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The Blogs of Monty Oum · 11:13am Tuesday

I'd been writing about Monty Oum before this. One day, I hope to publish my writing on what he means to me, but I'm still trying to figure that out for myself. This blog is more so for you. The following blogs show two parts of the man—as he was truly a machine—which I hope you can connect to on some sort of level.


Can you match my resolve?

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Call me B.

Some years ago—never mind how long percisely—having little to no friends, and nothing in terms of self-respect, I came to this site to write about an out of character purple dragon. For whatever reason, I adopted an underscore as my middle name, and the number 25 as my last 'cuz it matches my IQ.

Please send me messages as I am lonely amongst this vast website.

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~ Descendants of Writer ~

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Awesome! Thank you very much :)

B_25 #351 · 6 days ago · · ·

Yup! Just waiting for it to be closer to Christmas before I publish it.

Would you still be up for writing that Hearthswarming eve story? With Twi tucking Spike in for the night?

Don't sweat it mate, I was just shitposting.

Sorry we got off on the wrong foot.

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The following quotes have touched me improperly in some manner or fashion. Some contain wisdom, others energy, the rest just tomfoolery.


I don't care if I live or die.
You make your choices based on what's fun or not.
I decide based on whether I love it or hate it.
I hate the idea of joining a guy like you.
Kiryu, Yakuza 0

All I gotta do then is kill everybody who comes gunnin' for me.
Once you step into the shadow, you're stained black for life. But...
You can still choose who you bring down with ya.
Goro Majima, Yakuza 0

Aim at writing an orderly discussion supported by evidence, not a summary with the occasional comment.
Strunk and White, The Elements of Style

Just because you have a special ability does not make you any less human.
You must embrace that as a part of yourself and continue to live positively.
The truth behind one's charm is kindness.
Become a good person. That is all.
–Reigen, Mob 100

Other than that and trying to picture the world in your head
make sure that it's cohesive
put yourself outside writing
read your work and think about the picture at every level
does it make sense
does it flow

Imagine you're painting a scene in your mind
you need some broad brush details
you need your reader to be able to imagine what you're imagining
what you're thinking of when you write
you can be austere too
just the right amount of detail

You gotta just relax and keep going.
You can't worry too much about obstacles you may encounter.
— Great Teacher Onizuka.

Winning is a lame reason to stop improving.
There's always someone better than you on the ladder of success.
— Great Teacher Onizuka.