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I'm just here to write.

DannyJ's House of Fun

I'm DannyJ. I write, I blog, and I occasionally pre-read and edit for people.

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Non-pony stories I've written:
-Wanderer's Diary and Wanderer's Diary: Other Sides series.
-Courier's Journal series.
-Survivor's Testament series.
-Vault Dweller's Log.
-The Doctor and the Master series.

DannyJ Reviews series:
-Equestria Girls Holiday Special.
-FIENDship is Magic miniseries.
-MLP season seven.
-MLP season eight.

Good reviews that I've somehow gotten:
-Just Dodge! on the Royal Canterlot Library, the Royal Guard, Saturday Night Featured, The City of Doors, Louder Yay, and Present Perfect's blog
-Discord: End of Empires on One Man's Pony Ramblings, Seattle's Angels, and Present Perfect's blog
-Decomposition on Seattle's Angels
-Part of a Pantheon on The Last Roundup
-Rest in Chaos on One Man's Pony Ramblings, and Present Perfect's blog
-World of Traitors on Present Perfect's blog
-Strange Bedfellows and Liaisons on Present Perfect's blog
-Wanderer's Diary on Dark Lord Potter.
-Human on Bronyland

Other accomplishments:
-The Borderworld on TV Tropes
-Just Dodge! on Equestria Daily
-Just Dodge! temporarily wins FimFiction
-Rest in Chaos does the same
-Discord: End of Empires on Equestria Daily
-The Devil's Dues on Equestria Daily
-Something Cosmic on Equestria Daily
-Discord's House of Chaos on Equestria Daily
-A Word With You, My Friend? on Equestria Daily
-Doing Good or Doing Well? on Equestria Daily
-Agent Redwood and Subject is Sedated on Equestria Daily
-Human on Equestria Daily
-Human on TV Tropes
-War Machine on Equestria Daily

List of crimes

Progress on current projects:

Ongoing stories:
Ragnarok - Chapter 2 - 15%
Something Cosmic - Chapter 5 - 0%
To Keep the Fire Burning - Chapter 9 - 55%
Van Helsing - Chapter 3 - 65%
Dragonfall - Chapter 16 - 0%
Subject is Sedated - Part 3 - 10%
The Winter - Chapter 6 - 10%
Discord's House of Chaos - Chapter 4 - 40%
War Machine - Chapter 5 - 35%

Next stories:
The Warlord - Oneshot - 40%
I Who Stood Before Gods and Demons - Oneshot - 30%
World War Discord - Chapter 1 - 10%

Ongoing non-pony stories:
Survivor's Testament - Chapter 4 - 5%
Courier's Journal - Chapter 2 - 80% - Currently struggling to get test playthrough to not crash.
Wanderer's Diary: Other Sides - Chapter 3 - 10%
The Doctor and the Master - Chapter 3 - 20%


Dragonfall, chapter 15 · 7:48pm October 24th


I barrel into her, and we both tumble to the floor. Killjoy grunts as her back hits the stone, a faceful of vermillion mane caught in her mouth. I stand over her, eyes wide and manic.

"Killjoy! Killjoy!" I gasp, wildly gesturing behind me.

She spits out her mane and glares up at me while the guards peep around the door with concerned looks. I keep making hoof motions, trying to explain, but all that comes out is a babble of subsonic noises.

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Welcome to limbo new friend.

I came here from Courier's Journal.
Your writing has yet to disappoint.
I am glad to have confirmation of your living status.

Stop being a butt and write more.

There. Consider yourself motivated.

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