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  • The Arbitrage of Moments When you have so little, and another has so much, it’s easy to justify theft. The more precious the commodity, the easier it is to tell yourself you need it more than they do. And what is more precious than time? by GaPJaxie 12,168 words · 3,005 views · 341 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Would It Matter If I Was? In the wake of the Canterlot Wedding, Fluttershy has to ask Twilight a very difficult question. by GaPJaxie 2,361 words · 19,826 views · 2,890 likes · 215 dislikes
  • A Change in Three Parts Dust has lived on the edge of Ponyville all her life, keeping to herself and studying. When she makes a big discovery, she's eager to run to the castle and spread the good news! But why don't the ponies of Ponyville seem happy to see her? by GaPJaxie 8,555 words · 9,567 views · 1,169 likes · 72 dislikes
  • Dressing Room Star Power isn't Twilight Sparkle -- but she does play her on TV. by GaPJaxie 3,444 words · 13,983 views · 1,646 likes · 38 dislikes
  • Siren Song Bioshock meets MLP in this psychological thriller, where Celestia's new faithful student, Siren Song, must discover the truth behind the city beneath the waves. Arriving in pursuit of Twilight, Siren finds herself trapped in a city of horrors. by GaPJaxie 197,538 words · 10,668 views · 581 likes · 15 dislikes

GaPJaxie Judges Others IV: The Roast of WandererD · 4:50am Last Thursday

Sometimes, a story just falls into your lap, begging to be judged. Sometimes you find stories on the front page, sometimes you find them in your favorites list. But sometimes, the author doesn't come to you. When that happens, you need to go to them, and you need to be prepared to go the extra mile to set them up for the trap. It takes a lot of time and planning to commission a story from one of FiMFiction's most popular authors just so you can trap him in a web of lies and judgement.

But you know why I did it all?

Because I was bored and it was funny.

Time to judge others.

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Don't know why I wasn't following you earlier. Fixed!

Hmmm, according to my charts, I should have started following you much earlier. Oh well, that's easily fixed.

Just finished reading siren song. It was great! Even though you decided to cancel the second book it was a great read. :twilightsmile:

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