A terrible tragedy involving the death of Twilight's parents causes her to isolate herself from the world for years. However, once she meets ponies who accept her, she begins to change her ways. But, when evil monsters from across the word come to attack the ones she loves, will she be able to protect them?

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Alex and Fabiano are just regular students at a local school. Why students? Idk im lazy and I like reincarnations shush.

They get transported to Eq via death and now must figure out how the hell to function in the world.
Of course 1 is a god dam baffoon and the other is a decent human being. (atleast i think so idk)

Note: this isn't proofread and quite honestly stupid
I would highly advise that you do not read this because its really stupid. I mean it.

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A collection of loosely linked stories following the tale of a curious piece of darkness created by Starwirl the Bearded wanting to interact with the world. This is the story of a little shadow that dared to explore the light that you call home. That is what these stories are about, of a soul stuck in the darkness wanting to understand Equestria, regardless of the circumstances that it was taken here.

This is not a happy tale.

All stories/chapters take place in chronological order.

Warning, contains various one-shots under the same universe/worldline. The final chapter has already been posted. Chapters will be posted as they are completed. Rereading encouraged!

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This story is a sequel to Dispose of Carefully



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-■■■■ is to be stored in a standard storage container at Site-E11. Access is restricted to all personnel without Level 4/4004 clearance.

Description: A brown leather journal signed by one "Dream Snatcher''. The contents of the journal describe a ■■■■■■■■ attempt in second person. The exact details vary from subject to subject, but the core structure of a story remains.

Upon making contact with the subject's skin, the object causes visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations of an exceedingly violent matter. Most subjects lose consciousness in the process, although several other side effects have been observed, such as:


-brain hemorrhaging




Several subjects have shown no symptoms when presented with the object, mainly those with experience in field operations/crisis management within the Foundation.

The item appeared in the living quarters of Princess Luna, and was investigated by the subject.

"To anyone interested in the item's contents, I'm adding them to this page. Permission was given by Princess Luna, but here's a warning: you won't be able to look at her the same way again." -Dr. Turner.

"All members of MTF-ZETA 10 'Shadowbolts' are mandated to read the document as part of their training." - Director Miller.

Part of Disposal continuity.

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you're probably wondering who I am, I go by many names but I'm mostly known as " the watcher".
But now I will tell you another story although I will warn you this one is much darker then the last. So strap in because in this story death awaits. :pinkiecrazy:

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A girl genius devoted her life to developing a teleportation machine.

But what’s the point of it working if in order to use it, one first has to measure the quantum coordinates at the destination?

The breakthrough came in a dream. Through the intertwined dream realm, Twilight Sparkle sent her coordinates to Equestria. There were no breaks anymore for this mad, but sexy, scientist.

[This story is an entry for Science Fiction Contest II.]

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(Takes place within the same universe as A Tale of Two Lovebirds, The Griffon Who Came to Mount Aris and Long Live The Queen. Familiarity with those works is encouraged but not required.)

Gallus' life is suddenly and abruptly altered one day when he receives a visit from Gilda and Gabby. They bring with them tragic news: Grandpa Gruff has died, Gallus is now orphaned once again.

Shocked to learn that the closest thing he had to a father figure could die without even telling him, Gallus struggles to process his complicated emotions as he prepares to leave for Grandpa Gruff's funeral in Griffonstone.

Silverstream, for her part, is determined to make sure that Gallus won't go through the heartbreak alone. Even if she doesn't have the experience of losing someone close to her, she wants to be there for her boyfriend.

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It's finally here Mother's Day and everyone's parents and spending quality family time with eachother but when Scootaloo's figures out something shocking what will she do?

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This story is a sequel to The Return Home

One year after completing the space-mapping campaign, a call for help goes out from the Squidbeak Splatoon. The call says their world is under attack from a force unknown to them. After being inactive for 17 years, Equestria, the PAW Patrol, and their Disney allies must come out of retirement and help their new allies. Will they make it in time, or is it too late?

Credit goes to Deviantart user Dinosaurbro20 for Andrew and Lizzie's names.

Credit goes to Deviantart user michaeldreemur for Michael and Taylor's names.

Credit goes to Deviantart user TestedSpider592 for names of Callie and Marie's parents.

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[A Choose Your Own Adventure]
Featured 3/18, 3/19/23

Time is running out for this planet and every living thing on it. The eons quickly turned into millenniums, then centuries, to decades, years, months, weeks, then days, and final hours. Equus does not have long until it is decimated.

How will Twilight react to this catastrophe? A world doomed to a fiery demise. Fate has set a path to end all life on this planet, but maybe . . . just maybe . . . it doesn't have to be the end at all. Although, that is for you to decide.

[Click "Wake Up Call" to Begin]

[Appears lengthy because this is a short-wide CYOA where some choices are still available later on. The average length per path is approximately 1,700 words.]

[Chapters may look the same if you wish to find all the endings, but depending on the order, even the slightest difference can change everything.]

Endings: 10
Unique Endings: 32
Once you get to an ending, feel free to find them all along with the unique endings. Enjoy!

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