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Just an image of Pinkie falling

at the Moment here is a simple Link to my Patreon Once I figure it out I'll replace it with a Button, feel free to become a Patreon if you have a spare dollar or two to spare monthly

Same thing again with my Paypal if you wanna spare a dollar or two to spare or to pay for Commisions.

And because no one has ever actually used these here is what you actually came for. A Random Pinkie Gif


Pumpkin and Spike · 8:08am March 28th

One of my oldest stories and the first one of my stories to get a sequel (Also apart of the only story series I have in witch the third instalment has more views than every other part of it for some weird reason)

I have edited it, it has received a mild rewrite, and It now has new Cover art. Please take a look at it if you have a moment, thank you.

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Looking forward to it :twilightsmile:
Read you later :raritywink:

Riddle me this - Unsure at the moment, I have one of two lanes for the story to go and It'll be updated as soon as I pick one.

He is the Problem - need's a re-write, once I finish re-writing The Lone Warrior it will be my next personal Project

Any updates in the near future? For storys that already have a waitung audience...
- Riddle me this
- "He" is the problem
Just to name two great storys :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for the follow.

Comment posted by Brony Land420 deleted January 15th

Thanks for the watch.

What .... In .... Actually.... "*Buy some apples*"

What was the comic called, if you don't mind me asking? I'm a sucker for King Sombra related stuff :p

Thanks im rather fond of the comic it came from

Nice PFP :)

Thanks for follow me dude, but like i said i dont post nothing here (just in fanfic and in spanish)

you earned it for having good stories and for having a fair number of good stories to pick from

Thanks so much for the watch! <3
May I ask how I earned it?

Are you in any way related to David Silver?

oh, yeah ok I'll just avoid talking to them then.

  • Viewing 297 - 316 of 316
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