This story is a sequel to Heavy Rain

The title says it all.
(It's best to read the original story first. It's crap, but it'll give some context.)

And remember...
If you keep following your dreams, eventually, they'll file a restraining order!

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Ever wondered what it would be like to live in Equestria?

Eleanor May Carter was once a lonely girl, from our universe, that has been a Pegasister since she was five years old. And her favorite show as reached its end and Ellie is heartbroken.

One night, after rewatching the last episode of Friendship is Magic, Eleanor makes a wish upon a star and wakes up in the world of peaceful, talking, pastel-colored ponies.

Let's join Eleanor's adventures in the anthro world of Equestria, as she discovers the true meaning of the Magic of Friendship, and gains something she had been missing in her life.


Cover Art belongs to LimeDazzle.
Character Designs belong to Hioshiru.
Chronological Order belongs to Auren-Dawnstar.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, Hasbro and DHX Studios.

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Today is my 17th birthday.....Sometimes I read my diaries like that. I wonder how I could become the pony what I am today.
Back of the diary of Nightstar

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Major Grimhoof is a soldier, fighting in the greatest war Equestria has seen since the downfall of Nightmare Moon two hundred years ago. He must survive, because if he doesn't, Equestria will be engulfed in dragonflame.

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Some weird fanfiction author (yours truly, unfortunately) that doesn't even like ponies wakes up as Princess of his own kingdom. How did this even happen to me--I mean him?

(I'll take suggestions for how you want me to suffer this pastel nightmare write this story. Also, Crossover tag for just in case)

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After millennia of reflexive compassion, the abdicant diarchy have retired from princesshood but not from meddling. Benevolence is a hard habit to break. So, when a haunted orphanage is discovered on the unsettled frontiers of Equestria, two retired princesses arrive to shepherd the dead to their rest.

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For centuries Twilight Sparkle has worn the crown. Her subjects loves her and her heart fills with their love.

But after the passing of one of her oldest friends her rule takes an unfortunate turn. She calls four of her most trusted ambassadors to sort things out.

But not all is what it seems during the meeting. Random things are moved and added to the room. The ambassadors starts to behave oddly and their voices sounding ominously familiar.

A spine-shuddering notion of possibly evil orgin starts to creep up on Twilight that someone is watching her.

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This story is a sequel to The Hidden Prince

After being reunited with his family, Dusk finds himself as happy as he can be, wanting nothing more than recovering the lost time with his brother and sister. But when an unexpected event sends him in a big adventure on another realm, he will have to do what he can to return home, all while facing terrible threats. But he won’t be alone in this quest, as friends will help him to return back home.

Note: this story is based on the series Zak Storm.

First story: The Life of a Young Colt
Second story: Twilight and Blue Sword
Third story: The Light Kingdom
Fourth story: The Taking of Tartarus
Fifth story: Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox
Sixth story: The Island of Tambelon
Seventh story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/427651/light-and-darkness-the-shadow-of-midnight]Light and Darkness - The Shadow of Midnight
Eighth story: The Hidden Prince

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There was something about her eyes that drove you to them. You didn't know what it was, but you hated it... yet you loved it.

Even if you could never have it forever.

Based off the song "Blue Eyes" by Low Roar.

Cover art by MirroredSea.

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Lilac Joy is an earth pony that is tired of the farmer's life and as such decides to try her luck beyond the portal, but she quickly discovers that just finding a new job doesn't solve every problem in the streets.

Edited by: Katarina Mau

An entry for Admiral Biscuit's challenge

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