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Sometimes, Rarity loves Rainbow Dash; other times, she is incredibly frustrating. Not that Rarity would ever admit any of this, of course. After all, how could a tomboyish athlete love a frou-frou seamstress?

Cute RariDash for the bestest person, Fourths.

Cover art by xenon.

Chapters (1)

What was supposed to be a routine night turned into a total disaster. Chimeras attacked, Flash Sentry's in the hospital, and his parents? Well...

Chapters (1)

When a strange entity enters the home of Sunset Shimmer, it will cause a chain of event that will forever change this world. Do you like clowns and Pokemon? Then read and see what happens.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/My Little Pony(Equestria Girls) crossover.

Blacephalon (UB Burst) has been changed as inspired by Stephen King’s IT

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to That Wasn't Even Funny

Pinkie Pie decided she wanted to become an Alicorn.
Stage One. Pinkie needs to get her own wings. She already pre-ordered her brand new jet engines.
Stage Two. Pinkie needs to get her own horn. Now, where would she get zero-point energy manipulator?
Stage Three. Pinkie needs to amaze the Princesses with her own accomplishments.
Stage Four. Pinkie needs to challenge Rainbow Dash to the race.
Stage Five Pinkie wants to provide other ponies with medical care.

Chapters (1)

Fluttershy is having a hard time coming up with a song for her youtube channel so she decided to sleep on it. The problem is, for one reason or another, she was having a hard time falling to sleep until a whole bunch of fireflies flew into her room guiding her around the garden having a little adventure together.

Inspired by the songs: Fireflies by Owl City and Fluttershys by Fritzy Beats

I do not own the cover art, mlp friendship is magic nor the songs

Chapters (1)

As Rainbow drew near the edge of the Everfree after a long day of busting clouds over the forest, she could see a large group of ponies gathered around a small orange dot. As she sped through a few small tufts of clouds and spiraled towards the ground, a few of the ponies began to separate from the group and slowly walk towards her. Though she was flying at a breakneck speed towards the ground, she landed with the grace of a butterfly on a small patch of grass, breaking only one of the blades...

Chapters (1)

When the Mane 6 are transported into the world filled with the Need For Speed, they are forced to work with the leader of a racing group in order to get back home. In order to do so however, they must drive to get there, and it will not be easy. What will they drive? How far will they go? How many cops will they thrash? All is to be revealed in the new action-packed racing thriller game, The Ultimate Need For Speed.

Chapters (1)

A long time ago, longer than any of us can remember, a mare brought us in. We were lost, hopeless, confused. But this mare, Mother, the mare who brings us hope, love, and equality, gave us a new life.

One where, we are all equal. Nopony is higher than another. Nopony is better than another. We are all friends, we are family, sisters and brothers.

We are all friends and family.

My Teacher and friend, tells me I am 'different'. I am 'special'. As though she knows more about me than I do.

My Teacher is full of mysteries, she is not like the others. She must be what she calls, 'important'.

And, why is it, that I sometimes long for something other than equality, if something like that exists.

I wish I could be somewhere out of Her watching eye.

Chapters (1)

In the year 2015, humans vanished off the face of the earth and those that remained were transformed into ponies, griffins, and other creatures. The others were thrown into the timestream to return as one of these creatures at a later time. Fast forward three millennia and a new society rose from the ashes, built by the returning humans and their children. The refugees of this era may not have it as bad as those in the past, but integrating into this new society still poses a great challenge.

This is a collection of stories taking place in the 'Ponies After People' universe created by Starscribe.

A special thank you to all the great people that have helped and encouraged me to follow through with this project! Y'all know who you are.

Chapters (3)

Story one. A pony experiences the world through himself after he's killed and watches his murderers bumble around.

Story two. A pony realizes all she needs is her love to warm her up.

(Coverart unrelated)

Chapters (1)
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