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Once Lightningman gets home, his brother is sent to canterlot high. Where he is joined with people that remind him a lot of some other people he knew. He has to try and keep secrets from them, but they grow increasingly suspicious of him. How is he able to cross gang territory and the entire gang is afraid of him? How is he able to beat Rainbow Dash in a race and Applejack in arm wrestling? And why does he keep his face covered?

Chapters (1)

The next Battle of the Bands has arrived once again, all the musicians of Equestria High are starting to get out their note sheets and begun to practice. Having a little trouble giving their music a little kick they turn to the schools most well respected DJ...Vinyl Scratch, but she rejected she was doing her own but not all hope was lost. Vinyl had told them of a "Friend" she had worked with in the past, a friend who has a little bit of a problem.

Chapters (1)

This takes place after season 6 finale a changeling who wanted to change his whole life and when that opportunity came he couldn't. He didn't know why but he just couldn't. What can a poor changeling do? Cover art made by: me

Chapters (3)

From Foalhood I was expected for greatness. My ponies didn't even know the half of it. I didn't know what I would unleash, all I know is that I didn't want to see my friend imprisoned anymore. This is my story, the story of how I made the moon rise.

My name is Greenleaf, yes it's pretty generic for a prince hmm? Though now I go by a new name, but you will have to read to find out what that is. This is a tale of loss, love, and betrayal. Now, our story begins when I was a just coming of age...

Chapters (1)

Mattronus crash lands from space into the grasslands of Unicorn Plains. His welcome didn't turn out how Twilight would have thought. Fluttershy, being his first friend on this planet, watches as he and her friend Twilight duel each other gruesomely. In the end, Mattronus requests friendship lessons with Twilight, which begin a long lasting friendship between him and the others.

Chapters (1)

Greetings, beloved reader (That’s you, by the way)! If you are reading this, then it is my most cherished pleasure to inform that you have just taken your first step into a world of adventure, wonder, and juicy, succulent romance (But don’t worry, it doesn’t have any of that yucky stuff. And when I say step, I really mean you opened a book or something. It’s a metaphorical step, so you don’t actually have to go anywhere).

I, the one who shall be your guide on this incredulous journey, am the unyieldingly humble Sonata Dusk, dispenser of fabulous fiction and purveyor of preposterously pulchritudinous prose.

But, before I let you be on your way and explore the magnificence that is my life (Don’t worry, I’m getting tired of the big words too, but Dagi stole all my dolls and is holding them hostage until I can show her I’m not an idiot, and idiots don’t use big words, do they?), a word of warning: History is inherently subjective, and there may be any number of people who assert that things did not happen in the manner that I am about to describe.

But y’know what? It’s my life and they’re not me, so they’re wrong.

Chapters (2)

A college student named Lillian does nothing but study. Her whole life had been studying and test. One night she decides to treat herself to a night of partying five of her roommate's friends. Next thing she knows she's lying on the side of the road dying.

In her last breath, she makes a final wish...

"Please, just one...one more chance"

What will she choose to do after her wish is granted?

Will she stay and follow the path set for her?

or will she risk going home to nothing?

*There are more characters than tagged below*
*on hiatus

Chapters (1)

[Third Person] Alternating Perspectives Equisverse β
Forty Two years after the return of Princess Luna, and twenty five years after the Elements of Harmony were broken, Equestria has entered a new age. The Bearers were forced to adapt, to change, and discover new ways to continue to keep Equestria safe. Thanks to the tools, weapons, and spells the Bearers have come to use over the years, Equestria, once famous for rejecting the majority of the world’s technological advances in favor of magic, has come to embrace the mechanical and the arcane in equal measure.

These changes echoed across Equestria, and traditions began to change as the average pony sought to do their part. Many by taking up arms to protect Equestria themselves as adventurers, wandering heroes, or vigilantes. Being a hero is no longer something a lucky (or unfortunate) few have to do on occasion. It’s a job. One which pays well. One which is extremely dangerous. One which might mean you only have to work one day a month. Or that you only go to work once, if you lucky (or very unlucky).

It’s a job that Orange Sherbert wants. But not for the money. Her grandparents did it before the new age dawned, as did her parents, aunts, uncles, their friends, and even acquaintances. Being a hero is her family’s business, but Sherbert is no hero.

She’s young, inexperienced, unskilled, and immature. But she knows this. She knows it and wants to become someone she feels is worthy of her family’s legacy. Someone who can save any day which needs saving. Someone who can right wrongs, and to destroy that which should not be.

To accomplish her goal, Orange Sherbet has chosen to travel to the country of Neighpone and train in the art of ninjitsu. To acquire skills, discipline, and personal growth all at once. But just what will she have to endure to achieve her goals after entering the ancient doors of Kōmoriakademī, Bat’s Academy.

Yet to be featured but I know we can do it!

This story begins Series 2 of the Equisverse. Prior cannon is unnecessary.

Chapters (1)

Rarity helps Cheerilee remember that she is an amazing mare.

A contest entry for JakeTheArmyGuy's Horse Words Extravaganza!

Cover art by Slushi3.

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to Spider-Man in Equestria

After Peter defeated Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon, he thought nothing would threaten Equestria again! Boy was he wrong, now stuck in a teenaged body, Peter must try to stop Sunset Shimmer and save Equestria all while having a new addition to his powers!

Well, here's the second entry in the SIE trilogy, Grammar and writing improve around halfway through the story!

Chapters (15)
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