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That's a pity. I really would have liked to see it finished. Regardless if it fits the show or not. At least half of the fun of fanfiction is the "what could have been" part. And while I personally don't like stories that have almost nothing to do with the show anymore (not your story, mind you) I still give them a shot and read them if they are really well written.

I think you would do a whole lot of people a great favor if you would finish the story.
If the reasons you named took the fun to write the story out of it for you however, you should really stop writing it. You should only write for own pleasure afterall.

If you finally decide to cancel the story I would gladly take you up on your offer to tell us what you had in mind for the rest of it. :twilightsmile:

Oh that’s to bad. Honestly I liked how you handled the changelings better than cannon did.

I tip my hat to thee and the lost chance at weather vein usage.

Given how far it was from being complete when I stopped, and how much the canon regarding changelings has advanced in the last few seasons, it probably isn't ever going to be finished. If you have specific questions about what I was considering for the rest of it I'd be happy to answer them though.

Allo just wanted to shout my love for the Hard Reset trilogy. Gonna start re-reading it this weekend on a long car trip.

Any news on Changing lives? i need to reread it as well but from what i remember it was a great bit of drama.

Just pointing this out SUUUUPER late, but you are a freaking MASTER at the whole time travel thing. You literally managed to make time travel make sense WITHOUT ANY LOOSE ENDS.

  • Viewing 405 - 409 of 409
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