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You Have big Dreams? I can`t wait to Butcher them. also a Link to my Patreon, I love my New Icon

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100 · 5:01pm 1 hour ago

Alright I have 100 watchers, YAY!
Time to get my S*** Together and work on the Sequal to Where You Belong!
Hope you happy, expect the first chapter in at least a week, (So long as IRL doesn't f*** that schedule over)

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That's the same exact thing I do. Well, I hope my gallery is to your liking.

I click on your user page by accident and thought some out your stories looked interesting, followed you so I could find and read them when I have the time

Thanks for following me, is there any particular reason?

Thanks for the watch 'n fave 'n stuff! :heart:

I shall look into it

I watched animaniacs movie last night. Its good. Also, check out my stories on fan fiction. I habe information aboutnthat on my profile.here

I still watch Pinkie Elmyra & The Brain, I really liked it

Its a reference to pinky and the brain, with Elmyra. Not bad. Not bad at all

Like my new Icon? I changed it as a late celebration of my 3 year anniversary to Fimfiction

Thank you so much :rainbowkiss:, I shall

Your writing's improved so much since I first met you on Aurelleah's stream lol keep up the great work!

Thank goodness, They can't follow us here,
and yeah, They know about Murphy's law. Anything that can go wrong, Will go wrong!

Good. Spike and Pinkie know the concept of Murphy's Law.

Thanks for the watch.

Understandable. The person that runs the group that you joined wants to get ride of them entirely

oh, I'm just not used to it, I felt the same when Twilight got her wings, I'll grow to them, but for the time being they...just look weird on him to me at the moment

Hey, so I was just wondering if I should join this group about Spike having no wings, but the main owner of the group couldn't convince me. I want to know why you think Spike should not have wings, if you don't mind. :yay:

  • Viewing 59 - 78 of 78
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