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Will there ever be more horsewords?

Comment posted by yasdasa deleted May 23rd


Thanks, brother. I'm trying to keep my head above water. Things will turn out alright. I'm the Comeback Kid, dammit.

Hey, I haven't written a full story in years. It's fine that you don't write anymore. You have friends here that miss you. Not saying you need to troll the site every day, but a blog post or a comment every now and then would be a great thing. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about not writing much pony stuff anymore. On one hand, I went out and got one of those 'life' things everyone always seems so keen on, which is nice, but every once in a while I spot some half finished story on my Gdocs drive and feel a little pull to crack my knuckles and dive back into it. Time will tell.

Saw your last couple blogs. Sorry things have been rough on your end.

We miss you. :pinkiesad:

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