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I know some people have taken it on independently, and I'm generally okay with anybody who does. You might try asking over in the Time Loop Trilogy group if anyone's trying to put another printing together.

Strange question but I was wondering if you've ever considered a hard copy print or perhaps making it available on somewhere like Lulu. I saw some hardback copies and was hoping to get my hooves on some.

you need to make a sequel to a taste of good life

Was just thinking about how I enjoyed your stories and that I hope you get back into writing pony fiction again someday. Have you published anything non-fandom?

That's a pity. I really would have liked to see it finished. Regardless if it fits the show or not. At least half of the fun of fanfiction is the "what could have been" part. And while I personally don't like stories that have almost nothing to do with the show anymore (not your story, mind you) I still give them a shot and read them if they are really well written.

I think you would do a whole lot of people a great favor if you would finish the story.
If the reasons you named took the fun to write the story out of it for you however, you should really stop writing it. You should only write for own pleasure afterall.

If you finally decide to cancel the story I would gladly take you up on your offer to tell us what you had in mind for the rest of it. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 409 - 413 of 413
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