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Long Time no Update · 1:57am Sep 30th, 2014

Hey all. It goes without saying that it has been a long time since I've had any new updates. There's a lot of factors contributing to that; life, motivation, pursuing other interests. Sometimes you just need a break, even from interesting things. And I've been trying to improve my writing in the off time by working on other projects.

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Oh my. It appears I'm far too hyped for this to be able to sleep. Oh well, sleep is for weaklings, and I am no weakling. Well, mentally. Physically... Let's just say my arms are a pair of matches. And now I'm rambling. I've gotta stop doing that ._.


574160 Glad you asked! I've gone through a bunch of different iterations for the opening chapter, and I'm finally getting towards one I like. It's going through final revision atm!

So, uh, how's it going with that Shining and Sombra fic? ( Sorry if the sentence made it sound like a ship-fic :/ ) I can't wait to read it :p


Hey, hey!

I like your writing. :eeyup:

I do onepolice cap vector ages ago,aand it seems to have travelled aroundquite a bit lol.

Police rarity is bestppopolice pony. I should dig out thatoneoneii made back from season onexD

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