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What We're About
The Transformations group is dedicated to collecting stories that involve, in some substantial fashion, the physical transformation of characters in the story into someone or something else.

Transformation allows for a lot of things that would not normally be possible in a story. It lets characters experience a different perspective than their own, one they couldn't have imagined otherwise. It allows for situations of humor and drama that lay beyond the basic. Sometimes, it's just interesting to see how someone reacts to being in a new form and a new life, whether that involves fleeing from persecution, finding new friends, or adapting to a new reality entirely.

Posting Guidelines:
Stories must involve a physical transformation of one into the other, either before the story begins or at some point later.
a) Stories that will feature transformation in a substantial way, according to the author, are permitted.
b) Stories that have characters being different as a condition of the story (for example, in this universe, Twilight is actually a stallion) are not permitted unless they also involve a transformation.
c) On-screen rape and pedophilia/foalcon are strictly forbidden. Please see the thread below for further guidelines on this topic.
d) Special Consideration: The Conversion Bureau, PonyEarthverse, and other similar mass collaborations should only be added if they involve the transformation of a principle character, ideally focusing on the topic of what it means to be transformed or the experience of being transformed. We are not collection points for these fics in general, just the ones that merit our group's interest.
d1) Pseudo-collab universes like LoHAV which are devoted to transforming the main character into someone from a third party property more properly belong in the already existing group on FimFiction.

If in doubt, please view the thread on fics that do or don't belong.

Our forum is open for all sorts of friendly discussion. Be cool to each other, and remember that we're a group with a wide variety of tastes and interests. Have fun!

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I wish I hold make a transformation group like yours.But I can’t.

Question, am I allowed to share a forum post about a story I've made that isn't MLP related, but is AR related?

Anyone know of a story where EQG world become increasingly ponified due to the spread of magic?

Any pony wanna do a RP?

I have a story in mind I want to write here , but do not know how to do it here ? :rainbowhuh:
Can I get some help from some pony ? :applejackconfused:

What is it called ? the story of Fluttershy turning into a bat pony ?

Comment posted by Hawkx1 deleted Apr 5th, 2020

This group needs more folders. Is “species” supposed to be a miscellaneous folder or not?

Can someone help me? I don't know if the story i am looking for is completely a 'transformation' story, but this is my best chance.

So i am looking for a story where (if i remember correctly) Rainbow dash was abducted by a nightmare moon cult and through a ritual was transgormd in Nightmare Moon.

Very little info, i know. But that is all i know for sure. and before you go asking,yes, i know that there are stories were nichtmare moon possesses rainbow dash, but in this one she actually gets turned into her.

Pls help me.

Anyone know where a story called Acquisitions went? If I recall it was about Rarity getting forcibly tf'd by Jet Set and his wife.

I just realized something: This group now has 4,000 stories! :D :yay:

So this is for transformations in general, not just one particular type of interest in them?

It's really good to see this. I used to have an interest in them, but it might have diminished when I heard there was another kind of interest in it. Good to know it doesn't HAVE to be that way. (And not judging anyone with that type of interest in them of course)

I'm particularly interested in any involving Rainbow Dash or Sunset Shimmer turning into a dragon. I know there are a lot for Twilight.

Where is the other categories for species like dragons and deers and stuff?

Comment posted by Venomous Pie deleted Oct 30th, 2018

I'm putting this everywhere I can incase it's not just a rumor.

I'm doing a collab with Skaltrox Defiance Knight where a group of friends end up as anthro versions of your favorite mlp characters (oc's are welcome as well). It's set in a high school setting in western Australia in Perth.

anthros of harmony

The forum for the collab has 73 members and we have stories needed for Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and rarity, as well as the CMC (well scootaloo has her story).

There are a lot of open characters for teachers (Cheerilee, Ms. Harshwhinny), as well as students and other characters. Imagine encountering the spa ponies or the flower trio or even some of the other notable characters like Mayor Mare and filthy rich and his family.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

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