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Do you have a story that has a pony (or human) where the main character(s that) are LGBT? Are you looking for a place where you can post stories without waiting on some guy to approve your story to be on this group?

Well look no further! This group is opening its doors to all stories. Edited or unedited. Known or unknown, comedy or tragedy, this group welcomes all stories to enter.

Of course, like all other sites there are rules. But these are simple rules to follow.

1: Place your story in the respectable folders.

2: Be kind to other members.

3: If giving criticism, be constructive.

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There's a button labeled "Set featured" that appears under the list of featured groups on the story page (if you're the author). You can use that to exclude groups.

I do this for stories to avoid spoilers when a group indicates something that is intended to be a surprise to the reader, for one.

Just FYI, you can edit which groups appear in the "groups" list on your story.

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Oh a question to the people who own this group, I added a fic that's an Equestria Girls lesbian fic, is that alright to add since the characters are human, or does it need to only be human and not Equestria Girls? Just thought I'd ask.

I like butts.

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