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A group for LGBTQIAP people and allies in the brony fandom where we have discussions, stories and support.

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- Homophobia, transphobia and attacking of other identities will not be allowed.
- Further rules can be read here. Feel free to PM staff if you have questions.

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- Info on submitting fics to LGBT can be found in the Rules + Story Guidelines thread.
- Admins have the right to revoke stories if they feel the stories do not fit within the group.

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- Transgender 101, by Proper Noun

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- The Coltcuddlers
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is a xenogender that means your sense of gender identity is different in dreams than it is during wakefulness.
It is also a mutogender which means that it changes in certain situations.

It is not to be confused with the dreamgender relating to Dream the youtuber, which is not accepted by the community.

So... ummm... what do you think of this ?

I... I'm just going to live this here

I want to know what you think of this ?

ok, this Video was WAY to GOOD to no share with you all

should we put his in a post ?

p.s. are you a Practicing Woman ?

Hello every-brony tuned furry,i am pansexual as of now.
im looking for a hook up as i am lonely ;-;

Im a gay single pringle,and it hurts me to be single
nobody would ever date me so im saddened ;-;.

I kind of have some updated head cannons
Pinkie Pie, everything stays the same except I now see it being a gender and completely using it it pronouns, Rarity I also see us trans, Applejack I now see as gender fluid all pronouns, and Luna I now see as a lesbian, I also see her being one of discord's partners who was pan gender so a lesbian can date him, also discord using literally all of the pronouns

Twilight: biromantic asexual she/her
Pinkie pie: polyamorous sex positive asexual pan romantic demigirl she/it
Fluttershy: polyamorous demisexual pan romantic non-binary they/them
Rarity: bisexual she/her
Rainbow dash: transgender lesbian she/her
Applejack: lesbian she/her
Princess Luna: pansexual polyamorous she/her
Princess Celestia: asexual aromantic she/her
Apple Bloom: polyamorous asexual bi romantic she/her
Scootaloo: polyamorous non-binary lesbian they/he
Sweetie Bella: polyamorous not straight
Braeburn: gay stallion he/him
Princess cadence: bisexual she/her
Discord: polyamorous pansexual genderqueer any pronouns

What do you think twilight's romantic attraction is, and where it is at applejacks sexuality / romantic attraction, cuz you didn't mention them and I'm curious

What a nice group!! I'm so glad that the flags the Mane Six are carrying say that this group is inclusive to everyone. I'm bi, polyam, and non-binary, nice to see other queer fans! Can't wait to write a story for y'all!! Also, in your rules you specify respecting the pronouns she, he and they-- what are this group's opinions on neopronouns and their users?

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