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Cozy Glow did nothing wrong.


Alicorn Biology Glossary: Swamp ponies · 9:49pm November 3rd

Swamp ponies:

Perjorative though nearly-universal exonym for ponies from isolated communities that hold onto beliefs about alicorns yet to be influenced and regularized by Celestian ideology. Despite their name, most swamp ponies actually live in farming communities located on marginal land far away from the road and rail networks, with the rest living in swamps, mountains, forests, and other areas of Equestria still illegible to the Equestrian state.

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Reese #7 · Saturday · · ·

Ah, thanks. :)
And you're welcome; thanks for doing it! :)
(...Though I do admit curiosity regarding the other top reason.)

I think he used "Squidnapper" or something for a Reddit AMA, which is what I based it on. But, thanks! Worldbuilding is one of the two top reasons I'd want people to follow me, so I really appreciate it.

Reese #5 · Saturday · · ·

You know, after being referred from FoME's blog and having a bit of a glance around here, I was thinking it seemed fairly likely I might follow you after trying some of your stories.
But I've just read your worldbuilding blogs, after having earlier read some of your story descriptions.
So I think I'll follow you now. :D
Bit of a risk from a small sample, of course, but I think I'll chance it. :)

(Also, you referred to Peter Watts as "good ol' Squiddy", a nickname for him I don't recall hearing before but which I find amusing. :D)


A tragic heroine, in my eyes.

Her reign as Empress of Friendship was short-lived, and she failed to secure an heir during that time meaning the dynasty died with her reign, so there's that

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