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    MLP:FiM Rewatch Project. Episode 1 & 2

    Today I started my project of rewatching ALL of MLP:FiM. Today was Episodes 1 & 2. I have not rewatched Season 1 in a while but I'm glad to restart it.

    I don't have many faults with this episode but based on the later season openers and finales it's not my favorite. It gives us a good introduction to each one of the characters as well as their elements. If not predictable it was thoroughly enjoyable. From the immediate first re-viewing Rainbow Dash and Rarity stuck out to me as great.

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Get to know me!

Vincent is the name, fic writing not very well is my game.

My favorite ships are TaviScratch & RariDash.
Vinyl is always Male whenever I refer to them.

Creator of the Groups RariPinkieDash, Starlight Glimmer Multishipper Association, Vinylshy, Trixburst

My favorite ponies are as follows:
5. Lyra
4. Rainbow Dash
3. Starlight Glimmer
2. Rarity
1. Vinyl Scratch

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Thanks for the follow!

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ALL THE SHIPS I LIKE! Updated Whenever I think of more.
RariDash -- Twijack -- PinkieShy -- Raritwi
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