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Age: 25 Gender: Male. I can proof-read if you want, I am also doing vector graphics for covers and fan-art. For more info look below.


Age: 19
Gender: Male
Country: Poland (glad if you know where it is)

I am not, and won't be writing any stories, I suck at writing.
on the other hand, I am horribly addicted to reading, I read everything I see (literally everything, I see the text and instantly know its meaning) I am mostly reading on phone so 75% of stories I read don't even get rating from me, sorry for this. I should sit someday and, based on my mobile browser favourites, rate and mark as favourite those countless stories that suffers, because I can't find those buttons in opera mini, or they aren't working. And if I try to open it in Dolphin Browser, the browser tends to crash with more than 10 chapters open at the same time (and on opera I am usually operating at 20+ tabs)

I can proof-read if you want, I may not be able to point all grammatical errors, but typos, logical mistakes and generally after reading sufficient amount of stories, I can point out most problems in any story. Send me PM if interested.

I am also doing vector graphics for covers or fan-art, if you want anything, please send me PM, I'll do it for free as long as it is not a completely crazy and difficult.

Ps. I'm not from English speaking country, so sorry for my grammar.

Only The Night with its shadow and calmness can give you real protection.
Dark and mystery can give you edge to win.
And Protection in Dream's realm will leave you mind clear and focused.

Only Night, only Princess Luna.

My art.

If you are interested in fan-art, covers and/or any form of vector graphics, here are some of my examples.




I would post them as pictures, but apparently fimfic.net doesn't feature a function to hide content other than blacking it out, so it would take whole page just to show you one of them.

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Thanks for the fav.

Propsy za arty

1647334 I had my first one since creting this account, then Somewhere around December 2013 I switched to Red Eye, and now it's time for the next change.

1647238 I've had this avatar for a good year.

Yea, just how long can you have one avatar? Though now I have to get used to it. I used to look for my comments by scrolling down and looking for color pasterns, and now I am from Red-Brown to Orange-Blue :P

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