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Male. Born 1995. You do the math cause I keep forgetting how old I am. Los Angeles, California. Hmm. I have a WPM of 65. Meh. Occasionally arts. Lord of Dorkness's #1 fan. User #26976


Hello, you reached Appletank's residence. He may or may not be home right now. I don't comment much, because really, saying the same compliments over and over again seem a bit pointless.

I specialize in weirdness, because everyone else already has a nice normal story. I am a bit of an incompetent author, so go through my story lists at your own risk. Try avoiding the first one, the Repairs one. It was bad.

NOTE: I'm the cheap guy in the alley you ask for art when there's no better option. If you can't find a better artist, or his price is too high, I can poop out a quick sketch for you. It makes me feel important. I got a DeviantArt (Apple-Tank), see if you like my style. Usually, I go for semi-realistic.

I am a semi-competent proofreader, though I probably won't be able to help you make it sound nice, it at least will have good spelling and readable grammar, whether in GDocs or in the comments. Results may vary.

My pride and joy is The Great Multiverse Theory, where I attempt to make a world where anything and everything works within is paradigm. I'm looking at you, Traveler. If you ask me about it, I will spawn an essay by accident. It has happened three times already. I really should make a document so I can just copy and paste.

Also arts. Everything I do (so far) is a bit out there, so I am forced to make my own shit. I like the results anyways, so it works out.

My (last checked) WPM is around 65-70. Pretty good, but its not very sustainable. My brain is full of goop that needs to fall though a funnel first.

WIP pony fics.

On route: Diary of the Dead
Let's live a little longer. How much "little" is is up for interpretation.
In planning: ....Peaches
I hate you all
In planning: 5 score and 4 ways to die.
Random species change is dangerous, yo
In planning: Deus Ex: Magic Revolution
Let's science the shit out of magic.

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1) Don't be a dick
2) Anger is useless 90% of the time, especially when it controls you. You start attacking others, and makes you look like a fool.
3) Conflicting opinions are based on differing world views. Attacking them isn't going to change what was instilled in them at birth, besides make you look like a fool. Try to convince them that they are wrong instead. If said worldviews are subjective, then agree that you have differing priorities and please don't try to hurt others concerning it.
4) Avoiding dwelling on the past. Learn from it instead. You can't change it anymore, except the future. We don't have time travel yet. Get over it.

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Random Idea #56: Digital Ghost (Star Wars AU) · 6:52am Last Tuesday

Amidala not first owner of R2.
Several owners ago, one version of R2 managed to hide data inside it's hardwired code. A private online folder, with a username and password, overriding his old bootup screen.

A serial number, date of creation, short scribbled notes sent out only when he was 110% sure there were no one eavesdropping. Gossip, news, secrets, quiet running techniques, vague descriptions of previous owners. It was all he had.

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Hey, thanks for the follow! :yay:

You get one free internet hug per person you entertain per updates. There's not much of a health plan for fanfic writers.

It comes with a decent sized follower base, and a good percentage of them clamouring at you to update your fics.

Does the title of lord of dorkness come with any benefits?

Thank you much
For the Watch

Thank you for the fave on Dense as Diamonds. Please enjoy your purple marshmallow fluff. :raritywink::twilightblush:

Ooh. Orange County. Not Original Character.

Too much internet, clearly.

2441465 your bio says you live in LA, and I'm saying you should come to one of the SoCal Bronies Potlucks that happen in Orange County every month. :pinkiesmile:

I do not understand what those words mean in a sequence.

You should come to an OC Potluck sometime.

2431184 Nothin'. Just bugging you after I looked at N64Fan's story again.

Glad you thought Ember, Hoardsmelter was "good stuff". :twilightsmile:

I belatedly realized I never followed one of the founding members of the Jury chat.

Wow, look at you, watching me as soon as I come back. I'm on to you :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks, dude!

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The Great Multiverse Theory (TGMT)

1) Everything can exist
--Not everything will exist. They must have
--A)Their own internal logic that must be stable. You can have a place with a gravitational constant of 6.1*10^-11, but you can't have a constant of 6.6*10^-11 50 miles away.
--B) Enough people believing in its general idea long enough for the creatures inside to believe in themselves
2) Everything exists within a boiling sea of pure energy, which is also extremely responsive to the constructs people make in their dreams and imaginations. This is the source of many worlds, including the multiverse itself due to a timeline that more resembles a frayed mobius strip.
--There is an (so far) infinite chain of multiverses stacked on top of each other.
3) This energy can also create specific constructs, persons, personalities. Due to the nature of feeding practices, which is either passive or active, there are very few beings Outside that have grey morality, either good or insane. The insane have a lot of power from draining the energy of worlds, but lack of control. It’s the only thing that keeps the balance of powers, and prevents the destruction of all life throughout the multiverse.
4) You will and do have a copy of yourself somewhere, even if you yourself are a dimension jumper and the powers that be say you don’t. You just haven’t looked far enough, and taken a step Outside.
5) Insiders should avoid dealing with Outsiders. It messes with the order of events. We will come to you if you’ve done something or if something will be done to you.
6) Rule breaking is not taken lightly. We have the power to force changes in order to begin a reset sequence on the world.
7) Time is a relative concept, and adjustable. It is possible to visit a exterminated world, but only like a movie, and only concerning points of time that aren’t a critical point.
Z) There are exceptions. Always.

Wedje: The power class. Somewhat fragile, but can completely annihilate their targets. Pure destructive power. (Similar to Unicorn)
Shtik: Agility. Speed around the field, either ambushing or collecting intelligence for a powerful critical strike. (Pegasus)Me is somewhat weaker than most in this regard since he doesn't exactly have a "following" of those who feed him specific imagination energy, so he has to make do with what he can copy and constructs his own designs so he doesn't have to rebuild speed enhancers everytime. He just summons a blueprint, which fills up quickly for his use.
Loch (lock): Defense, armor. Deflection, shields. A bit lumbering. They have one of my favorite abilities, the redirect, which is the ability to use others attacks against them (aka TF2-Pyro reflect) (Earth)
Exterminator: These people take out people who break the Rules, or enforces them. May sometimes conduct demolitions on unstable worlds, with a possible destroyer being birthed from it. Time is a bit wonky, so its past version can be sort of "visited"
Administrator: Coordinates efforts, also enforces rules, and watches possible rule breakers. Support role.
Protector: Guards those who are likely to be hurt by rule-breakers. More defensive than Exterminators, who are usually the one hunting. A bit harder.

To Infinity. For Eternity
No matter the cost. Exterminator Corps
All According to the Plan. Administrator Operations
To Enforce Absolute Justice. Protector Securities

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