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im posh


A Chronology of Posh Canon · 9:47pm August 2nd


...Anyone? No? Okay, that's fine. I guess.

I'm fine, really. :'^)

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Arrythmia placed fourth in the Sunset Shipping competition · 5:53am November 28th

I should probably write something commemorating this momentous occasion, but despite only a few months passing since I published it, I can remember literally nothing about the writing process, or about what was going through my head as I wrote it. So, if you're coming here for some kind of insightful peek behind the curtain, you're going to be disappointed. If you're hoping for a victory lap, then you will also be disappointed.

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Latest Stories

Eyeballs and Shakespeare (and Cheerilee, apparently)

Aragón, Ultimate Princess
The quintessential posh story is like

Someone being 100% aware of how theyre ruining their own life, yet it being reasonable that they do it

So you just go "well, fuck"

And Cheerilee is there

Posh i want to call you out on this low quality bait

but it worked and that makes me madder

Check to the right for a chronology of the many, many convoluted timelines I've cooked in my literary crock pot.

Works in Progress

Pony Gear Solid: Chapter 17: Second Front

One Good Turn...: Starlight and Trixie keep Cheerilee company on her first Hearth's Warming away from home. A sequel to "Teach Me Goodness"

On the Docket

Pony Gear Solid: Chapter Eighteen

Untitled Eyeball Sequel: Sunset and Starlight go out for dinner after the Mirror Magic fiasco, and chat about recent events.

The House Comes Calling: Writeoff bronze medalist. A story of grace, responsibility, sibling love, and Fluttershy forming life-long ties with organized crime.

Rain-Faux Dash: Rainbow Dash's good name is dragged through the mud by an impostor. (Title definitely subject to change)

"Milestones" I've "achieved" through my "writing":

-Royale Cantaloupe Liberty for "Teach Me Goodness"
-Scrubbingfest Pranky Pea award for The Next Best Thing
-Winner of the Changing Seasons Sunset Shipping Contest with ...But It Often Rhymes
-ScrabbleFabble Fluttershibby Award for Be Good To Your Daughters, For They Become Mothers.
-Second Place in the Journeys Sunset Shipping Contest with Neither Rhyme, Nor Reason
-Fourth Place in the Endings Sunset Shipping Contest with Arrhythmia.

More to come. Possibly maybe probably not. Set your expectations low, and prepare to be disappointed.

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2683189 I should make a holiday special chapter...

In the event that you are, in fact, still alive, I thought I would extend my season's greetings to you with some festive Metal Gear VAs

(Something about this reminded me of Equestria Gear Solid and now I think I have to reread it)

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