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Scootaloo has been questioning their gender identity for months after a number of revealing incidents leave them confused and frustrated. After an enlightening conversation with Rainbow Dash, they finally understand who they are: Non-binary!

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This was really sweet! Great job on the story. I noticed the chapter says it was written in November but only published this month. Nervous about posting, I assume? In that case, you can feel free to disregard those downvotes: there are assholes going to downvote every story with pride flags.

Once there, Scootaloo let go, and Rainbow opened the front door, beaconing them in. If it had been any other day, Scootaloo might have taken time to gawk at the surroundings, but right now they just needed to get these thoughts off their chest. Rainbow Dash lead them to the kitchen and began preparing two cups of tea, waiting for Scootaloo to begin talking.

Beaconing should be beckoning.

Thank you so much (;^ω^)
Tbh, I kinda forgot about this story with everything that's been going on in the world, which is why it took so long to publish
(• ▽ •;)
I really appreciate the comment!
This was sort of autobiographical; I tried to put into words how I felt when I was first coming to terms with my own identity, but I also just really like the idea that Scootaloo is non-binary in the show.

This is good, always happy to see non-binary rep in fics

"So, are you a colt or a filly?" It seemed like such an innocent question, but Scootaloo didn't know how to respond.

Why's Scootaloo talking to Professor Oak? :rainbowwild:

He shows up at the worst moments

"I'm so proud of you."

Alright Alright, I guess I'm allowed to cry

oH non-binary scootaloo is so great!! I love how this is written, it feels just like my own experience as enby even tho my journey's nothin like this lmao, and that's how you know you got it really right!! just a beautiful fic really <33

Will there be a sequel?

I'm really late responding to comments, but thank you so much for the kind words. I based a lot of the writing on my own feelings from when I first came out as nonbinary. I'm glad I was able to portray how it feels for other people, not just myself, when figuring out the confusing mess that is gender

There probably won't be a sequel, but if I ever come up with a way to continue this story, I'll definitely write about it

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