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When they first met, Applejack and Rainbow Dash hooked up, but decided to leave it as a one-off fling. Much later, Applejack brings up the idea of giving them another shot. Rainbow Dash has reasons to remain unconvinced.

Sometimes you need more than one second chance.

My entry for the AppleDash contest.

Chapters (10)

Follow up to the episode 'Triple Threat'. Spike is feeling pretty pleased with himself: he's just been summoned by the Cutie Map for the first time, and the outcome was a complete success. Twilight and Starlight wonder what exactly he did, though...

...And then follows a somewhat feisty debate.

Chapters (1)

Flash has come to expect many things in his time at Canterlot High. Being involved in strange magical occurrences. Seeing bizarre creatures from other worlds. Hanging out with super-powered girls. But having one of his friends come up to him about relationship advice? Now that's a new one.

Part of my EG Continuity

Chapters (1)

Yer invited. All y'all... to this wonderful, glorious cosmos filled with billions upon billions of fruit for all kinds of ponies to sink their purdy lil' teeth into. And not just any fruit, ya reckon? But somethin' that fills our tummies and makes our horse hearts soar to the stars.

Howdy. I'm Professor Applejack. And this is the History of the Apple.

Vector by luckreza8

Chapters (4)

Grandmother Bessibelle, a Minotaur, owns a haberdashery where she sells fine men’s clothing, but she has fallen on hard times. Her grandson Gneebert tries hard to help her, with little success.

But perhaps a shaggy visitor from the realm of Equestria holds the solution to their problems, and also the key to Gnee’s heart.

This story was written for the July 2017 Writeoffs, where it failed to make finals.

Chapters (1)

As the world ends, a group of teenagers covered in blood enter Sugarcube Corner.

What follows is technically a love story.

Edited by Pearple Prose and Themaskedferret. Preread by Undome Tinwe, MaxKodan, and Majin Syeekoh.

An entry for Oroboro's Changing Seasons contest.

Chapters (1)

Commander Scott Haugen and the crew of the USS California (SSN-781) are eagerly awaiting a port visit to Sydney, Australia on May 24th, 2015. At 8:14 pm on the 23rd, something happens. Now ponies, can the crew get the sub into port? What about the sea monsters?

A Ponies after People story, as started by Starscribe, set in the Safe Landings storyline as started by Goldfur, with elements from Mixtape's 'Sin Never Dies" line. My gratitude to them all.

Chapters (1)

(This story is part of the shared Marvel/MLP universe created by this guy.)

Derpy was only trying to deliver a box of fireworks (that were due for transport days ago) to somepony by the last name of Lulamoon. As it happened, the pony turned out to be a really famous showmare and she didn't seem very happy when she arrived in the middle of the night, though the oddly emotionless mare beside her...well, she wasn't sure. Anywho, Ms. Lulamoon wasn't mad at Derpy; a really big metal bird thing demolished her home when it fell out of the sky, and she was really bent on finding the owner and giving them an earful. In her defense, Derpy didn't know she stepped on any buttons inside the blasted thing; nopony should leave stuff like that for a mailmare like her to step on. But then they were suddenly in this giant black space and Equestria had completely vanished. Then the showmare got angry at her. The other pony? She just kept staring blankly.

Lucky for them, these cool alien creatures came out of nowhere and offered to get her home once they finished a job they had to do. See, they're apparently Guardians of the Galaxy or something like that, and they help out folks in the galaxy. So, Derpy naturally assumed that they'd just tag along for now and they'd be home in no time at all, where she could finish her delivery andjust maybe keep her job!

Then the talking raccoon stole a few batteries from these golden people, and everything went downhill from there.

Like,way down. Like falling of a cliff into an endless void-down.

Chapters (1)

YOH 1507 (right before the start of "Triple Threat"):

Spike is extremely nervous as he prepares to greet Ember at Ponyville. Fortunately, Twilight Sparkle finds something to calm him down ...

Takes place in the Shadow Wars Story Verse, but is definitely not canon to it. At least I hope it's not canon to it.

Chapters (1)

Beyond the Ponyville city limits, a tombstone rests underneath a large oak tree. Inscribed on the stone were the words “In memory of Pear Butter… Beloved wife to Bright Mac, and mother to Big Mac, Applejack, and Apple Bloom.” While one would come to this site and grieve, Bright Mac instead lays beside the grave and smiles for some unknown reason.   

Based on the song "Lights" by Aviators (Feat. Feather)

Chapters (1)
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