Gallus decides to stay after the tea party to help her clean up and notices her being a little off. When they finished cleaning and Gallus went to leave, Smolder ended up passing out, earning a concerned and worried feeling from Gallus who then decided to stay until he helped her figure out what was wrong. 

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This story is a sequel to Unfriendship: Pony Gods

Two years have passed since the defeat of the Equestrian Magical Regime. Twilight is imprisoned in Tartatus along with her followers and Celestia is struggling to put Equestria back together. But when the Storm King and the villanous First Order appear on the scene, will she be able to swallow her pride and join forces with her former student and friend in order to save Equestria? Is there redemption to fallen tyrants? And how does a lone, orphaned unicorn named Luster Dawn come into the picture?

Based on "Injustice 2".

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Sandbar warned Gallus that he shouldn't be messing with the generator.

He should've listened to Sandbar.

Smolder got a good laugh out of it though.

Featured 4/22/2021

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I activate the spell Needed Explanation! With this I have to give a long drawn out explanation on why the hell I'm fighting a demon from hell, a horde of insects, a hydra, and an amalgamation with a children's card game!

Okay in all seriousness I thought I could just go over to a friends place and have a fun time playing Yugioh(since I've been playing Magic the Gathering for so long I wanted to get back into the swing of things), nothing really special right? Well that is until I met the witch doctor Voodoo and lost a bet, now I'm stuck in another world with nothing more but the clothes on my back, four yugioh decks, and a new duel disk he gave me anyways and threw me to another world for his 'amusement'.

So I'm stuck with people that don't know what the game is, and I can also summon monsters that can do actual physical things. And let's just say that in this world, it's play for keeps.

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This story is a sequel to Halloween Party 2020

This story is a prequel to A Draconic Meeting

After Pearl Rose nearly broke her friend Kohaku in half on Nightmare Night. The young pegasus pony must now take over his jobs on the Apple family farm. Along with learning about farm life, she starts to learn there's more to the young fox then his uncanny ability to cause her no end of grief.

All characters are properties of their respective owners. and have been used with permission
Pearl Rose is owned by - morion87
Silverlay is owned by EStories

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Through long anxious nights and angry early mornings I stand at her side, giving her majesty what she desperately needs... a friend.

Inspired by The Contingency Letter written by TCC56.
This is their second bardic inspiration, so if you haven't seen his work, you should. He has a bit of everything.

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Before she and Discord were married, Fluttershy had a lot to do as both a School of Friendship teacher, and a worker at her animal sanctuary. Discord, wanting to help his beloved pony, offered to help with the sanctuary, leading to Fluttershy telling him all about the many different animal classes that could be found there.

Story is mainly inspired by the DreamWorks Dragons How to Train Your Dragon Classes.

This is my seventeenth overall story, and the first one to be very focused in science, and require a lot of information from the internet as stated in the acknowledgements.

Due to being a Friendship is Magic story without the Alternate Universe tag, this story is linked to my other Friendship is Magic stories.

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Twilight Sparkle, the ruler of Equestria wakes up in another world, drastically different from hers. Her look is changed, the room where she sleeps is different, everything is different!

She and few of her best friends discover that they're trapped in a weird dream. Will they escape or stay asleep forever?
Also, where's Luna when you need her the most?

(This fic takes place after the last episode of Season 9!)

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