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Aether Spark

I'm a highly imaginative and clever storymaker with a great imagination and desire to make great stories, i'll even help others with whatever they need and revive dead stories. :)

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What comes next · 11:19pm February 5th

I'm starting another vote poll where you guys get to pick what I do next.

Your options are

1. Tatzel-Terror: Cadance wants to understand Tatzle worms more... a mistake she'll forever regret... [Horror/dark]

2. The Strange Six: Fluttershy reveals a secret she's been hiding, on that same day the six all learn they've been hiding things from each other. [comedy/drama/adventure]

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I have two, one's a bit secretive right now the other is as my name implies.

Aether Spark is a semi lonely fellow who wished for adventure and got pulled into EQ as an alicorn and took up a suitable name as a disguise, the difference is that he sometimes flickers between his world and the pony world, like a distortion effect.

If he doesn't find help from Twilight soon he could cause a ripple effect that could endanger two dimensions.

Tell me about your oc.

Thanks very much for the fave on Realms Undreamed Of.

You seem like a cool pone! :rainbowdetermined2:

Plus, you have a cool name :raritywink:

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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