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How could you do this? And on Jueves?!


A Chronology of Posh Canon · 9:47pm Aug 2nd, 2019


...Anyone? No? Okay, that's fine. I guess.

I'm fine, really. :'^)

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Reaction Story Ideas · 7:11pm Dec 19th, 2022

Hello everybronie, it is I, Posh, actor, writer, philosopher, creator of the hit series “Big Octopi in Little Delphi,” inventor, writer, occasional male escort, deposed vice-regent of Luxembourg, writer, actor, critic, writer, and overall tall drink of water. I’m here today to discuss a new trend I’ve seen in the MLP fan fiction community: Reaction stories.

What is a reaction story?

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Words of Praise

"I fell on hard times a few years back, and went to Posh for help. He made me come all the way out to his house, an hours long journey, on the promise that he'd let me stay a few days to help me out. When I got there, he laughed in my face and poured soup in my hair. He made me stay in the doghouse in his back garden, and all the time I was there, he kept calling me Soup Boy. Posh is a vile man, and I would not edit these crossovers for him if I had a choice."


"I'd describe Posh's writing as ‘good’ and ‘imbued with the undying spirit of Armenia’"

-Dubs Rewatcher-

”as far as i can tell, posh is some variety of gremlin which thrives in the recesses of Discord servers, creeping forth only to speak with trusted individuals or to offer some sort of cryptic message.”

-Sir Fiddles-

"Some of the writing is as pretentious as he is, but it’s written competently enough that you can usually ignore it."

-Some anon, idk-

i wish i was as cool and hot as posh


”If only Posh were here. They say he’s the greatest.”

-Posh (Me)-

”[Posh] is the greatest.”


-Royale Cantaloupe Liberty for "Teach Me Goodness"
-Scrubbingfest Pranky Pea award for The Next Best Thing
-Winner of the Changing Seasons Sunset Shipping Contest with ...But It Often Rhymes
-ScrabbleFabble Fluttershibby Award for Be Good To Your Daughters, For They Become Mothers.
-Second Place in the Journeys Sunset Shipping Contest with Neither Rhyme, Nor Reason
-Fourth Place in the Endings Sunset Shipping Contest with Arrhythmia.

Check to the right for a chronology of the many, many convoluted timelines I've cooked in my literary crock pot.

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I disagree

3251425 why are you not

why are you Posh

Thank you for your honest feedback on Pull the Trigger. I have deleted it for now and will rewrite it at some point.

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