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If you haven't read this, you need to · 11:18am Mar 17th, 2015

Fresh from the "it's a crime if this doesn't get featured" list, is the short story Riverdream At Sunset.

It's written as an 1800's period piece, with trappings more than reminiscent of Doyle or Verne and absolutely hits the spot on the whole look and feel.

It doesn't miss a beat and it's quite simply a practically flawless story. Read it now, you will not be disappointed.

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seems like no ones writeing fanfictions these days

sorry guys, I've hit some large roadblocks in life. still writing occasionally, but right now everything's on hold.

Whatever happen to King of Diamonds?

king of diamonds update status?

1714492 I didn't read it, but rather listen to a dramatic reading of the story by Ilya Leonov. His voice makes the story even more fantastic.

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