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Seasons change, and leaves may fall, but I'll be with you through them all.


IT KEEPS HAPPENING · 4:19am July 30th

"Ooh, you're pretty mad, aren't you? I bet you want nothing more than to put me in my place now." Flim's horn glowed green, and the balls rolled toward the edge of the counter, closer to Spike. "Well, come now, little dragon. If honor be the stakes, then surely you have what it takes? Overcome the terrors of Sharpshard Mountain, or live forever with the shame of letting your lady friend be insulted by carnival folk!"

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Latest Stories

Eyeballs and Shakespeare (and Cheerilee, apparently)

Works in Progress

Pony Gear Solid: Chapter 17: Second Front

One Good Turn...: Starlight and Trixie keep Cheerilee company on her first Hearth's Warming away from home. A sequel to "Teach Me Goodness"

The Long Arm of Murphy's Law: Chapter Five

On the Docket

Pony Gear Solid: Chapter Eighteen

Untitled Eyeball Sequel: Sunset and Starlight go out for dinner after the Mirror Magic fiasco, and chat about recent events.

The House Comes Calling: Writeoff bronze medalist. A story of grace, responsibility, sibling love, and Fluttershy forming life-long ties with organized crime.

Untitled Shining Armor/Cadance One-Shot: Unresolved issues between the royal newlyweds put a serious strain on their honeymoon. A revised and expanded version of a Writeoff Association submission.

Untitled One Step Away Sequel: An alternate take on a story by Oroboro, conceived and written with the permission of the original author.

Untitled Twilight-centric One-Shot: A conversation on power, and the right to rule, between Princess Twilight and her mentor.

Untitled Applejack-centric One-Shot: One night, after a heated argument with her older sister, Apple Bloom ran away from home, and Equestria was never quite the same. But in another time, and another place, events unfolded in quite a different manner. (An alternate take on Pony Gear Solid's beginning)

Rain-Faux Dash: Rainbow Dash's good name is dragged through the mud by an impostor. (Title definitely subject to change)

"Milestones" I've "achieved" through my "writing":

-Royale Cantaloupe Liberty (for "Teach Me Goodness")
-Scrubbingfest Pranky Pea award for The Next Best Thing
-Winner of the Changing Seasons Sunset Shipping Contest with ...But It Often Rhymes

More to come. Possibly maybe probably not.

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more like the gift of the maud pie, amirite?

2605946 I just left a comment on your profile

it's totally like gift of the magi, except not

I need to read more of your stuff.

:heart: Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, have my warmest friendship and a hug. :heart:

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