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I'm a highly imaginative and clever story-maker with a passion for telling stories and presenting my ideas (even helping others who need it). Need another reason to be my buddy? I like pizza (:

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It’s been a few months since Tirek’s defeat.

Peace reigns over the land. So why does Twilight feel so unaccomplished? Has she completed her studies? Is there nowhere else to go to expand her knowledge? Has she reached her limit?

The worry she won't amount to anything more has left Twilight in a tizzy.

Then Twilight comes across a hidden archive, and she finds a rare spell-book that could push her intelligence to its limit, or destroy it.

[I don’t own the show MLP]

[It's thanks to Crimson Arrow and the support of others this was possible, thanks]


(4/3/2020) : this story is undergoing a few edits.

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[cover art by VirtualCipher, great guy, great art.]

[original story by my good chum Hamcon]

Rainbow Blitz inadvertently makes a potion that turns him into a dragon; now he's going around turning every pony into a dragon, can he be stopped, or will he succeed?


A rewrite of the original "Dragon Chronicles."

This story is my own edited rule 63 version, and I also plan on continuing the intended sequel "Dragon Chronicles: Journey to the dragon lands." [also approved]

Also, I'm getting my own first story "The day I lost my mind" edited and eventually redistributed and I pray it will be better received when I do repost it.

However first! I shall take care of this story as I promised Hamcon.

Be sure to like and comment it really does help out my inspiration. :moustache:

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