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A group for LGBTQIAP people and allies in the brony fandom where we have discussions, stories and support.

Basic Rules:
- Anyone is free to join the group.
- Don't be a jerk.
- Keep threads related to LGBT subject matter, do not spam threads on the forum.
- Homophobia, transphobia and attacking of other identities will not be allowed.
- Further rules can be read here. Feel free to PM staff if you have questions.

Story Guidelines:
- Info on submitting fics to LGBT can be found in the Rules + Story Guidelines thread.
- Admins have the right to revoke stories if they feel the stories do not fit within the group.

- Rules + Story Guidelines
- Introduction Thread
- General Discussion Thread
- Transgender 101, by Proper Noun

Other Recommended Groups:
- The Coltcuddlers
- The Fillyfoolers
- Transgender Bronies
- Anti-Depression Ponies

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Hello every-brony tuned furry,i am pansexual as of now.
im looking for a hook up as i am lonely ;-;

Im a gay single pringle,and it hurts me to be single
nobody would ever date me so im saddened ;-;.

I kind of have some updated head cannons
Pinkie Pie, everything stays the same except I now see it being a gender and completely using it it pronouns, Rarity I also see us trans, Applejack I now see as gender fluid all pronouns, and Luna I now see as a lesbian, I also see her being one of discord's partners who was pan gender so a lesbian can date him, also discord using literally all of the pronouns

Twilight: biromantic asexual she/her
Pinkie pie: polyamorous sex positive asexual pan romantic demigirl she/it
Fluttershy: polyamorous demisexual pan romantic non-binary they/them
Rarity: bisexual she/her
Rainbow dash: transgender lesbian she/her
Applejack: lesbian she/her
Princess Luna: pansexual polyamorous she/her
Princess Celestia: asexual aromantic she/her
Apple Bloom: polyamorous asexual bi romantic she/her
Scootaloo: polyamorous non-binary lesbian they/he
Sweetie Bella: polyamorous not straight
Braeburn: gay stallion he/him
Princess cadence: bisexual she/her
Discord: polyamorous pansexual genderqueer any pronouns

What do you think twilight's romantic attraction is, and where it is at applejacks sexuality / romantic attraction, cuz you didn't mention them and I'm curious

What a nice group!! I'm so glad that the flags the Mane Six are carrying say that this group is inclusive to everyone. I'm bi, polyam, and non-binary, nice to see other queer fans! Can't wait to write a story for y'all!! Also, in your rules you specify respecting the pronouns she, he and they-- what are this group's opinions on neopronouns and their users?

This is Knowledge Mixing, a gender-fluid pansexual polygamous pony.
The Internet is something that can help me fell in love with a soul despite their hardware.
Kinda late finding this...Anyways, I'm happy to join this group.

I honestly thought I already followed this on another page:twilightblush:

But anyways I'm 13 Shades of Sunset. I questioned my sexuality and I'm straight. But I questioned my gender identity too. I'm assigned Male and I consider myself both Male and Female. In other words I'm non-binary/genderqueer. I perfer my original assigned pronouns he/him/his but other wise I'm whatever you wanna call me.

As for the community... I don't see gay or trans.... because all I see is love and compassion.

I love you:heart:

Hello everypony, my name is Akula.

I believe that I might be bisexual, which is why I joined this group.

Comment posted by Forever Fangirl MLP deleted Mar 4th, 2020

How come I didn't see this group sooner?!!

Hi everyone! demiace demiguy here, ready to demirock your demishoes off!

(demiace as in demiromantic asexual)

Hi, I'm Moonchild. I am genderfluid, and it's so awesome to be apart of this particular LGBT group! With love, Moonchild

I identify as non-binary and asexual and I'm glad I discovered this group. :heart:

I've recently discovered myself for the girl I've always been, so this is where I belong <3

While I am asexual, & have been for as long as I can remember, I do not consider myself a part of the LGBT community. But I will still join this group regardless, because I believe in supporting the far less privileged then myself.

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