Have you ever felt cheated out of your destiny? Felt like greatness should have been yours? 

I have - no, I do - or I was. 

It's my destiny to be great. I know that now. Or maybe I've always known and just kept holding myself back. The worst - no, the best - part is that nobody knows who I am. That almost makes it too easy. 

But I'm going to change that. You'll see. Soon everyone will know who I am. They will see that I'm extraordinary

I will finally be recognized for the greatness I deserve.

A big thanks to Uz Naimat, Brony1337, and TOA for their help with editing and providing the cover art.

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This story is a sequel to Forever a Changeling

Rainbow Dash, who is she. Exactly?

You’d say Element of Loyalty, Rainbow maned pegasus, or wonderbolt. You’ll find the truth here.

Rainbow Dash, changeling, Element of Loyalty, queen, and mother to at least 200 changelings.

My success story!

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This story is a sequel to Stranded in the land of the two cruel queens

After being returned to the proper timeline, Twilight Sparkle, her mind and soul became corrupted by the combination of the curse placed on her by Daybreaker and the tantabus implanted in her mind by Nightmare Moon, becoming something dark and twisted.

That same night screams of horrified mares echo across the land as they find their foals stolen by a dark alicorn.

Heeding the call of her former teacher, Sunset Shimmer, along with her six friends come to the land of Equestria to save the fallen princess.

Can the Humane seven, along with the remaining Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer and Princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadance save Princess Twilight or will a new dark queen rise to rule?

EDIT: Due to the limit of 5 main characters/character groups able to be tagged, Starlight Glimmer is also a main character.

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Sunset Shimmer was known to be Princess Celestia's student. A loner. Arrogant. Spoiled. But was very well educated despite her past. She soon finds a book from the restricted section about portals. Her future is decided at that moment.

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After Fluttershy loses her beloved, Twilight, she goes a *little* yandere...

I'm kinda bored with writing fanfics for now, but I figured I'd post this unfinished, and if you wanna see more just comment and I'll try my best.

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Kale Crunch only wanted to start a new life as a farmer, but the growing darkness in the world seeps into his life and the lives on those around him. All he can do is strive to carry forward, and hope for when Sunday comes.

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Unambitious, uncaring, simple, and utterly dull. Those are but a few adjectives that can accurately describe the lowly griffon, Gunther. A tailor, who's recently just received a boom in popularity from the newly elected Reformisten party, of Ordensstaat Hellquill. The griffon, while appreciating the newly attained profits and company, comes to question his role in society. And the life he lives now.

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She thought her actions would show how much she cared.

Now worlds apart.

The sun.

The grey.

Forever this way.

Entry for Scampy’s SunFlower shipping contest.

Suicide Symbolism ahead, be weary of that before reading.

Endings never need to be somber, remember it's never too late to create a better tomorrow.

Never be fearful of who you are or the worth of your actions.

A simple choice for yourself can be devastating for others.

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While exploring the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters, Twilight encounters a creature that she has never seen before.

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What if Equestria still remained it's happy, cheery side? But..it had a little twist of darkness within it? Dash goes through many trauma, difficulties lying ahead, and making poor or good decisions. You shall see the path that lies ahead of her, and see what decision she makes upon herself.
Dash is not an normal mare, her life is rather..twisted in some ways you may say. But I don't want to get into too much detail if I say so my self?



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