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You are a college freshman at Starswirl Academy. You know that not many of your friends are there for you anymore, except for some, and one of them happens to be Sunset Shimmer.

But, whatever it is that got you two to be friends is exactly how you and your old best friend came together. You just can't seem to put a finger on why your two friends are exactly alike.

Chapters (1)

Starlight gets stuck in the snow and goes and stays with Marble for the day.

Edited by Shadowghostalex

Thanks too QurikyGallade for all the suggestions. And GeekySonic for prereading this.

Chapters (1)

Rarity is hosting the annual Societé Fabrique soiree. Everything is going splendid thanks to some help from her friends. It's a bit boring, true. The social strictures of hosting tend to make for a rather dull night, but luckily for Rarity, she has Applejack to keep her company.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash is cursed, cursed with the constant need to dab at any given moment, and it's starting to get on her friend's nerves.

Not gonna stop them from getting sidetracked though.

Chapters (1)

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Sonata wants to finally tell Aria that she wants to be more than friends. But she doesn't know how to tell the cold girl, luckily she has a friend who will help her along the way.

Chapters (1)

During a girls' night out, a catastrophe strikes, and Applejack is forced to rethink how she had been acting over the past month.

WARNING: Shameless Rarijack :ajsmug: :duck:

PS: i am really bad at writing descriptions but it is really mediocrely okay, i promise.

Chapters (1)

Winter time brings about the frigid cold and, in Ponyville, this may be the coldest winter in a long time. Bright Sight is Ponyville's newest resident and he aims to settle down in the small town while concealing his biggest secret. Big Mac finds himself with a lot of downtime after the harvest season had just ended. Both stallions find friendship in each other and, perhaps, in time, it may grow into something even stronger, something that makes even the most freezing winter warm.

(Cover art was created and is owned by me.)

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Equestria Wars Episode XVI: The Crystal Princess

With the princesses turned to stone leaving Twilight to escape and separated from his friends and family, Charming Thunder once again teams up with Danny to stop Tempest from whatever plans are brewing and retake Canterlot from Tempest and the Storm creatures led by the Storm King.

A story between Episodes XVI and XVII.

Reminder: My Little Pony the Movie belongs to Hasbro

Chapters (2)

Twilight Velvet is ready to retire, with her last book due to hit shelves in just a couple of days. Unfortunately, not everypony is as happy with the ending as she is.

Especially not the main character.

Credit where credit is due; big thanks to my two volunteer prereaders, Goat and Regidar.

Chapters (1)
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