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A group for Transgender people and allies in the brony fandom where we have discussions, stories and support.

Transgender: People whose gender identity is different from the sex they were categorized at birth. Transgender people don't want to be, and aren't pretending to be, men or women. Transgender people are men or women (also both/neither) who sometimes transition (not all can nor do all want to) in order to better reflect that internal sense of who they are.

- Anyone is free to join the group.
- Don't be a jerk.
- Do not spam threads on the forum.
- Transphobia (and homophobia) of any kind will not be allowed.

Story Submission Rules:
- Fics featuring a transgender character(s) are allowed into the story folders
- Admins have the right to revoke stories if they feel the stories do not fit with the group.

External Links:
- Anti-Depression Ponies
- Transgender 101, by Proper Noun

Need anonymous support?
Trans Lifeline: Phone support for transgender individuals.
US: (877) 565-8860, Canada: (877) 330-6366

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01/09/2015 - 200 members | 06/12/2015 - 300 members
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Comment posted by Nfpegasus deleted March 26th

Thanks, I'll take a look.

If you have a smart phone. Get the Trans Amino app. Lots of nice people looking for a safe environment to be themselves, and get help from other transgendered peeps. It might help with your worries and give you a good support group.

Still, best of wishes.

Hey y’all just joined up, names Terra hope everyone in here is doing ok

I want to come up with a clever way to introduce myself and say that I'm transgendered and sort of closeted, but I have nothing. I wish I had something poetic or referencing something, provide some insight or something of that nature, but instead of beautiful words, I just have this. This meaningless string of ones and zeros assembled by a worried kid with only a thin strand of hope to transition. I'm terrified. I just want to be me, not the monster in the mirror, but HRT is likely to actually kill me. So for now, I have not but some clothes, some nail polish, a razor and my anxieties. I'm so scared.

I didn't expect I'd find a trans group; I'm really thrilled that I did~ :pinkiehappy:

Just added a story with a transgender protagonist. The fact that she is transgender is not a focal point of the story nor is it explicitly said in the early chapters which have been written so far. Only references to something that makes her a bit of an outcast among the threstals. Will be specifically stated in a later chapter as appropriate to the story but this is an adventure story not a transition story (she has already transitioned before the story even starts).

im planning to start writing a transmare story is going to be loosly based on what i have had happened and what i wish would happen. know that it is going to be based in Equestria. also the story is going to be dear to my heart and soul if anyone would like to be an editor/proofreader let me know via PM. I will respond asap.

Nomen #148 · Apr 8th, 2017 · · 21 ·

415108 I don't think you understand. To have gender dysphoria you must feel uncomfortable in your own gender. Transgender people feel so uncomfortable in their own gender that they just make new ones up to suit their own emotions. It's ridiculous. I hope you people get the help you need.

415107 and what about adults they usually don't have hormones raceing in their body causing them to be edgy but gender dysphoria is something I never heard about so maybe that does have a contributing factor in this but we have to let people be themselves if the have gender dysphoria then get treatment but some people are truly transgender and we must respect that now I won't start ranting cuz I need to walk my dog so have a good day!

Nomen #146 · Apr 7th, 2017 · · 18 ·

415103 I'm here to inform the people of this group that there is, in fact, only 2 genders. If people really feel uncomfortable with their gender then they should probably seek psychiatric help because this is a mental disorder known as "gender dysphoria". My suspicion is that most of these people here are just teenagers being edgy but I am worried for the few who have gender dysphoria and don't recognise it as a mental condition.

I myself am not transgender but I fully support all people as long as they do not hate on one another and so I am happy to join the group:twilightsmile:

So I heard, some people believe that magic is fake.
Here I am… so then how can it be?
Don’t you know, that magic can be something you make?
Or I think… but that’s just my philosophy.

I look up… through the dark…
And the answer hits me like a spark.
What I say, you may just think is sentimental fluff.
I can try to straighten up, but will it ever be enough?

Who am I? Who, I am fuwafuwa~
So long as I’m working hard, my life goes on.
With a light head, feeling fuwafuwa~
I’ll be working hard however long. (No matter how long…)

Dream on… Love is fuwafuwa~
Only such a fleeting heart would see this way.
‘Cause I love you, won’t you write upon me?
Writing a new story every day. ♥

413901 Fan fiction is literally the only thing I follow in the fandom. Bronies avidly participate in fan fiction as well as fan art, conventions, movies, collecting merchandise and watching new episodes as soon as they come out. That's any fandom though. I don't do any of those things; not even watching the episodes, really. I'm still on early episodes of season 5 and haven't really moved from there lmao.

Anyway, you sure do have a lot of nerve to call us "edgy" when you're the one who purposely went out of the way to comment on a loving group just to tell everyone that you're a fucking loser with way too much time on his hands. Maybe get your cheeto-stained hands out of your pants and do something productive for once.

I won't spam the owner's page, so I'll end it here.


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