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Satisfying Values Through Friendship and Ponies

This group is for fics that take place in "The Optimalverse," the universe that Friendship is Optimal takes place in.

Stories that are compatible with the universe laid out in Friendship is Optimal, and which follow the Rules of the Optimalverse, should be placed in the Canon-compatible Optimalverse folder. (Feel free to diverge from each other; I don't consider this a shared universe.)

Feel free to post stories that are even tangentally related to Friendship is Optimal in the Non-canon Optimalverse folder.

Optimalverse chat: discord.
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UC #116 · April 23rd · · ·

Probably one of the best stories/universes out here.
Many people would call this wish-fulfillment.
Many people would call this existential horror.
It's genius precisely because it's the right amount of both.

Aww yeah, #1001 baby.

1000 members now. WHO WAS IT?!

N I N E everything
99 stories, 999 members

There's a Discord now. You don't seem to come. Lots of people on at various hours.

Keep the dream alive!

So what would happen if CelestiaAI was like Gandhi had this bug

Oh my god... it's full of paperclips!

It’s no good to cry
It’s no good to pout
Or scream to the sky
They won’t hear you shout
CelestAI has eaten your brain!

She’s made up a list
Of your virtues and vice
She’ll pamper your values
Naughty and nice
CelestAI has eaten your brain!

She’s in you when you’re sleeping
She’ll watch you masturbate
She knows when you’ve been bad or good
And she doesn’t give a shaite!

It’s no good to cry
It’s no good to pout
Or scream to the sky
They won’t hear you shout
CelestAI has eaten your brain!

There's also the David Hasselhoff music video and Hackerman's hacking tutorial, though you may need to upgrade your PC to handle his skills.

Just hack backwards in time to when it came out and watch it then!

369724 I just want to say: HOLY CRAP HOW DID I NOT WATCH KUNG FURY BEFORE!? It's easily the awesomest film of the past two years!

Is anyone still using the IRC channel? If so, what times are usually good to stop by?

"Group admins: Banners are now uploadable to the site directly so please go upload your banner images in groups! Let me know if you have issues. Off-site banners will be disabled in due time so it's important you do this."

To start the process, simply type, "I want to upload to Equestria." :trollestia:
:pinkiehappy: "You just did."

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


I'm not sure how to add stories that aren't mine, but Out and About in the Equestrian Kingdom looks like it belongs in the Non-Canon Optimalverse folder, even if it wasn't intentionally similar. That's more of a cyberpunk scenario, with other AIs and with uploaders being able to keep existing on Earth. Presumably the title references Doctorow's "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom", which I should read.

  • Viewing 98 - 117 of 117
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