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A group for transgender people and allies in the brony fandom where we have discussions, stories, and support.

Transgender: People whose gender identity is different from the sex they were categorized at birth. Transgender people don't want to be and aren't pretending to be, men or women. Transgender people are men or women (also both/neither) who sometimes transition (not all can nor do all want to) in order to better reflect that internal sense of who they are.

- Anyone is free to join the group, whether you are transgender, questioning, or cisgender.
- Don't be a jerk.
- Do not spam threads on the forum.
- Transphobia (along with homophobia and other discrimination) of any kind will not be allowed.
- While stories of all writing levels and a variety of themes are welcome, those containing fetishized depictions of abuse like rape, incest, and underaged content will be removed.

Story Submission Rules:
- Fics featuring a transgender character(s) are allowed into the story folders for gender, character, series, and more.
- Admins have the right to revoke stories if they feel the stories do not fit with the group or abide by group rules.
- Stories that are NSFW Romance have to go in the designated NSFW Romance folder only.

External Links:
- Anti-Depression Ponies
- Transgender 101, by Proper Noun

Need anonymous support?
Trans Lifeline: Phone support for transgender individuals.
US: (877) 565-8860, Canada: (877) 330-6366

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I know there has to be some of this out there, are there any good fics where Zipp comes out as trans male or enby?

Hey does anyone know of any good stories with Fluttershy is transmaska non-binary, most of the transit Fluttershy fick I see have a transfem Fluttershy what does nothing wrong with but since fluttershy's the character I relate to the most I would like to see some more ficks wish I was like me

Hello there. I'm Pat, and I just came out as transfemale. Glad to see a group for transgender bronies on here. 💙

Can you add a "Gender Fluid" folder.

Julian found this link ... I don't think any newspaper-long (short) story actually can explain someone's life even remotely accurately, but still ... This happens, even if rarely!

Trans Teen Born As Boy Discovers She Has Functioning Female Reproductive Organs And Falls Pregnant - November 18, 2020

probably not worth its own forum thread, so posting here.
Julian found interesting paper (actually, newsletter from 1983 or so) inside (not very big) University of Victoria Transgender Archives Collection at ...

Thing is, for years we were assuming specific person was named John Kurt, while in reality he was John Kert ...

Comment posted by Feather Guide deleted Mar 26th, 2019

Thanks, I'll take a look.

If you have a smart phone. Get the Trans Amino app. Lots of nice people looking for a safe environment to be themselves, and get help from other transgendered peeps. It might help with your worries and give you a good support group.

Still, best of wishes.

Hey y’all just joined up, names Terra hope everyone in here is doing ok

I love this group. :twilightsmile: :derpytongue2:

I want to come up with a clever way to introduce myself and say that I'm transgendered and sort of closeted, but I have nothing. I wish I had something poetic or referencing something, provide some insight or something of that nature, but instead of beautiful words, I just have this. This meaningless string of ones and zeros assembled by a worried kid with only a thin strand of hope to transition. I'm terrified. I just want to be me, not the monster in the mirror, but HRT is likely to actually kill me. So for now, I have not but some clothes, some nail polish, a razor and my anxieties. I'm so scared.

I didn't expect I'd find a trans group; I'm really thrilled that I did~ :pinkiehappy:

Just added a story with a transgender protagonist. The fact that she is transgender is not a focal point of the story nor is it explicitly said in the early chapters which have been written so far. Only references to something that makes her a bit of an outcast among the threstals. Will be specifically stated in a later chapter as appropriate to the story but this is an adventure story not a transition story (she has already transitioned before the story even starts).

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