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Recommended reading

Information on Twin Canterlots is available through the group page.

Cook’s Tour • Featuring Cookie Pusher, foreign service officer • 70 k

  1. Foreign Nationals of Unusual Importance • Cook’s first assignment as a professional diplomat is a little out of the ordinary. • 25 k
  2. Diplomatic Overtures • Cook travels through the portal to open formal relations with Equestria as chargé d’affaires. • 11 k
  3. Mister Cook Goes to Canterlot • Cook visits Canterlot during the Hearth’s-Warming season for some cultural exchange. • 22 k
  4. Talking Heads • Cook escorts Sunset Shimmer as she responds to an invitation she can’t refuse. • 12 k

Brass Ring • Featuring Rose Brass, army officer and social worker • 77 k

  1. Rose Brass • Rose has moved back to the city of her birth because she has nowhere else to go—and nothing else to do. • 12 k
  2. Amphorae • Rose helps the Dazzlings glue themselves back together into something resembling whole people. • 17 k
  3. Oops. • Twilight’s busy, so Spike offers to pack up and send off her letter to Rose through the portal. Mayhem ensues. • 1.3 k
  4. Three-act Play • Wallflower Blush didn’t show up for graduation. Sunset Shimmer goes to Rose for help. • 46 k

Lectern’s Books • Featuring Grimoire Lectern and his bookstore • On hiatus

  1. Summer Break • Sci-Twi offers a candidate for a new hang-out. To nobody’s surprise, it’s a bookstore. • 18 k
  2. Fall Semester • The girls’ senior year has started, but they still find time to hang out at Lectern’s. • On hiatus
  3. Spring Semester • The girls are busy before graduation, but they still find time to hang out at Lectern’s. • Forthcoming

Eloptic Machine • After the Rainbooms graduate from CHS • On hiatus

  1. Virga • Within hours the Storm King’s troops might sack Twilight’s tower. Sunset, Cook, and Rose can’t let them discover the portal. • 44 k
  2. The Campus • Fifteen years ago Princess Twilight Sparkle acceded to the throne and the Rainbooms went off to university. A lot has happened since. • On hiatus
  3. Off Campus • Important as the interdimensional portal is to a lot of people, not everything in their lives revolves around it. • Forthcoming
  4. Space Opera (working title) • A few years before The Campus, the Rainbooms were approached to voice characters for an animated sci-fi series. What if the project hadn’t fallen through? • Forthcoming

Other stories not directly related to Twin CanterlotsOn hiatus

  • The Farmer in the Dell • Dale is a simple farmer, a widower with foals grown and moved away. Then an unexpected visitor literally drops in. • 3.7 k
  • Conference • Princess Celestia and Lieutenant Colonel Spitfire discuss a rainbow-maned filly aspiring to become a Wonderbolt. • 3.2 k
  • Pig in a Poke • Sunset finds out there’s no such thing as a free lunch. A canonical entry in Rose Quill’s “guest writer” week! • 1.8 k
  • Courtesy Call • Colonel Galea, Dame Companion of the Order of the Golden Sun, pays a courtesy call on her new liege lord. • On hiatus
  • Inspired by . . . • “‘Cook reacts to other fan fiction’ sounds like way too much fun in general.” —FanOfMostEverything • 1 k