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You're a cute contest

Cute contest you have here.

On Saturday when I went to add my story to the contest entries folder, I was surprised to find my story already there. :twilightsmile:

Dang it, Just published my entry. And to add insult to injury it was 1000 words over the limit. :(

Submissions are closed!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, we had an incredible turnout! I'll have a blog post up within 24 hours letting y'all know when we'll be announcing the results and how much was raised for each charity!

Comment posted by bahatumay deleted Apr 11th, 2021

I already posted my submission but I’m just gonna leave this here :

My origin version of the story that I edited for the competition.

No, but please write as many SunFlower stories as you can :D

Are you allowed to submit more then 1??

If you’re eligible for auto-approval, when you press the “Submit” button, a pop-up appears with a big yellow box at the top that says:

Congratulations, you are eligible for auto approval! This is because you have at least 1 other published story. We're trusting that you understand the rules laid out below. Instead of going through moderation, your story will go straight into the post queue, meaning it'll be posted probably within 10 minutes to an hour depending on how busy the queue is. Abusing this feature and posting content that would have been failed will be treated very harshly. It's always worth reading over the rules again to make sure you don't mess up and remember you can always ask us if you're not sure.

How do you auto approve ?

Are you eligible for auto-approval? That might be the way to go in this case. :twilightsmile:

Oh crap 2 days hopefully my admin will accept almost immediately after I submit lol

Twenty-five stories, and two days left! Woo-hoo! :yay:

442141 nice

sadly, my quality stories take time. Maybe I'll join a future contest? But good luck with the submissions! I may read a few :raritywink:

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