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Thanks for the fav on "Love's Light: Is it Possible to Love Again?" Might I ask what lead you to my story and why you faved it?

1615377 I'd been curious. Thanks for the info! And I don't know where people get -that- idea...

Also, you may enjoy a thing I made that's starting to do rounds: I am so, so sorry for any lost productivity. http://feather-mage.com/ponytextgen/ and for our Austraeoh brethren whom in our chat loved it, http://feather-mage.com/austraeohgen/ .

1615305 Yes. Swan Song was a character I created for a fic I never wrote, where destiny was to be the central theme. "My final act shall be my finest."

...Though a lot of people have speculated that it's the moaning that comes after climax. My character would no doubt be entertained by this definition.

1614592 Aieee, it's a bothering! I'm doomed!

So question - is "Swan Song" ever intended to be a metaphor for the old wive's tale about swans that don't sing at all, until the moment before their death, then let loose a lament of terrible beauty as they die?

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