As another unicorn in a blessed lineage of scribes and minor mages, Golden Swirl has established himself as a loved practitioner of the recent field of communication magic. Life is simple: go to work, jot down what ponies want him to send to loved ones or business partners, and send the letters off into the ether, where they'll appear a few hours later.

But now at the dawn of the second millennium, life in the city of Mareposa is rapidly changing, like much of urban Equestria. Where artisans provided excellent work and earth ponies harvested the crops with innate magic, factories have been erected and large industrial farms have taken root. But none of that matters, so long as his life is secure. There is no way that ponies could speak over long distances without magic, right?

Set in the world of the Heart's of Iron IV mod, Equestria at war.

Written as an entry in Equestria at War's Fifth Annual Writing Competition.

As always, a massive thanks to EverfreePony for all their editing work.

Cover art by saxopi.

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With the death of the Chief of the Coldmouth Clan the Firtree Villages descend into civil unrest. There are two beacons of hope for the people, two ponies who could salvage the future for the Firtree Villages. One mare has been given the chance to help one of these ponies take power and now a hard decision lays ahead of her. She has chosen to collect her thoughts in a place of old memory to her clan and reflect on the path ahead.

Crossover with the Equestria at War universe for the 2022 writing contest.

Many thanks to Snipehamster, Fuzzy and my partner for helping me with editing.

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During No Second Prances, Princess Celestia, Sovereign Solar Monarch of Equestria, is left in the Friendship Castle with some random strangers said to be new friends of Twilight's new student. It's been hours, and Celestia can't really be sitting there in silence, right? RIGHT?!

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While Twilight Sparkle and her friends are off saving the day, Starlight Glimmer is at home in the Castle of Friendship taking care of a bunch of ponies driven from their homes.

Including several farmers.

And, because this is Equestria, their livestock as well.

To be fair, they're considerate house guests...

... all but one.

Another entry for the Thousand Words contest, written in haste.

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This story is a sequel to Pegasus Device

Did she have to hurt her foes? She looked back to the valve.

She really wanted to fly.

She really, really wanted to fly.

Absentia spent twenty years chained up in the bowels of the cursed Rainbow Factory. For twenty years, she never saw the outside world, left to the mercy of the Factory. But when two foals free her from the clutches of the Pegasus Device, she remembers what it means to fly. As she helps her new friends escape the facility, she has to make a choice.

She chooses to fly.

Edited by Stinium_Ruide, preread by applejackofalltrades, Faded Echoes, and Madhatterbrony.

Cover art by the talented applejackofalltrades! Title text by yours truly with help from the lovely AllPanikNoDisco. Love you, bebby~!

An entry to the Thousand Words Contest.

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A unicorn is found guilty of the crime of High Treason, under dubious circumstances, he is sent to be executed by firing squad, his request. His crimes were viewed as against harmony, unity, and above all, the interest of nations.

He will not bear witness to the dawn of a new horizon, but he'll witness something else; the setting of a new flame for something new. He believed he was the spark for that new flame, and when the harshest lights cast down the darkest shadows, so too do those shadows conceal many things in their darkness.

The cover art is by the same friend (who remains anonymous)

Speaking of which...
I'm sorry for the first couple of chapters being a first-person... but the later chapters switch to a third-person pov, so there's that.

I'll update this either every 3 days or every weekend.

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Princess Luna returned to Equestria, and with her return, the isolated night tribes, the batponies, have journeyed to rejoin their princess. Luna's first task is to settle a dispute: what will be their sacred fruit?

Set during Season 1.

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Sunset Shimmer's plan was simple: steal the Element of Magic, return to the Mirror World, and use it to gain the power to dominate everyone around her so she could return to Equus and conquer it... except it failed and blew up in her face. Thanks to those who opposed her she ends up in an odd world called Azeroth, in an area that is under attack by someone called the Lich King, and is forcefully risen as one of his Death Knights, undead beings of great and terrible power. She must survive the great and terrible actions that he forces her and the others of her kind to inflict upon the world, either to break herself free or turn the tables... or die in the process.

(Wow/MLP Crossover. Starts in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion)
(Standalone story, not tied to a series)

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(Based on the newly released My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Special) Sarah and her family return to Equestria just in time to participate in preparing to the Maretime Bay Day festival with the Mane Five but they learn not everything is at peace being the Earth Ponies (besides James) have no magic, creating jealousy and hostility among them and the magic of Equestria appears to be unstable causing problems for the Pegasi, Unicorns and even Sarah and her family. It's up to Sarah and her family and the Mane Five to bring everypony back together in friendship before the hostility brings back threats from Ancient Equestria and triggers the lose of Magic once more but together it may reveal forgotten history of Ancient Equestria, giving the ponies a new mission of their own.

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"Trixie can't fall asleep! The panties might get her!!"

This story was not submitted to Any Thousand Words contest, and your children can thank me.

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