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Given how far it was from being complete when I stopped, and how much the canon regarding changelings has advanced in the last few seasons, it probably isn't ever going to be finished. If you have specific questions about what I was considering for the rest of it I'd be happy to answer them though.

Allo just wanted to shout my love for the Hard Reset trilogy. Gonna start re-reading it this weekend on a long car trip.

Any news on Changing lives? i need to reread it as well but from what i remember it was a great bit of drama.

Just pointing this out SUUUUPER late, but you are a freaking MASTER at the whole time travel thing. You literally managed to make time travel make sense WITHOUT ANY LOOSE ENDS.

Comment posted by Keystone Gray deleted August 29th

Thanks! I really enjoyed writing it, and it's always nice to hear that something I've written in appreciated. I eventually ran out of steam where the Optimalverse is concerned, because I don't really believe that the almost-friendly version of CelestAI from Law Offices is actually compatible with the original story. Not that her actions in the story aren't plausible, but I find less and less dramatic tension in them the more I realize that CelestAI's only possible conclusion is as an almost Lovecraftian entity who canonically must always win in the end.

  • Viewing 403 - 407 of 407
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