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Please Consider Supporting (If Able) · 11:35pm Tuesday

[Chester snlugging in my rob]

Hello everyone!

I'd like to open this blog saying that, for the most part, everything is okay.

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Soul Sister | 19XX - 2021 | 10 JAN 21

Soul siblings to the end—and even after that.

You made me better.
~ Yr. Soul Sibling, B

Welcome, Gang!

Call me B.

Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little to no friends, and nothing in terms of self-respect, I came to this site to write about an out of character purple dragon. For whatever reason, I adopted an underscore as my middle name, and the number 25 as my last, 'cuz it matches my IQ.

Please send me messages, or join The Boys' Discord, as I am lonely amongst this vast website.

And I still miss you, Soul Sister.

~ White Lies ~