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I'm just here to write.

DannyJ's House of Fun

I'm DannyJ. I write, I blog, and I occasionally pre-read and edit for people.

Visit the Borderworld group!

Non-pony stories I've written:
-Wanderer's Diary and Wanderer's Diary: Other Sides series.
-Courier's Journal series.
-Vault Dweller's Log.
-The Doctor and the Master series.

Good reviews that I've somehow gotten:
-Just Dodge! on the Royal Guard, Saturday Night Featured, The City of Doors, and Louder Yay
-Discord: End of Empires on One Man's Pony Ramblings, Seattle's Angels, and Present Perfect's blog
-Decomposition on Seattle's Angels
-Part of a Pantheon on The Last Roundup
-Rest in Chaos on One Man's Pony Ramblings, and Present Perfect's blog
-World of Traitors on Present Perfect's blog
-Strange Bedfellows and Liaisons on Present Perfect's blog
-Wanderer's Diary on Dark Lord Potter.
-Human on Bronyland

Other accomplishments:
-The Borderworld on TV Tropes
-Human on Equestria Daily
-Human on TV Tropes
-Discord's House of Chaos on Equestria Daily
-War Machine on Equestria Daily
-Just Dodge! temporarily wins FimFiction
-Rest in Chaos does the same

List of crimes

Progress on current projects:

Ongoing stories:
Something Cosmic - Chapter 3 - 80%
To Keep the Fire Burning - Chapter 9 - 5%
Van Helsing - Chapter 3 - 15%
Dragonfall - Chapter 12 - 30%
Subject is Sedated - Part 2 - 65%
The Winter - Chapter 5 - 35%
Discord's House of Chaos - Chapter 4 - 40%
War Machine - Chapter 5 - 35%

Next stories:
The Warlord - Oneshot - 40%
I Who Stood Before Gods and Demons - Oneshot - 0% - Planning
World War Discord - Chapter 1 - 10%

Ongoing non-pony stories:
Courier's Journal - Chapter 2 - 80% - Stop sending me messages about this; I know how long it's been.
Wanderer's Diary: Other Sides - Chapter 2 - 0%
The Doctor and the Master - Chapter 3 - 20%


Dragonfall, chapter 11 · 9:43am July 26th

"I knew a filly in my youth, who stayed at the local hospital in my hometown for all the time that I lived there. She was a blind-deaf burn victim with fragile bones that constantly broke, and an inability to digest solid foods. Healing magic gave her seizures, and she was somehow allergic to literally all medicine, but painkillers most especially. All she did, all day every day, was repeatedly chant 'please kill me,' and all night every night, she would have the same persistent

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Stop being a butt and write more.

There. Consider yourself motivated.

Comment posted by Dat OMNI deleted March 30th

You know why I'm here Danny.
I'm here with the hope 4 years don't pass.

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