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I'm DannyJ. I write, I blog, and I occasionally pre-read and edit for people.

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Non-pony stories I've written:
-Wanderer's Diary and Wanderer's Diary: Other Sides series.
-Courier's Journal series.
-Survivor's Testament series.
-Vault Dweller's Log.
-The Doctor and the Master series.

DannyJ Reviews series:
-Equestria Girls Holiday Special.
-FIENDship is Magic miniseries.
-MLP season seven.
-MLP season eight.
-MLP season nine.

Good reviews that I've somehow gotten:
-Just Dodge! on the Royal Canterlot Library, the Royal Guard, Saturday Night Featured, The City of Doors, Louder Yay, and Present Perfect's blog
-Discord: End of Empires on One Man's Pony Ramblings, Seattle's Angels, and Present Perfect's blog
-Decomposition on Seattle's Angels
-Part of a Pantheon on The Last Roundup
-Rest in Chaos on One Man's Pony Ramblings, and Present Perfect's blog
-World of Traitors on Present Perfect's blog
-Strange Bedfellows and Liaisons on Present Perfect's blog
-Wanderer's Diary on Dark Lord Potter.
-Human on Bronyland

Other accomplishments:
-The Borderworld on TV Tropes
-Just Dodge! on Equestria Daily
-Just Dodge! temporarily wins FimFiction
-Rest in Chaos does the same
-Discord: End of Empires on Equestria Daily
-The Devil's Dues on Equestria Daily
-Something Cosmic on Equestria Daily
-Discord's House of Chaos on Equestria Daily
-A Word With You, My Friend? on Equestria Daily
-Doing Good or Doing Well? on Equestria Daily
-Agent Redwood and Subject is Sedated on Equestria Daily
-Human on Equestria Daily
-Human on TV Tropes
-War Machine on Equestria Daily

Progress on current projects:

Ongoing MLP stories:
Ragnarok - Chapter 2 - 15% - Last updated 03/07/20.
Something Cosmic - Chapter 6 - 5% - Last updated 29/09/21.
To Keep the Fire Burning - Chapter 9 - 55% - Last updated 10/07/18.
Van Helsing - Chapter 3 - 65% - Last updated 21/01/18.
Dragonfall - Chapter 17 - 0% - Last updated 21/02/21.
Subject is Sedated - Part 3 - 10% - Last updated 13/08/20.
The Winter - Chapter 6 - 10% - Last updated 08/05/20.
Discord's House of Chaos - Chapter 4 - 40% - Last updated 11/08/13.
War Machine - Chapter 5 - 35% - Last updated 05/06/14.

Ongoing non-pony stories:
Survivor's Testament - Chapter 5 - 30% - Last updated 26/03/21.
Courier's Journal - Chapter 14 - 5% - Last updated 06/08/22.
Wanderer's Diary: Other Sides - Chapter 4 - 5% - Last updated 22/07/21.
The Doctor and the Master - Chapter 3 - 20% - Last updated 05/07/13.


Courier's Journal, chapter 13 · 3:55pm Aug 6th, 2022

There was a small NCR presence there, people heading to and from Vegas, traders peddling their wares, a beggar who I gave some caps to, and surprisingly enough, some refugees from Primm who fled after the Powder Gangers attacked. A few of them are even preparing to make the trip back soon, since word on the radio is that somebody single-handedly cleared the gang out and restored law and order to the town.

God, this past week has been fucking weird.

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Yeah. I'm just a notoriously slow writer splitting my attention between too many projects at once. But I hope to update most of my MLP fics sometime this year. See my last blog on the subject.

Just wondering, do you still write MLP fanfics?

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